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1040 and most schedules.
TS 2068


  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from Barry Carter, Aerco, Zebra Systems, Pete Petri, JRC Software, Chia-Chi Chao, Poretsky & Poretsky, D. Lipinski Software, K. D. Lewis, American Surplus Trading, Toronto Software World, John Oliger, Rick Munday, A.F.R. Software, Sum-Ware, Al White and WMJ Data Systems.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v5 n11)
    Tom Woods sells enhanced Mscript; Byte-Back offers new A/D converter; Tom Bent’s 8K ROM; Powerful Projects with Your Timex/Sinclair; D. Lipinski’s buyer’s guide; Spec-Tax; control your computer with brain waves; green screen monitors.
  • Tax Time โ€ฆ and Some Help
    For those with TS 2068s there is help available in the form of SPECTAX85 from Poretsky and Poretsky.
  • The February Report



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