Fred Nachbaur

Fred was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the Sinclair ZX81.

His first company, SyncWare Co., sold battery-backup units and software for the ZX81. He later founded SyncWare News, a newsletter that focused on technical aspects of Timex/Sinclair computers.

After handing SyncWare News off to others, he founded Silicon Mountain Computers to publish his programs for the ZX81. Many Silicon Mountain programs built on the hard work of Gregory C. Harder, Peter McMullin, Harvey Taylor, John Oliger, and Wilf Rigter. Wilf’s “WRX16” true hi-res system underpinned many of the programs.

In the late 1980s, Fred took an extended hiatus from computers in general, focusing his efforts on other areas, including his music. When he “returned” to computers, he developed software for musicians and composers. Fred also designed theremins and tube amplifiers as a hobby.

Fred passed away at 53, in 2004, after a battle with cancer.




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