Platform(s): TS 1000
Date: 1983
Price: $195
Rarity: uncommon

The Kradle was a keyboard and enclosure upgrade for the ZX-81 and TS 1000. It had 50 calculator-style keys (including a full-size space bar and two shift keys), 64K of RAM and  circuitry to improve tape load/save.

The Kradle allowed users to copy the ROM to RAM and then turn the ROM off.

Unlike some other keyboard upgrades, the ZX-81/TS 1000 fit inside the Kradle, in its case, and connected to the expansion card via bus extension that provided the expansion on the back of the unit. The Kradle’s keyboard connected through the expansion card instead of the keyboard connectors on the computer.

Nine extra keys provided automatic shifted versions of Function, Graphic, Edit, Delete, List and the cursor arrows.

It accepted Atari 2600 style joysticks and mapped them to the graphic and arrow keys.

Two add-ons offered RS-232 and parallel input/output expansion.

There appear to be two variants of the Kradle, one with a solid KRADLE, the other with an outline KRADLE name.

Serial Numbers

  • K1022
  • K1035
  • K1066





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