Syntax/Syntax ZX80 v3 n1

Date: January 1982
Volume: 3
Issue: 1


  • MicroAce 8K ROM Replacements from Sinclair
    If you bought MicroAce’s defective 8K ROM, send it to Sinclair Research with $10. They’ll send back a good 8K ROM.
  • MicroAce Out of Business in US
    “MicroAce will cease trading in the US” in December, Kevin Hawkins of MicroAce just announced. No legal action forces the withdrawal, he said. MicroAce cannot compete with Sinclair’s ZX81. CompShop, the parent company, continues to do business in the UK.
  • New ZX81 Hardware/Software Vendor
    Mindware Co. will introduce Barscan for ZX81s in the next few weeks. Barscan uses bar code technology to process collected data on attendance and job costs and can produce standardized printed reports. It provides 16K RAM and self-prompting programs for nontechnical users.
  • Syntax Errors
    SABRE’s address is 1718, not 1719, Autrey (Nov.81). Lance Ward’s 8K Slalom program (Dec.81) contained 1 error.
  • Clarification of Bytes Remaining
    Ian Logan’s 8K Bytes Remaining program, Dec. 81, uses function keywords for all input except E, the numbers, and the punctuation. Thus after 1 REM type the letter E, the numeral 0, the function RND, the function LN, the function arcosine, a colon, and so on. The only space you type in is 1 after
  • Travel Package to London ZX Show
    Mindware Co. is sponsoring a travel package to the ZX80/81 Micro Fair show in London. Leaving Jan. 28 from Logan airport in Boston and returning Feb.1, the trip costs $439 per person ($489 single occupancy).
  • 8K/16K Owners
    Zeta Software of Greenville, SC, now offers 8K/16K program cassettes. Their latest catalog lists a flicker-free scifi adventure and statistical math packages.
  • Speed Up Your Programs
    Most Sinclair users are new to the programming game. Many will use lines like: 350 GO TO 710. In most cases this is fine, especially in a short program. But in a long program with many GO TO statements, the computer takes a long time for each TV display.
  • New 8K ROM Routine Addresses
    Here are the starting addresses for routines in the corrected 8K ROM. All addresses are hex.
  • Basic Computer Programs for Business, Vol. 1
    While visiting a favorite book store, I discovered a treasure chest of jewels suitable to adorn the ZX80/81. This book offers “over 35 programs covering budgets, depreciation, cash flow, property comparisons, accounts payable, order entry, warehouse locations, inventory turnover analysis, job routing, resource allocation, production scheduling,” just to name a few listed on the cover.
  • Breakeven Analysis
    This program requires only a single video format for all control data input with an option to erase and re-enter data. This option occurs just before computation, which doesn’t begin until you approve data entries.
  • Programmable Moving Display
    At last you can know the secret of true flicker-free continuous display through software! If you’re a 4K ROM user envying the ZX81’s continuous display, envy no more. For about $10 you can code a rock-steady, moving display into your 4K ZX80.
  • Binary Representation
    Knowing how to manipulate individual bits in your ZX80 is essential for efficient Machine Code programmming, so knowing what bits and bytes are is essential also.
  • Notes on the ZX80 Display File
    Brook Mick’s letter (Oct. 81) recalls our early experience with our ZX80. We tried the exercise in the manual, p.24. In the 15th line, every character typed made another disappear from the screen! The answer appeared in an article by David Tebbit, reprinted in Sync.
  • More Hardware Hints
    Polish the board edge contacts for the RAM almost to bare copper. Otherwise grit gets in the solder and causes intermittent contact.
  • Dear Editor
    MicroAce 8K ROM and flicker-free video upgrade board. ZX81 glitches. RAM pack wobble.
  • Equational And/Or
    Many users are confused about the logical use of AND and OR in the 8K ROM. Here is a touchstone (demonstration) program illustrates various uses of AND and OR.
  • CAI Instrument's Widget Board
    Most of us are pretty tired of waiting up to a year for delivery and then getting equipment and manuals with obvious mistakes. Couple that with an unresponsive manufacturer and you get frustrated customers. Because of problems detailed below, SYNTAX recommends that you delay purchasing the Widget until CAI Instruments offers correct, complete, and consistent
  • Bar Chart
    Bar Chart uses the 8K PLOT function to simplify the bar chart algorithm. It assumes B(15) has been filled, or partially filled, with values between 0 and 2000.
  • 4K/1K Blackjack
    In this 4K/1K ZX80 version of 21 you play one-on-one against the computer-dealer. It deals you two cards face up. To take another card, hit NL; to hold, press SPACE NL. The ZX80 then plays out its hand and shows if you win or lose.
  • Address and Phone Book
    This 4k program stores ASCII as codes into an array, getting areund the 4K BASIC’s lack of string arrays. It stores and prints names and addresses one at a time. This program runs in a 2K machine; for 1K RAM reduce DIM A.
  • Simulate READ, DATA for Strings
    Although your ZX80 (both ROMs) or ZX81 does not have READ, DATA or RESTORE functions, you can easily mimic them with other functions.


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