Platform(s): TS 2068
Date: 1984
Price: $45
Rarity: uncommon

ROMSWITCH is a device that permits you to run both TS2068 and most Sinclair ZX SPECTRUM programs on your TS2068. With ROMSWITCH installed, you can easily switch between your TS ROM and a SPECTRUM ROM supplied with ROMSWITCH. The device mounts permanently inside your computer. No soldering, drilling or running wires is required. Essentially, to install it, you open your computer, remove the ROM chip, plug it into the ROMSWITCH board alongside a SPECTRUM ROM, and then plug the ROMSWITCH board into the empty ROM socket in your computer. After closing your computer, you press an adhesive-backed magnetic switching device on the keyboard area. Sliding the magnet switch lets you choose between operating your computer in the TS2068 mode or SPECTRUM mode whenever you wish.

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