SYNC v4 n2

Date: March/April 1984
Volume: 4
Issue: 2


  • Meteors
    How to use the display file; demonstrated in a video game.
  • Just for Fun
    Short programs from readers: Faster Random Numbers, Polar Lines, Screen Strings, Random Squares, Input Anywhere II (improvement of Input Anywhere from Sync 3:6)
  • Try This
    Short programs from readers.
  • Glitchoidz Report
    Corrections to Search and Replace (4:1), Brick Busters (4:1) and Tax Shelter Time Bomb (4:1).
  • Knight's Tour
    How to write a program to implement the Knight’s Tour chess puzzle.
  • The Anatomy of a Program Line
    In-depth analysis of how the Timex 1000 and 2068 store and process program lines.
  • Crazybugs and Cyberzone
    Reviews of Crazybugs (Timex) and Cyberzone (Softsync).
  • Letters
    Uses of 64K RAM; 2068; Bulletin Boards; ZTX-650 Transistor; Correction to ‘Say What’
  • Defining Characters
    Working with user defined graphics characters on the 2068.
  • Sync Notes
    Discussion of current issue, announcements of Timex Command Cartridge.
  • The Array Advantage
    Discussion of arrays with examples.
  • An Assortment of Sorts
    Several sorts implemented for the 1000: bubble, float, shell and quick sorts.
  • TS2068 Programming Tips
    Graphics programming techniques for the 2068.
  • In and Out of SYNC
    Review of competing systems for reader comparison. The Commodore 64 is reviewed in this article.
  • Whither Clive?
    Some background on how Clive Sinclair came to purchase the DeLorean factory in Ireland to manufacture the C5.
  • ZX/TS ROM and RAM Addressing
    Investigation into PEEKing and POKEing outside the 16K-32K address range and how to use a 74LS138 to decode RAM in the 16-32K range.
  • Go-fer
    Review of sophisticated data base system that supports cassette and disk drives.
  • Resources (Sync v4 n2)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • The ZX Pro/File
    Review of Thomas Woods’ data base program.
  • The Circle Game
    Drawing circles in BASIC and machine language.
  • The Great RAM Rescue
    Remap the internal RAM to the 8K-16K block. For ZX/TS computers with a 16K RAM pack.
  • Parcle
    Machine language routine to clear just part of the screen.
  • The Intercontroller
    Review of Intercomputer’s Intercontroller HV bus device.
  • The ROMPAK System
    Review of a expansion board that supports EPROMs in the 8-16K block; board uses a ZIF socket. The company had several programs on EPROM.
  • Programming Boule
    Implementation of the casino game.
  • Forth
    Overview of Forth and review of Tree Systems PLURI-FORTH EPROM.
  • Using RAM Packs
    Using a 16K RAM pack on the 1500 and 64K RAM on the 1000.
  • Letters: 2068
    Enthusiastic reaction to the 2068.
  • Letters: Say What
    Suggestion for improving code in “Say What” (Sync 3:6).
  • Letters: Bulletin Boards
    Reader requests list of BBSes.
  • Letters: The ZTX-650 Transistor
    Replacements for the transistor.


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