BI-PAK Semiconductors

Ware, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


Self-contained sound unit; uses AY-3-8910 3 channel sound chip. Full instructions and programs supplied.
TS 1000


  • Editor Ramblings
    Mistakes in November 1982 issue. Sinclair pocket TV. US Spectrum sales. Printer news. RAM pack ribbon connector. Floppy disk for the TS/ZX. TRS-80 to ZX/TS. Supporting vendors swamped. Super Talker speech synthesizer. ZON X-81 synthesizer. Computer control devices from Thurnall Electronics.
  • Making Music with the ZON X-81
    Programming the ZON, Bi-Pak’s sound generator, to play a simple tune is no simple task. On the other hand, it is far from impossible, and this article should be of help to aspiring computer musicians.
  • The ZON X-81 Sound Generator
    The Bi-Pak ZON promises a “huge range of possible sounds.” It certainly has great potential, but that potential is not so easily realized.



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