Softsync, Inc.

New York, NY 10156
Owner(s): Sue Currier

Founded in March 1981 by Sue Currier to market programs for the ZX80 written by a friend, Softsync was a major software publisher. Started with only $1,000, the company grossed over $1 million by 1983.

Softsync offering some of the first programs in the U.S. for the ZX80 that didn’t come from Sinclair. At one point, they employed nine people full-time and several part-time programmers.

In addition to selling software developed by their own programmers, they also licensed software from the United Kingdom. Many independent programmers sent their software to Softsync in hopes the company would distribute the programs. Though some were “very bad, some are quite good, and we have outside programmers help the authors prepare them for distribution,” said Currier.

Timex distributed a number of programs originally developed or licensed by Softsync.

Softsync shifted to publishing IBM PC and Macintosh software in the mid-1980s. They were acquired by Bloc Development Corp. in 1990.


6 great graphically illustrated games on one cassette for the unexpanded TS1000. Copter Patrol: Blow out the enemy defense system. Astrowalk: Reunite with the mothership or else. Killer Whale: Before surfacing for air, the whale must eat as much as possible. Monster Masher: The monster is on the loose. Star Blaster: Blast a path home
TS 1000
Combines a financial data base with a forecasting program. Choose from the menu to input or review data, analyze income/expense (projected and actual) by month, category or by total; six income and twenty-four expense categories; built-in save feature and print routine; easy to operate with self-explanatory instructions. 16K.
TS 1000
A dark cloud appears on the horizon and inches towards you. The invasion is on and they fire, blowing away bits of your shields. You thrust left and right, avoiding bombs while you knock the invaders off one by one. But they inch closer, thirteen rows, seven to a row. Can you get them before
ZX81 TS 1000
Keep your car in tip-top shape. Tracks all automotive maintenance and lets you know when next service is due. Diagnostic aids helps you pinpoint needed repairs.
Downloadable TS 2068
Great for beginning players. If one player tries to perform an illegal move, the screen prints out an explanation of why it is illegal. Columns are marked with letters, beginning at A on the upper right. It has four levels and a doubling cube. 16K.
Downloadable TS 1000
TS 2068
High roller casino action games let you play 21, “craps” or the slots. An initial betting stake gives you the chance to “break the bank” or “lose your shirt.” Casino 1 was listed as an “Insta-load™ Cartridge” in the Winter 1983 catalog; all other TS 2068 cartridges are listed as “Command Cartridge™.”
Downloadable TS 2068
Two programs on one cassette which visually help children learn the alphabet and the use of long and short vowels while also introducing them to the world of computers. With the help of graphic displays, students learn to match letters to the correct words. Alpha Tutor (ages 4-8) and Vowel Tutor (ages 5-9). 16K.
TS 1000
Math Raiders combines valuable math tutorial exercises with the fun of arcade games. You are the captain of the USS Raider 1000 with four weapons: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Right answers allow you to fire at the invaders who are trying to penetrate the atmosphere. Two levels of play; ages 6-10. 16K.
TS 1000
Scientific approach to solving the Rubik’s Cube.
With your lasers you must chip away the spinning Cyber spacecraft and wipe out the notorious Cyberzone leader by hitting his only vulnerable spot: the left foot. You must avoid his shots and down his fighters. 5 levels. Lasers controlled by keys, joystick, or voice.
Downloadable TS 2068
Simulation of four military-industrial economies locked in a deadly struggle for survival. One to four players compete with each other and/or the computer. Balance of power depends on skill in developing resources, use of espionage, exploitation of alliances and utilization of military potential.
TS 1000
DIRECTORY allows you to read names of programs saved on cassette. RECORD program allows you to save and load 96 byte data records on tape and can be incorporated into other programs. 1K.
Two adventures on one cassette featuring randomly generated clues, solutions, objects, and rooms so that every time you play the games will be different. In Quest for The Holy Grail you land on a lush volcanic island and must outwit the evil Le Mechant, escape the hungry natives, and descend the underground passageways. In the
TS 1000
You are commander of a fleet of spaceships. Your mission is to rid the galaxy of the dreaded alien, Zorlac. 16K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Up to two golfers can enjoy a 9- or 18-hole trek around the green. You must hit the ball from tee to hole and avoid the bunkers, water treads, trees, and roughs to score low. Converted from Spectrum Golf by SoftSync.
Downloadable TS 2068
Six great games on one cassette. Listings of the programs and instructions on how to upgrade and modify them are included in documentation. Twirly Invader: Shoot the man fom Mars. Winding Stairway: Navigate through the winding stairway. Astro Dodger: Avoid flying space debris. Cross The Road: Avoid being hit by passing automobiles. Plus Alien Invaders
22 machine code routines: draw/undraw, foreground on/off, border/unborder, fill, reverse, etc. 16K.
Downloadable TS 1000
In Gulpland, a typical Gulpman dashes through a maze of apple trees to satisfy his voracious appetite for apples, but the Wormoids are constantly after him. They move faster and faster, but he has 9 lives, 15 mazes; 9 levels; sound effects. Adaptation of the ZX Spectrum version by Campbell Systems.
Downloadable TS 2068
A learning tool to tutor children (ages 6-12) in spelling. Seven versions of Hangman. Play against the computer’s five prerecorded libraries of categorized words (each up to 17 letters): animals, science, countries of the world, states of America, and fruits and vegetables. Create your own library of 500 words. 16K.
TS 1000
Three part self-paced course in the basics of chemistry. First two programs include lessons, review of key terms, and self tests. The third program supplements the first two with adictionary and a review of 103 elements. 16K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Adventure game and treasure hunt. Be the first to crack the puzzle and the $20,000 prize which actually exists will be yours. Only one prize will be awarded. You have 12 clues. The answer to each is the name of a country, a city or town, and a number. According to Bill Ferrebee, Gladstone ended
TS 1000
Utility program and a complete tutorial course book. Enter, test, display and debug hexadecimal machine code routines simply and quickly. This tool is constructed to help the beginner who wishes to explore machine code programming as well as the expert who wants to polish up. 16K.
TS 1000
Teaches young children the processes involved in solving addition and subtraction problems. Moving displays lead the user through the step by step solution. Digits in answer entered from right to left. Converted from a ZX Spectrum title by SoftSync.
TS 2068
Teaches young children the processes involved in solving multiplication and division problems. Moving displays lead the user through the step by step solution. Digits in answer entered from right to left. Converted from a ZX Spectrum title by SoftSync.
TS 2068
A maze adventure game with fast moving animated graphics. You must escape the maze with the treasure while fighting off the Mazogs, the creatures who live in the maze and are out to get you, 3 levels of difficulty. 16K.
TS 1000
Long range scanners pick up a vast belt of asteroids drifting on the fringes of the Star System Nolveg I. Suddenly they are upon you. You dodge, swerve, and fire laser beams at them. On screen: six missiles firing in eight directions, wrap around screen. Two sizes of asteroids, scoring and ship count, complete mobility
TS 1000
Memory Magic, Concentration, Supermind. Memory Magic: Try your skill and improve your memory. Concentration: Remember the locations of characters the computer shows. Supermind: Decipher the sequence of graphical characters. Five-levels of play. 2K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Blitz, Rat’s Nest, Snake, Sketch Pad, Cross the Road. Bomb targets (Blitz), trap your opponent (Rat’s Nest) and more. 2K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Two programs: Savings, Loans. Savings: Analyze your savings plan, establish goals, and determine how best to attain them. Loans: Figure out loan repayments instantly, for both one-time and monthly repayment schedules. 2K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Three programs: depreciation, present worth, and rate of return calculations. Depreciation: A quick program for depreciation by three alternative methods: Straight Line, Sum-Of-The-Years-Digits, and Declining Balance. Present Worth Comparison helps you make buying decisions by comparing the present value of your alternatives. Rate of Return helps you make investment decisions by calculating the rate of
Downloadable TS 1000
Drones are pouring down the Zarway, all around you firing deadly lasers. Maneuver to dodge them. Knock off ten and you get a clear shot at the Mothership. Simulates 3-D graphics, one or two players option, on screen scoring. 16K.
ZX81 TS 1000
You peer into the inky black sky from your position as tail gunner in a bomber plane, searching for enemy aircraft. A fighter plane swoops down, you swing your gun into position, line up your sights and fire. Each round gets faster and harder. Features on-screen scoring, high score and ammunition count as well as
Downloadable TS 1000
Three integrated programs. Compile reports, automatic posting, data base, add messages to entries, profit/loss statements, amortization/payment schedules; create as many accounts as you need; single entry posted into proper categories.
TS 2068
High-scoring, fast-paced pinball game includes shooting the ball, bumper action, nudge for those good bounces and flip-action flippers. Free ball is awarded at 10,000 points. High scores “light-up” the scoreboard.
Downloadable TS 2068
High-scoring, fast-paced pinball game includes shooting the ball, bumper action, nudge for those good bounces and flip-action flippers. Free ball is awarded at 10,000 points. High scores “light-up” the scoreboard.
Downloadable TS 2068
Machine code routines write better, faster, and more elaborate programs. Renumber program lines, search and replace any character, insert a wait condition to stop the program until a signal is input, hyper graphics mode, and more. Compatible with the graphics kit and can be loaded with it, making a powerful programmer’s aid.
TS 1000
Scramble into your ship, check the computer for status. You have plenty of fuel, bombs, and missiles. Then you are in the air, dodging on-coming aliens, and skimming above menacing mountains. You score points for destroying alien ships, fuel dumps, and enemy missiles. Fast action machine code game of the arcade type; requires agile skills.
TS 1000
A machine code Othello playing program. Played on an 8 x 8 board with full screen display; allows only legal moves; choice of starting positions. 1K.
ZX81 TS 1000
Takes place in deadly shark infested waters which guard fabulous riches hidden in the wreck of a sunken pirate ship. You must find the treasure and escape unscathed from the jaws of death. 16K.
TS 1000
In this challenging adventure game, the amalgamation of friendly planets has commissioned you to infiltrate Zircon 12, a space colony overtaken by Renegade Androids. You must penetrate the alien security forces and render them defenseless so the Space Fleet can land. 16K.
TS 1000
Two fast moving graphics games. Space Raid: With five laser bases, you fire away at the giant alien spaceship until you hit the alien where it really hurts; 10 levels of play. TS Destroyer: On enemy turf you shoot the enemy warships while avoiding guided missiles and meteors; 30 levels of play. 2K.
TS 1000
Written by an experienced stock market executive, this program is made up of two sections. “MKT1” contains Net Price Worksheet, Profit/loss and Covered Write Worksheet. “MKT2” uses the Net Price Worksheet and adds the Write Unwrapper. You can alter variables after the initial run, enabling you to try different price and investment alternatives.
TS 1000
Cruel and crafty invaders have been spotted in battle formation ready to attack your ship just below them. You must shift quickly and skillfully from left to right as you return their fire, but be careful because they are accurate. 3 skill levels. 1K.
ZX81 TS 1000
Space Invaders clone. 1K and 2K versions.
ZX80 MicroAce ZX81
Ten levels of play; tactical or positional evaluation; analyze feature allows you to set up and/or change a position. Store of standard openings; up to 15 previous moves displayed. Will recommend moves. Self play allows you to watch Superchess play against itself. 16K.
TS 1000
Navigate your way through a 3D maze with trap doors, gold bars, marker stones and a compass. Ten separate mazes, with up to four options each. 16K.
Downloadable TS 1000
In Amazer, enter the maze from the top and work your way down to the bottom without being captured by one of the robots. 10 levels of player ability. In Tic-Tac-Toe, match your skill with the computer. Mislisted as “Challenger II” in the special order form in Ramblings n4. 2K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Small business budget management and record keeping. 16K.
TS 1000
Digitized voice speaks through the computer’s speaker, advising of its move, recommending moves for you and making facetious comments. Features include: analyze mode, recommend move, change colors or levels at any point in the game, save, reload and print out any game you play. Displays full chess board in detail. Adapted from the program by
Downloadable TS 2068
A game of skill with exciting moving graphics that fits into 1K. Try your skill on the easiest level because even with the most skillful bat control you will find the hardest level a real challenge. Breaking through the first barricade is easy, but do not be fooled. Two ball angles and a curved bat
ZX81 TS 1000
If you enjoy the challenge of crossword puzzles, you’ll enjoy wordcross. To become an expert, you must insert words into a grid, crossing the words with each other and making no more than five mistakes. Converted from a ZX Spectrum title by SoftSync.
Downloadable TS 2068
Hangman asks you to guess the word before the computer “hangs” the man. Anagrams challenges you to decipher a word the computer has scrambled. Use our words or create your own lists. Converted from a ZX Spectrum title by SoftSync.
Downloadable TS 2068
Hangman asks you to guess the word before the computer “hangs” the man. Anagrams challenges you to decipher a word the computer has scrambled. TS Rabble is line scramble — find out how many words you can make and how high you can score. Converted from a ZX Spectrum title by SoftSync.
Downloadable TS 2068
Use the full Z80 mnemonics instruction set. Editor allows cursor movement in 4 directions, insert, delete, clear line and screen. Display current registers and alter them. Save machine code by entering one letter commands; substitute lines of code. Move blocks around in memory. Mini monitor accesses memory. Automatic line numbering and renumbering. Adapted from the
Downloadable TS 2068
A challenging chess program, written in machine language, designed to operate in the ZX81 fast mode. ZX Chess allows you to select from 6 levels of play, choose either black or white, and enables castling and en-passant moves. Unique self-running feature: you start the tape and when the chess board appears on the screen, start
Downloadable TS 1000
All the features of ZX Chess I, plus more. Has a book of 32 opening moves. Can play at 7 levels, four of which play within competition time limits. A move is suggested by the computer if requested. 16K.
Downloadable TS 1000


  • 1984 Winter Consumer Electronics Show
    1500, 2068 shown as well as TS 2050 modem, TS 2080 80-column dot matrix printer, TS 2040 printer. Softsync announced Personal Accountant for a variety of computers, incl Timex.
  • 2K games will please
    Starblaster is one of six 2k games sold by Softsync.
  • 3D Monster Maze and Mothership
    In 3D Monster Maze you are in a maze running from T. (Tyrannosaurus) Rex. The object is to get out alive!
  • 6th Computer Faire
    Super Invasion for the ZX80 from SoftSync shown at the faire, along with Double Breakout.
  • A personal computer with many office applications
    Biers describes using the TS1000 for business applications. He also authored several programs for business, incuding Business Pack I, Business Pack II and Personal Financial Planning Pack, all published by Gladstone Electronics.
  • Across the Pond
    Overview of telecomputing and bulletin board options, including Zebra’s bulletin board. Modem options for QL covered. Softsync’s shift to IBM noted, as well as Nigel Searle’s role in the company.
  • Adventure A
    Adventure is not for impatient or unimaginative players. It has no bombs, no graphics, and no split-second decisions. It is an intellectual game requiring thought rather than reflexes.
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Changes to Super ZX80 Invasion
    Add new levels of difficulty.
  • Crazybugs and Cyberzone
    Reviews of Crazybugs (Timex) and Cyberzone (Softsync).
  • Double Feature Adventure
    Review of “The Elusive Mr. Big” from Softsync.
  • Ex-model makes a million on $99 micro
    Two years ago Sue Currier interrupted a modeling career to help an Australian friend sell his two software packages for the Sinclair ZX80 computer in the United States. At that time she invested $1000 to set up a mail-order operation out of her New York City apartment.
  • Fast Action In 2K
    Review of TS Destroyer and Space Raid, both from Softsync.
  • Flying Your T/S1000
    Review of Night Gunner.
  • Graphics and Programming Utilities For Sinclair/Timex
    Review of Programmers Toolkit and Graphics Kit from Softsync.
  • Home Computer Games: Four Great Games For The Timex Sinclair 1000
    Reviews Mothership, Sea War, 3D Monster Maze and Mazogs.
  • HOT Z/Zeus Comparison
    Comparison between the two machine-language utility programs.
  • How educational are the "educational" programs
    Brief overview of effective educational software and review of educational programs from International Publishing, Mindware, Reston, Softsync and Timex.
  • InfoNews/Software: Super ZX80 Invasion, Double Breakout
    Super ZX80 Invasion, a 1K game for the Sinclair ZX80 personal computer, has recently been introduced by Softsync, Inc. The game engages the player in battle against space invaders attacking in battle formation. Softsync is offering Double Breakout, also a 1K game with moving graphics for the Sinclair computer.
  • InfoNews/Software: Wall Busters
    Wall Busters is a fast computer ball game by Softsync for the 1K Sinclair ZX80 computer. You are challenged to hit a ball with a movable bat and chip away at a brick wall. Players can choose from seven levels of speed and skill. Wall Busters is compatible with both the Sinclair ZX80 and MicroAce
  • Key Support Operations Will Stay
    Announcements of support from SoftSync, Byte-Back, Microsync Services, Thomas B. Woods, Banta Software, Kopak. Timex will honor warranties.
  • Large Scale Fun for Small Scale Computers
    Reviews of Keystroke Management (2-Bit), TS Destroyer and Space Raid (SoftSync), Millepede (Axis Software), Meteorites (SoftSync) and Merchant of Venus (Timex/Crystal Computing).
  • Let this software help you run your home
    Reviews and compares four programs specifically designed to help manage money; one to set home files straight (birthdays, recipes, phone numbers, and so on) and one full 16K program just for all those bonus coupons that accumulate.
  • M/C Group Highlights
    Presentation of Zeus Assembler for the 2068; demo of Compusa disk system.
  • Magic on Tape
    Review of Programmer’s Toolkit and Graphics Toolkit from Softsync.
  • Mazogs for Sinclair/Timex
    Single-player treasure/maze game.
  • Meteorites And Red Alert for Sinclair/Timex
    Review of two video games from Softsync, Inc.
  • Mini-Reviews: Timex Sinclair User, Nightgunner, more
    Reviews of Timex Sinclair User magazine, Multi-Program tape from SyncWare, Nightgunner from Softsync, Key Stroke Management and Truth Tables from 2-Bit Software, Inventory Control and Manufacturing Control from Timex.
  • More Software: Educational Software
    Educational software from Softsync and Timex.
  • Mothership For Timex/Sinclair
    Review of Softsync’s Mothership video game.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n12)
    New products from TAG Software, Gesang Associates, Intercomputer, ACE Software, Thomas B. Woods, Delphic Enterprises, Sinware, E. Arthur Brown, Softsync, Macshak Software.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n2)
    New products from Expense Cutters Products, JPR Software, Biocal, Memotech, R.S. Panwar, Wisconsinc Electronics, Calliope Software, Practical Computer Products, Melear Marketing, SofTek, RAMSTRAP, Syncware,f/22 Press, Hunter, Friendly Computer, M.C. Hoffman, Integrated Data Systems, Softsync.
  • New Products Directory: Fantasy/Adventure Programs
    Product announcement for “Adventure A” and “Adventure B” from Softsync.
  • New Products Directory: Invasion game
  • Of Interest
    2068 and Adam Too: the 2068 is a winner.
  • Personal Accountant Quick Fix
    Patch to correct a bug in the Budget program on Personal Accountant for the TS 2068 from Softsync.
  • Redalert
    Review of the game from Softsync.
  • Resources (Sync v2 n1)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Resources (Sync v4 n2)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Resources for the ZX80 and MicroAce (Sync v1 n3)
    Entries from manufacturers and readers. Includes the name of the item, a brief description, price and complete data on how to obtain it.
  • Review of Graphics Kit
    Review of the programming kit from Softsync.
  • Reviews
    Short reviews of Mothership, Gamestape 1, Graphic Golf, Mazogs, Wallbusters, Caves of Zulu, Combat Flight, Vault of the Centaurs, 80 Hours Around Europe
  • Softly, softly
    David Kelly talks to Sue Currier, President of the US software house, SoftSync. SoftSync is one of only several companies in America independently producing and marketing software for the Timex/Sinclair machines – material referred to in the US as third-party software. Like so many companies thriving in the home computer boom, SoftSync came into being
  • Softrev: Graphics Kit
    Reivew of the graphics kit tape from Softsync.
  • Softsync Ready with TS2000 Software
    Softsync says it’s ready whenever Timex is, with TS2000 software now for sale.
  • SoftSync Software
    Softsync offers ZX80 Invasion.
  • Software Review: And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
    After the successful introduction of Super ZX80 Invasion, Softsync has come out with Double Breakout, its second active display game. Double Breakout is just as much fun as Super ZX80 Invasion, and even more challenging. This, too, fits into 1K of memory.
  • Software Review: Unfriendly Skies
    Softsync’s Super ZX80 Invasion. Using an active display to produce true animation. The tape comes with both 1K and 2K versions of the game.
  • Software Review: Voice Chess
    One of the software packages recently introduced for the TS2068 is “Voice Chess” by SoftSync. Available on cassette, the program loaded easily and utilized well the features of the computer.
  • Software Reviews: Frogger, Mothership
    For those who have played the arcade version of FROGGER, there are differences. Besides the things we are used to with our TS1000s — no sound and no color — the Timex version compensates for the fairly coarse graphics of its screen by presenting only half the typical arcade at a time. MOTHERSHIP reminds me
  • Stranded on Mars
    Reviews of Aardvark’s Mars, Softsync’s Super Invasion, Melbourne House’s Reversi.
  • Super ZX80 Invasion
    This game creates impressive continuous graphics on the ZX80, but limited memory imposes severe limitations on convenient play.
  • T/S Game In 3-D
    Product announcement for Mothership, an arcade-style space fighter game in 3-D.
  • The Bargain Basement Blues
    Softsync, a New York-based producer of TS 1000 software, is feeling the heat. “The Timex/Sinclair 1000 has petered right out,” says Ken Coach, marketing and sales director of Softsync. Coach says that although the T/S 1000 was “a nice computer to get if you wanted to find out about computers, people want more bells and
  • The Complete Gamer's Guide for all Timex and IBM PC Users
    Short descriptions of games from Creative Software, HES, Melbourne House, Mindware, Orbyte Software, Reston Publishing, Softsync, Timeworks and Timex.
  • The Graphics Kit
    Review of Graphics Kit, available from Softsync.
  • The Stock Market Calculator
    The Stock Market Calculator helps the investor (or user) solve the complex equations inherent in Investment Analysis.
  • Timex/Sinclair games offer excitement or ennui
    Here’s some more recreational software for you hard-working Timex/Sinclair 1000 (and ZX81) owners. Reviews of Mothership (Softsync), Gulper (HES), Bat-Cage (Timex).
  • To Buy or Not to Buy? Software
    Reviews of the Programmers’ Toolkit and Graphics Toolkit from Softsync, CIOUTIL by Cosmonics, Flight Simulation from Timex.
  • To Buy or Not to Buy? Software
    Reviews of Mothership from Softsync, ZX Compiler from Bob Berch,
  • TS News
    More about the Sinclair QL. Brief mention of Memotech MTX-512. Software from JRC, Softsync, Apropos Technology.
  • Waiting for Santa: The micro industry looks to the Christmas market
    Timex dealers have even less to smile about. Ken Coach, marketing and sales director of Softsync, told InfoWorld, “The Timex-Sinclair 1000 has petered right out.” Coach hoped that the forthcoming TS 2068, the U.S. version of the Sinclair Spectrum color machine, might share the under-$200 market with Commodore, but saw no prospects for the black-and-white
  • Welcome to the Club
    Having liberated the arcades, women are just starting to make their prescence felt in the mostly male game business. Not everyone agrees it’s tough to be a woman in the video game business. It can even be an advantage, says 32-year-old Sue Currier, co-partner with her husband in Softsync Inc.
  • Zeus Assembler
  • ZX80 Double Breakout
    Review of the game from Softsync.


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