Disk Board B with NMI Save

DOS board for the Oliger system, with NMI save feature. JLO SAFE (Simple and Fast Extended) Disk Basic is supplied on EPROM with this board.

SAFE used the same syntax as cassette commands, but with a slash following the SAVE/LOAD command. Syntax for saving a BASIC program would be SAVE /”FILENAME” or SAVE /”FILENAME” LINE n.

SAFE supported all variation of SAVE/LOAD supported by the cassette. This included BASIC programs, CODE/SCREEN$ files, numeric arrays, character arrays and two new types of files: VAL for variables and ABS for total state.

This disk system supported up to 177 files per disk (plus a special file 0). Total formatted capacity depended of the type of drive. Disk track densities up to 255 tracks/double sided or as small as 10 track single sided were supported. An 80 track double-sided drive, for example, could have 795K of formatted disk space free. A 40 track double-sided drive would have 395K free space.

This disk interface with JLO SAFE V2 is operates in regular 2068 mode and is compatible with Spectrum emulator/ROMswitch and the Zebra OS64 cartridge. It will work with all AROS cartridges and has built-in software support for the Oliger 2068 Printer Port.


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