Computer Continuum

301 16th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118
Owner(s): Eric Reiter

A prolific life-long inventor and amateur scientist, Eric Reiter started Computer Continuum in 1981, after dropping out of San Francisco State University. One of his first products was an analog interface board that made a digital oscilloscope with Fast Fourier Transform spectral analysis.

Computer Continuum products were used by:

  • Texas Tech, University of Oregon, Stevens Institute of Technology, Georgetown University, Henderson State University, San Francisco State University, Perdue, and more.
  • Northrop Corp, Harman-Motive, Argonne National Laboratories, Questor Corp, Gulf Oil Communications, Veterans Administration Center Medical Research Office, etc.


8 channels each of A/D and D/A. Up to 200K samples per second, 1.6 microsecond A/D conversion time, 100ns acquisition window. 1 microsecond D/A time, 8 bits, 0-5V or 0-2.5V full scales. Board allows rearrangement of the pins and other features for easy interfacing to many types of host computers, including Sinclair, Apple, TRS80, others.
ZX81 TS 1000 TS 1500
This motherboard provides four 44-pin card connectors, room for wire wrap and voltage regulator. Eight chips are needed, five for buffers and three for decoding bi-directional data bus buffers. Budget Robotics & Computing purchased the rights to make and sell the Computer Continuum board in 1984.
ZX80 ZX81
Electronic file cabinet with sorting, editing and printer format commands. Ideal for mailing lists.
TS 1000
155,000 samples per second with trigger and cursor.
TS 1000
Board containing ‘SCOPE‘ and ‘FFT‘ programs on four 2716 EPROMs in 8-16K memory space, on the Hunter board.
TS 1000
Fast Fourier Transform on EPROM in 4K of Z80 code. 256 points of magnitude and phase data calculated in one second. Can be used as a subroutine with the ‘SCOPE‘ to display frequencies up to 75khz.
TS 1000
Graphics, data acquisition, averaging and scaling routines with optional graticule. Can be used with analog interface board.
TS 1000
Extends ZX bus to prevent RAM pack wobble.
TS 1000
Replaces the VHF (ch 2-3) modulator on the ZX81 circuit board. UHF is less sensitive to the interference radiated from the computer or its peripherals.
TS 1000


  • A Door-Opening Board
    Product announcement for Computer Continuum’s high-speed analog interface board for the Timex-Sinclair 1000. Works with other Z-80 computers but plugs directly into the TS1000.
  • Hardware Review: Buffered Buss/Development Board "Expansion Board"
    Computer Continuum’s buffered expansion board kit is a buffered backplane, providing four 44-pin edge card connectors with the same pinout as Sinclair’s except the slot.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n1)
    New products from KSOFT, D. Lipinksi, ZX Software Team, M.C. Hoffman, Run-it Software Club, Startext, Expense Cutters Products, Computa-Dek, Bytesize Computer Products, Computer Continuum, Martin Irons, Rose Aircraft. Charles Durang will not publish ZX Newsletter, focus on books instead.
  • Sinclair/Timex Analog Interface
    Product announcement for Computer Continuum’s A/D and D/A interface.



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