Austin, TX 78760
Owner(s): Jerry Chamkis

AERCO made disk drive systems and other accessories for the TS 1000 and TS 2068 computers.

Jerry Chamkis, owner of AERCO, now makes microphone pre-amps and a very unique musical instrument called the Kosmophone.

He studied physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, but disillusioned by the emphasis on military applications, he left and became chief engineer at a radio station in Houston, Texas. In 1975, he formed AERCO (Acme Electric Robot Company), where he initially produced peripheral devices and memory expansions for small computers and then moved on to computer-controlled hot wire cutting systems, broadcast equipment, and microphone preamplifiers. Since about 2000 he has concentrated on various art projects such as the Kosmophone.

Anne Beetem Acker. โ€œKosmophone.โ€ Grove Music Online. Accessed December 31, 2019.


Upgrade to disk interface. Can be configured as RAM disk or port-mapped in 64K banks shadowing the cartridge bank.
TS 2068
Plugs into the TS2068 cartridge slot. On board battery keeps it alive even when you turn the computer off. Switch selectable for use in the DOCK or EXROM banks with no mods to the computer. Write protect switch lets you use memory like an EPROM. Run your own plug-in BASIC programs. Detailed instructions include utilities
TS 2068
Customizable printer driver for parallel (Centronics) printers. While it was written for the CP-68 parallel printer interface, it does work with other parallel printer interfaces.
Downloadable TS 2068
Cartridge board that appears to support two EPROMs.
TS 2068
Connect to parallel (Centronics) printers. Print in either the printer’s native font or the TS 2068 display font.
TS 2068
Smart printer interface that can autoboot disk system, set RAMTOP and disable Memotech control characters in some software.
ZX81 TS 1000
Allows connection of standard (composite video) computer monitor to Sinclair computers for noise-free display. Two transistor circuit.
TS 1000
High speed, all Z80 codes.
TS 1000
This floppy disk system for the TS2068 can control one to four 3″ to 8″ drives. Loads programs at 250k bit/sec. 64K of on-board RAM (mapped to the DOCK bank) can be used as system memory or to run CP/M. RGB output for monitor connection.
TS 2068
Supports 1-4 drives of any size, single/double density. Software driver in EPROM.
TS 1000
Modular interface that maps a ROM to several locations in memory.
ZX81 TS 1000
CP/M 2.2 option for the TS 2068 with AERCO FD-68.
TS 2068
Compatible with most modems and printers. Two RS-232 interfaces; connect two devices at once. 300-19,200 baud.
TS 2068
Converts the ZX bus to STD Bus. Allows for use of peripheral interface cards from numerous manufacturers. On-board memory expansion option. Memory-mapped ports.
TS 1000
Interface 2 small stepper motors (1 Amp max.) to a standard Centronics printer interface and make fully coordinated 2-axis moves. Provides 4 limit-switch inputs and all the software you need to completely and accurately control a 2-axis machine. This is available for the 1000/1500 and the 2068 machines, but the 2068 is the recommended choice
TS 1000 TS 2068
Facilitates preparation of documents and handles any size printer. Provides blinking cursor, keyboard features, insert/delete, tab, etc. 16K.
TS 1000


Definitive guide to the AERCO DOS. Examples of commands, how to save arrays/data and use extra 64K RAM.
TS 2068


  • 2068 Disk Utility: SuperBoot Part II
  • 2068 Fix Star NX-1000/Aerco Centronics I/F Fix
  • 256K Ram!
    Aerco offers a 256K RAM upgrade either configured as a RAMdisk or port mapped in 64K banks shadowing the cartridge bank.
  • A Review of a Aerco FD-68 Utilities Program Disk
    This is a nifty set of disk utilities for the Aerco FD-68.
  • Across the Pond
    Updates on the 2068 scene. Knighted Computers has been licensing Spectrum titles for conversion to the 2068. Quicksilva, Virgin, Digital Integration and Durell’s lines are licensed. Zebra continues to innovate, introducing the OS-64 cartridge, ZTERM and Printshop clones. AERCO’s long anticipated CP/M has been launched as RP/M, a licensed version of CP/M for the 2068.
  • Across the Pond
    Look back on 1986. Introduction of QL. Second Midwest computer Fest. QL Talker, a speech synthesizer that connects to the serial port. More about AERCO’s CP/M option for the 2068 and a brief mention of Dungeon of Ymir for the 1000.
  • Across the Pond
    Fendrick looks at AERCO’s FD-68 floppy disk system for the TS 2068.
  • Activating AERCO Banks for Basic
  • Add a Full Size Printer to Your System
    Overview of printer interface options for the TS1000/ZX81.
  • AERCO Disk Drive Kit
  • AERCO Disk Drives
    Aerco has announced their disk drive interface, which will have an extra 64 K of memory (cartridge bank) for you to use (see more details inside). CPM 2068 should follow soon, which would enable file transfer between other types of CPM computers (that can read the standard IBM 3740 disk format) by disk, which is
  • AERCO FD-68 Disc Drive System for the 2068 Part 1
    Pre-review of the disk drive system. Jurries reviewed unit number 20 from the initial run.
  • AERCO FD-68 Disc Drive System for the 2068 Part 2
    So far, Aerco has upgraded their EPROM to version .87. Only two features are not included at this date. They are the .CHR (Character Array) and the .DAT (Numeric Array). This means that you can’t save and load string type data.
  • AERCO FD-68 Disc System
    Tips for using the AERCO disk system.
  • AERCO FD-ZX Floppy Disk
    AERCO’s disk system consists of three major components: interface board, disk drive and power supply.
  • Aerco Interface with the Spectrum ROM
  • Aerco Interface with the Spectrum ROM
  • AERCO Merge Function
    Technique for merging programs with the AERCO FD-68.
  • AERCO Screen Copy Routine for Artworx
  • AERCO User's Corner
  • AERCO Users Column
    Conversion changes for TASWORD II and PRO/FILE to make them compaible with the AERCO disc system.
  • Aerco Users Column
    Description of features and converting PRO/FILE 2068.
  • AERCO-Tasword Two Patch
  • BBDOS: A Disk Operating System for the Aerco FD-ZX Interface
    ZX81/TS1000 owners who have been using the Aerco FD-ZX Disk Drive Interface owe Jerry Chamkis and his Texas staff a debt of gratitude for providing them with a reliable, high speed, mass storage system. But even as nice as the FD-ZX unit is, its disc operating system (DOS) leaves much to be desired.
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Bits and Pieces
    AERCO FD-68 disk drive interface; A & J Model 2000 stringy floppy; RAMEX offers Millenia K disk interface/package; T/S Smart Terminal Telecommunications guide; ZX81 software; Knighted Computers obtains Quicksilva software rights; new buyer’s guide from D. Lipinksi; other updates.
  • Bits and Pieces
    Maxwell deal to buy-out Sinclair falls through. Update on Portugal 2068 and disk drive. Further details on AERCO FD-68. BBS guide. Newsletter for Memotext/Memocalc users. Vendors cut prices.
  • Bob's Bits
    Overview of AERCO disk interface for TS 2068.
  • Centronics Printer I/F
    This interface plugs into the back of the TS2068 and provides a cable with a standard Centronics parallel printer connector.
  • Centronics Printer Port - AERCO Style
    Schematic for a parallel printer interface using the Zilog Z80-A parallel input/output chip (PIO).
  • CP/M Corner
    Column for CP/M and AERCO RP/M users.
  • CP/M Corner
    Listing of CP/M commands, continued from article in previous issue.
  • D.O.S. for the 2068
  • Dear QTS
    Sheingorn runs part of his clinical practice on a ZX81; Bower purchased a 2068 to do freelance bookkeeping and writing; Freeline submitted a program that turns a directory listing into a program loader.
  • Direct Character Code Output
    Print ASCII characters through Memotech and AERCO Centronics interfaces and bypass the translation routines.
  • DOS-64: A Review
    Review of MakeDOS-64, a machine code system which allows use of the OS-64 cartridge code on an Aerco Disk Drive without loss of Aerco DD commands, and with access to the full 256K RAM via bank switching.
  • Drive to Run CP/M In the Works
    Kopak Creations and Aerco are working jointly on a ZX/TS disk drive to run CP/M (world’s most common disk-based microcomputer operating system.) Aerco says the drive will be available in 3 months.
  • Editor Ramblings
    Mistakes in November 1982 issue. Sinclair pocket TV. US Spectrum sales. Printer news. RAM pack ribbon connector. Floppy disk for the TS/ZX. TRS-80 to ZX/TS. Supporting vendors swamped. Super Talker speech synthesizer. ZON X-81 synthesizer. Computer control devices from Thurnall Electronics.
  • Editor's Corner
    Describes trip to California, where he met with John Warburton (Sunset Electronics), Jim Howell (A & J Micro), Bob Orrfelt and Dave Clifford.
  • Editors Notes
    New TS 2068/Spectrum Users’ Guidebook almost finished. Update re Higgenbottom and Timex. Several hundred new members by virtue of picking up the BASIC Computer Newsletter’s subscribers.
  • Enter
    Excitement for First Annual Timex/Sinclair Computer Fest. Speakers include Mark Fendrick, Jerry Chamkis, Jack Roberts, Thomas Woods.
  • EXP/3000 Disk System
    Review of the AERCO FD-68, packaged and sold by 21st Century Electronics.
  • FD-ZX Floppy Disk Interface
    Notes for users of the Aerco FD-ZX disk interface.
  • Feb News from the T/S Connection
    Target date for the 2068 disk interface is February 20 (1985). Z-Link is available. Review of Spec-Tax. Draw II, by Jon Rokententz, reviewed in March issue of Computer Shopper and available from T/S Connection.
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from Barry Carter, Aerco, Zebra Systems, Pete Petri, JRC Software, Chia-Chi Chao, Poretsky & Poretsky, D. Lipinski Software, K. D. Lewis, American Surplus Trading, Toronto Software World, John Oliger, Rick Munday, A.F.R. Software, Sum-Ware, Al White and WMJ Data Systems.
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from C. W. Associates, Gulf Micro Electronics, Aerco, G. Russell Electronics, Melvin MacKaron, Ace Software, Rheesware, EZ-KEy, Falmouth Computer Service, Damco Enterprises, A.F.R. Software, John Oliger, Van Vangor, T-Ware, Integrated Data Systems.
  • From Members' Letters: Data from AERCO LKDOS System
  • Help with the Aerco FD-68
    Aerco FD-68 DOS lacks the ability to save character arrays. A solution is proposed.
  • Jack in the Redwoods Heard From
    SYNX is a 46-byte relocatable machine language reoutine for Aerco disk users. It allows you to turn off the BASIC syntax checker when writing or editing BASIC lines and to turn it back on. Syntax checking during program execution remains in effect.
  • Larken Lines
  • Latest Vendor News
    Updates on products and services from vendors.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Machine Specifics: Orphans
    Timex/Sinclair Disk Drives. Aerco Drive Interface for 2068 (FD-68). RPM (CP/M) upgrade available. FD-ZX (for 1000/1500) also available.
  • Mass Storage for the TS-1000 Has Arrived!
    Overview of load utilities and mass storage systems including ZXLR8 Fasload, Winky Board, A & J Microdrive, and Aerco and Larken disk systems.
  • Mass Storage for the TS-2068
    List of mass storage options, including: ZX-Microdrive, A&J Microdrive, DAMCO/Rotronics Wafadrive, AERCO 2068 disk system and RAMEX Millenia K interface.
  • Mid-West TS Computerfest
  • Mini-Reviews: XFORTH, Synchro-sette, more
    Short reviews of XFORTH by Hawg Wild Software, Synchro-sette magazine, direct video interface from AERCO, 123 Go and Making Treks by 2-Bit Software.
  • Modifying the Star NX1000 with the AERCO Printer Interface
  • Moving an AROS Cartridge Onto Your AERCO Disk System
  • MTERM Patch Corrected
  • MTERM Patch for AERCO Interface
  • MTERM Patch for AERCO Interface and Epson Printer
  • MTERM Smart II Buffer4
  • New Product News
    Spectrum emulators available; disk systems for 2068; terminal software for modem; cartridge version (HOT Z-AROS) of Hot Z-2068 available.
  • November News from The T/S Connection
    AERCO disk interface should be ready; new printer interface for 1000. No news on Higgenbottom/Timex. K-Power, sent as replacement for Timex Sinclair User subscriptions, ceased publication.
  • October News from The T/S Connection
    AERCO has set target date of Oct. 30 (1985) for completion of 2068 drive interface. Smart II terminal program arrived.
  • Online
  • Q! Boot That Disk!
    Menu-driven program loader for AERCO disk drives.
  • Special Report: Mass Storage Devices For The TS 2068
    Brief overview of A&J Microdrive, DAMCO/Rotronics Wafadrive, Millenia K Disk Interface, Aerco FD-68 Interface.
  • Super Detailed Disk Directory
    32 and 64-column disk directories for the AERCO FD-68.
  • Synx
    Machine code routine for AERCO disk users to turn off syntax checking when writing or editing programs.
  • Tape to AERCO Disk
  • TASPRINT and AERCO Printer Interface
    Pokes necessary to adjust TASPRINT.
  • The AERCO Centronics Interface
  • The Aerco Disk Drive System
    The disk drives sold by Aerco are Pertec FD 250 units. Any Shugart type drive could be used, but at $189 each from Aerco I felt this was the best price around. The Aerco disk drive unit transfers data at a rate of 250,000 bits per second. Disks (soft sectored, double density, double sided) accommodate
  • The Aerco FD-68 Disk System
    Review of the system.
  • The Aerco prcode, and possible Problems
    There are at least four versions of the Aerco printer code and each of these may have three variations of configurations set up during the user’s adaptation to his own printer equipment.
  • The FD-68 Update
    Using RP/M (a clone of CP/M by Micro-Methods) with the TS-2068 and FD-68.
  • The FD-68 Update
    The following list is just a few of the programs I find indispensable and which I strongly recommend you obtain. It is certainly not exhaustive, but are a few that I use almost daily.
  • The FD-68 Update
    Program/routines to switch between Sinclair/Timex mode and CP/M mode on the FD-68.
  • The February Report
  • The Programming Corner
    Questions about Larken disk system; programming in machine code; recovering from data loss.
  • The Trials and Tribulation of Reading an MSDOS Textfile Disk
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Reading an MSDOS Text File Disk
    Program to read MSDOS files on an AERCO disk drive.
  • The TS-2068 Disk Drive Systems: Combinations to Achieve Increased Capability
    Hint for moving Novelsoft’s TIMACHINE to disk.
  • To Disk or Not to Disk
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • TS-2068 Activities
    There are now three predominent disk systems for the TS-2068. Their order of usage is: LKDOS, Oliger SAFE DOS, TOS, and Aerco FD-68. TOS DISK users hang in there with determination but receive little support. User activities during 1989 has been away from the Aerco FD-68, mostly toward LKDOS. Quite a number of FD-68 users
  • Utilities "INIT" and "Cclear Code"
    The “INIT” utilities for the three Disk Operating Systems are slightly different. Each listing may be used to pick up another little twist for another DOS.
  • Vendor Report
    Updates from Sinclair Midwest Users Group re SMUG software; Norris Electronics; Aerco backlog; Gladstone shipping current stock; M-Coder does not work as advertised.
  • VU-Calc for the AERCO Centronics Printer I/F and 80 Column Printers
    Techniques and program to drive an 80 column printer.
  • VU-Calc for the AERCO Centronics Printer Interface and 80 Column Printers
  • What Do You Know About RP/M?
  • ZX 81 News and Resources
    ZX81 hardware expert Bruce Taylor, of Budget Robotics & Computing, has announced the release of his book, Build a Microcomputer-Controlled Robot and Other Computer Control Projects. David Clifford has Westridge 2050 boards available along with Mini-Xmod 1.7; is working on Mini-Xmod for the 2068. Review of Aerco’s FD-ZX Floppy Disk System. British companies supporting the
  • ZX81 Hardware and Software News
    Short notes on ZX81/TS1000. This issue includes brief info on Larken, COMPUSA, Aerco and Oliger 1000/2068 disk systems. Also, why Aerco CP/M was never released. Short reviews of Sinc-Artist for the 2068 and ZX HI-Res. And one user, a Kolorworks owner, mentions writing a TMS9918 toolkit for the ZX81.
  • ZX81 News & Resources
    Bruce Taylor’s budget robotics book, Westridge 2050 modems, AERCO FD-ZX floppy disk system,
  • ZX81 News & Resources
    AERCO and Larken disk systems for ZX81/TS 1000 available. Reports on difficulties with Mini XMOD. Silicon Mountain Computer products discussed.


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