Time Designs Magazine v3 n5

Date: July/August 1987
Volume: 3
Issue: 5


  • Editor's Forum
    It’s very hard to think about doing anything constructive with your computer during the summer when so many other things confront you that are much more appealing. But never-the-less, I usually use this time of the year to work on one particular project. Something to keep the fingers limber–the brain from going stale, anything to
  • For Your Sinclair
    TS Machines Thrive in South America When the Timex Computer Corporation here in the States closed their doors for good, a rumor was going around that thousands of TS2068’s had been “dumped” upon the South American consumer electronics market. But the rumor couldn’t be substantiated and was soon forgotten. Later on, an “unauthorized” Spectrum clone
  • Product/Dealer News
    Larry Kenny of LARKEN ELECTRONICS told TDM about the plans for the 256K RAMdisk for the TS2068. It will use static-type RAMs complete with battery back-up. WEYMIL CORPORATION has released the DELTA DEVICE, a non-volatile memory system for the TS1000. A small circuit board contains 32K RAM divided into four 8K blocks which can be
  • User Group Update
  • TS Communique
  • Starfleet 2068
    STARFLEET 2068 is an all BASIC, low-resolution graphics, shoot ’em up space wars game for the Timex Sinclair 2068. Scenerio: In the late 1990s, NASA finally perfected the first WARP DRIVE engine. Earth Federation, a joint US-Canada-European space agency quickly arose to control deep space exploration. Over the first several decades, 9 major STAR BASES
  • Classy Front End, Part II
    In designing a machine code utility one faces the inevitable quandry of too many desires and not enough space. I wrote a wish list of features and then settled from that on a “short list” of must-haves. These fell into three categories (being BASIC compatible, being flexible and easy to use).
  • RGB Interface for the TS2068
    Ever since I purchased my TS2068 I have longed for a REAL RGB interface. Sure, the display is OK on my 19” Sony, but the color is “washed out” and there is that ever-present background hash. I thought that by attaching a composite monitor to the monitor jack would at least clean up the hash….but
  • Adding Professional Features to Tasword Two
    If you have ever used a word processor for a more expensive computer, like an Apple //e, you have noticed a few features not found on Tasword Two. I regularly use PFS:Write on the Apple //e in my planetarium.
  • Larken Disk-Operating System
    When I was looking for a disk operating system, the first thing I wanted was a system that would work on ALL of the ROM configurations available for the TS2068. At that time, I was running MSCRIPT, TASWORD II witha Spectrum Emulator, and ZTERM modem software with the Zebra OS-64 cartridge. Secondly, I was looking
  • The Disciple Disk-Operating System
    The Disciple Interface is primarily a disk interface, but it also offers several other features which probably make it the best value in disk interfaces for the Sinclair Spectrum currently available. The Disciple is intended for use on a 48K Spectrum. To use it on a TS2068, it requires the addition of a “twister” board
  • AMX Mouse
    From the time I first got my hands on the Zebra Graphics Tablet, I have been investigating the use of a mouse for my TS2068. Granted, the Zebra Track ball for the 2068 is quite impressive, but my search for a Mouse continued. After a little British research I found that the best choices for
  • Nova 1000
    Nova 1000 claims to provide the humble TS1000 with the ability to perform multi-tasking. In case you are unaware, the usual method to achieve multi-tasking is to use one of the newer CPUs. The reason is that they have the additional registers and have been specifically designed for multi-tasking. Obviously then, this is no small
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code
    This time we will discuss the I/O instructions. For those of you that are wondering what I/O means, it is Input and Output. When I was new to computerdom, I thought I/O referred to my financial status
  • Programming Concepts
    Our example program, ZX TIC TAC TOE (the listing appeared in May/June ’87 on pages 21 & 22), has the LOAD name “TTT”. When storing a program on a cassette, it is better to give it a name, especially when the tape contains other different programs. The procedure is, of course, to use a REM
  • Beyond the TS 1500 (ZX81/TS1000) User Manual: Your RAM Memory
    In order to become more than a novice programmer, it is essential that you understand completely the structure of your Random Access Memory (RAM) and how it functions. This is also a prerequisite for future articles in this series. Much of the material presented in my articles is written to correct, what in my opinion
  • Programming SRAM HI*RES, Part II
    At this point, let’s give credit where credit is due. As you may know, SRAM HI*RES Extended BASIC is a collection of new commands that make use of a high-res core routine developed by Mr. Wilf Rigter. This routine is an invention anywhere as significant as the original “cheap video” system employed in the ZX81.
  • QL Abacus/Spreadsheet Tips, Part II
    One good indicator that QL Abacus (QL SPREADSHEET in the States) is a quality program is the fact that, despite the proliferation of other software for the QL, there is no other QL spreadsheet. It is a first-class professional computer program. The following is intended to go beyond the QL Abacus documentation in the Sinclair
  • Qool QL
    Some of you who have never encountered heating problems with your QL before, might discover that about August 15, or the hottest day of the year, that your QL will suddenly blank out. Actually, it is not quite so “suddenly”. There are usually small warning signals like a ripple on the screen or the colors
  • QL Support
    Have you heard the latest? A rumor has been circulating in Great Britain for a couple of months now, that Amstrad is rethinking their position on the QL. Amstrad executives have been keeping an eye on how the QL aftermarket support has been developing. Also, it has been common knowledge that Amstrad would like to
  • Time Designs Tests


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