Compute! (v5 n9)

Date: September 1983
Volume: 5
Issue: 9


  • T/S Text Editor, Input Utility
    Product announcement for The Screen Machine, a machine language utility that allows input anywhere on the screen and performs some data validation, and Vu-Write Text Editor, a menu-driven text editor. Both by Syncmaster.
  • Add 64K To Timex/Sinclair
    Product announcement for Sunflower Systems’ 64K RAM pack.
  • Timex Tutorial
    Product announcement for The Programming Kit I, a BASIC tutorial for Timex/Sinclair users, Family Pak, a set of five 2K programs, and Scyon’s Revenge, a deep-space combat game that includes 3-D simulation. All programs are from Timeworks.
  • Making Change
    This game is an excellent educational tool for children and is based on a previously published Compute! article. The author also include conversion tips for T/S users who want to translate programs originally written for other computers.
  • Timex/Sinclair Making Change
    Correction to earlier article.
  • The Timex/Sinclair 2068
    Review of the 2068.
  • Relational Operators
    Relational operators can make your BASIC programs more efficient. Here are some techniques which use relational operators on the Commodore, Atari, TI, Apple, IBM PC and PCjr, Color Computer, and Timex/Sinclair machines.


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