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Heavy duty replacement for the standard Sinclair/Timex supply. Supplies up to two amps to run external memory, printer, I/O modules, and other add-ons. Eliminates black bars and other problems caused by an insufficient power supply. Includes LED power indicator.
TS 1000
Switching power supply. Use with 12v battery for UPS.
TS 1000
Protects against pulsed, continuous and/or intermittent radio frequency interference which can cause malfunctions in electronic equipment. Also protects against high voltage transients and surges such as those produced by lightning, switching surges, and noise spikes. Includes power switch, pilot light, 5 amp fuse and two protected outlets.
TS 1000
Sound module with three tone generators, 8 octave range, 3 channel mixer, noise source; uses AY-3-8910. Two TTL I/O ports with mating connectors for Atari joysticks. Memory-mapped.
TS 1000




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