Time Designs Magazine

Started in late 1984 by Tim Woods and others, Time Designs Magazine was a bi-monthly that had aimed fill the void created by the departure of SYNC, TIMEX SINCLAIR USER, and SYNTAX. By 1986, their mailing list included more than 3,000 Timex Sinclair readers.

The first year of the magazine was republished in The Best of Time Designs.


  • "All The News Fit to Print"
    Arctan Computer Ventures offers programs for ZX81/TS1000 users; E. Arthur Brown has exclusive publishing rights to The Hacker’s Handbook; Dungeon of Ymir version three available; Money Machine II available; Soundesign and Tracer available from RMG; replacement SCLDs from Capitol Area Timex/Sinclair Users Group; Tomahawk from Knighted Computers; ROMON for Sinclair QL; Zebra Systems purchased the
  • "Remember Back When.."
    Fred reminisces about the Timex/Sinclair computers.
  • "S" and "Q" Keys with "CAT*" Command
    Documents and investigates a problem with pausing and resuming a directory listing with the Zebra FDD.
  • "Thread Spooling" With the Cumana QL Disk Drive Interface
  • 10 Commandments of Good Desktop Publishing
  • 128K and Enigma
    The 128k Spectrum (code name “Derby”) has been launched in Spain, and will be available in the Spring in Britain. Essentially two computers in one: when turned on, the 128k mode is on automatically but type “SPECTRUM”, and it becomes a 48k Spectrum Plus, completely compatible with all the existing Spectrum software.
  • 1987 Federal Income Tax Calculator
    Program to calculate 1987 taxes.
  • 1st Annual North American Timex/Sinclair User Group Directory
    Listing of user groups.
  • 2050 Modem Is Here
    The Westridge TS 2050 telecommunications modem is at last really here. It is exactly the same modem that Timex promised and took orders for, but never came through on. It is manufactured and sold by Westridge Communications, a division of Anchor Automation in Marina Del Ray, California.
  • 2068 Cassette Directory
  • 2068 Color Demo
    Short program to demonstrate color.
  • 2068 Gazer's Guide
    The program spits out values by time of day for which compass direction (azimuth) to look and how high off the horizon (altitude) to look, to find just what we are searching for. By using any set of RA and Dec values in an astronomy book or from magazines like ASTRONOMY or SKY AND TELESCOPE,
  • 2068 Graphic Goodies
    A couple of graphic goodies that won’t take hours to type in but demonstrate some neat graphic capabilities of the TS2068.
  • 2068 Program Index
    Short, simple “directory” program.
  • 2068 Tax Calculator
    Program to calculate taxes for 1986.
  • 2068 Technical Manual Released
    At last! Here is the one that has been promised for some time now. The 2068 Technical Manual isn’t fancy, but it is big. Over 280 pages! It is crammed with detailed information on the in and outs of the 2068 logic circuitry, and also the enhanced display modes. This was the information that Timex
  • 2068 Tic Tac Toe
    Short program to play against the computer.
  • 2068 Turboloader
    Program to double loading speed from tape. Adapted from original Spectrum program, written by Esben Krag Hansen.
  • 2068/Spectrum Wares
    Updates on software and hardware for the TS 2068 to allow it to use ZX Spectrum programs.
  • 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
    This variation of tic-tac-toe has three, identical playing fields. A player can win, or score points, when three of his marks are arrayed in a straight line in any direction.
  • 8k ROM Upgrade
    Improved ZX81/TS 1000 ROM from Tom Bent. Changes include normal FAST mode, 6 character shape improvements, change British pound symbol to an apostrophe, LPRINT decimal numbers with leading zeros, fast SCROLL, proper divide of numbers in repetitive math, proper CLS action, fixed display file, DIMension single string arrays up to 64K and invoke LPRINT commands
  • A Broken 2068? Fix It Yourself!
    Method for testing for and repairing bad RAM chips.
  • A Graphics Problem for the T/S 2068
    A “serious” graphics display for the 2068 and 2040 printer.
  • A Letter From Fred Nachbaur (concerning the PC8300 "Timex Clone")
    Documents some of the differences between the TS1000 and PC8300.
  • A Mickey Mouse Solution To A Graphic Problem
    How to use the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Mouse with Zebra’s Tech Draw and the Zebra Graphic Tablet.
  • A Mini Solution to a Maxi Problem
    Loading Spectrum cassettes into the 2068 with the aid of a small amplifier.
  • A Monitor Adapter for the T/S 1500
    Instructions on how to add composite out video to the TS 1500.
  • A National Sinclair Organization
    The Sinclair Northamerica Users Group (SNUG) was proposed at the 1988 Sunstate T/S Winterfest.
  • A Portable TS Computer?
    TS computer owners have always considered their exceptionally small micros to be portable, to some degree. While perhaps lacking in slick packaging, the power and flexibility is all there. The special mathematic functions would be especially useful in business, engineering, and educational applications.
  • A Review of the MTERM II
    Terminal program for the TS 2068 and TS 2050 modem.
  • A Study In Numbers
    Tutorial on numbering systems common with computers.
  • A Touch of Grey: ZPRINT-80
    If you own a full-size dot matrix printer and a Centronics interface, you can now produce full-page graphic screen dumps. You will also be able to faithfully reproduce your color artwork in shades of gray, thanks to Zebra Systems Inc. “ZPRINT-80”.
  • A&J Micro Drive System
    Subroutine to create a command line and execute it from within a running program.
  • ACZ General Ledger
    ACZ GENERAL LEDGER 2.000 is a small business accounting system for the TS 2068 computer. This program will provide the small business with the following financial reports: Monthly and Year To Date Income Statements, Ledger Detail, Balance Sheets, Chart of Accounts, Trail Balance, and Journal Entries.
  • Adapting the TI Keyboard to the 2068
  • Adding a Joystick For the Spectrum/2068
  • Adding Professional Features to Tasword Two
    If you have ever used a word processor for a more expensive computer, like an Apple //e, you have noticed a few features not found on Tasword Two. I regularly use PFS:Write on the Apple //e in my planetarium.
  • Address Book
    Review of Zebra Systems’ Address Book.
  • Adventures in the RAM Jungle and Other Mysteries
    Exploration of RAM organization in the ZX81/TS1000.
  • Adventures in the RAM Jungle and Other Mysteries (Part Two)
    At the end of Part One of this article, published in the SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER issue, we emerged, unscathed by any “BUGS” from the upper RAM jungle onto the plateau of the safe area. We now descend into the lower RAM jungle where a giant bug lives, ready to devour the unwary.
  • Adventures in the RAM Jungle and Other Mysteries [Conclusion]
    Conclusion to the series about understanding RAM allocation on the TS 1000 and 1500 computers.
  • AERCO FD-68 Disc Drive System for the 2068 Part 1
    Pre-review of the disk drive system. Jurries reviewed unit number 20 from the initial run.
  • AERCO FD-68 Disc Drive System for the 2068 Part 2
    So far, Aerco has upgraded their EPROM to version .87. Only two features are not included at this date. They are the .CHR (Character Array) and the .DAT (Numeric Array). This means that you can’t save and load string type data.
  • AERCO FD-68 Disc System
    Tips for using the AERCO disk system.
  • AERCO Merge Function
    Technique for merging programs with the AERCO FD-68.
  • AERCO Users Column
    Conversion changes for TASWORD II and PRO/FILE to make them compaible with the AERCO disc system.
  • Aerco Users Column
    Description of features and converting PRO/FILE 2068.
  • Alarm Clock
    Simple program to turn the computer into an alarm clock.
  • All Caps, Please
  • Alphabetizer
    Short routine to alphabetize data.
  • American Football
    Review of the ZX Spectrum game.
  • AMX Mouse
    From the time I first got my hands on the Zebra Graphics Tablet, I have been investigating the use of a mouse for my TS2068. Granted, the Zebra Track ball for the 2068 is quite impressive, but my search for a Mouse continued. After a little British research I found that the best choices for
  • An American Original
    Preview of Diamond Mike from JRC Software.
  • Another Look at 2068 Graphics: More or Less
    Introduction to plotting graphics and how to speed them up.
  • Ant Attack
    Review of the ZX Spectrum game, running on Spectrum emulator.
  • Asleep at the Wheel
    Short review of Pyjamarama, a game for the ZX Spectrum.
  • Astronomer
    Review of the program from CP Software. Requires a Spectrum ROM.
  • Automatically Set RAMTOP Without Destroying the Program
    Set RAMTOP from within a program.
  • Bank Switching and Operating System - BSOS
    Review of extension to ZX81/TS 1000 that adds bank switching RAM features to the computer.
  • BASIC2text .... Extending the use of MTERM II
    Program to remove non-ASCII control codes and expand tokens to full ASCII equivalents so that programs may be uploaded to BBSes and shared with other users.
    Review of program to convert TS 1000 programs to the TS 2068.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code
    This time we will discuss the I/O instructions. For those of you that are wondering what I/O means, it is Input and Output. When I was new to computerdom, I thought I/O referred to my financial status
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 1
    First in a series of articles about programming Z80 machine code on the 1000 and 2068.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 10
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 2
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 3
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 4
    Math on the Z80 with addition and subtraction functions.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 5
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 6
    Lesson focuses on the stack and instructions that use the stack.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 7
    One of the series of introductory machine code programming articles.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 8
    Unusual Z80 instructions that don’t have a common theme or set.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code: Final Lesson
  • Beta Basic 3.0
    Extension to Sinclair Basic with 100 new or enhanced commands.
  • Beyond the TS 1500 (ZX81/TS1000) User Manual: Your RAM Memory
    In order to become more than a novice programmer, it is essential that you understand completely the structure of your Random Access Memory (RAM) and how it functions. This is also a prerequisite for future articles in this series. Much of the material presented in my articles is written to correct, what in my opinion
  • Bits and Pieces
    AERCO FD-68 disk drive interface; A & J Model 2000 stringy floppy; RAMEX offers Millenia K disk interface/package; T/S Smart Terminal Telecommunications guide; ZX81 software; Knighted Computers obtains Quicksilva software rights; new buyer’s guide from D. Lipinksi; other updates.
  • Bits and Pieces
    News from the UK; Mini Xmod communications package; additions to user group list; repair changes; Oliger/Kingsley disk system; TI 99/4A keyboard for the 1000 and other updates.
  • Bits and Pieces
    News about Sinclair Research Ltd., two Timex-based BBSes join FidoNet, SOFTAID fundraising cassette, update on Timex Portugal. Shorter updates on MSCRIPT, RMG Enterprises, an RS-232 interface from Edward Loxterkamp, speech software from Tad Painter, software from Frank Lockhart, Jim Clatfelter and Peter McMullin.
  • Bits and Pieces
    Maxwell deal to buy-out Sinclair falls through. Update on Portugal 2068 and disk drive. Further details on AERCO FD-68. BBS guide. Newsletter for Memotext/Memocalc users. Vendors cut prices.
  • Braxx Bluff
    Review of the game.
  • Breaking and Saving 2068 Programs
    Techniques for breaking commercial programs to create back-up tapes.
  • Brickworker
    BRICKWORKER is a utility-type of program for those who require help, or are interested in the “art” of brickworking. BRICKWORKER will operate on either the Spectrum or the un-aided TS 2068 computer.
  • Build this Super Simple Modem
    Short article and program on interfacing directly to the telephone line via the MIC jack. Program uses BEEP command to generate necessary tones.
  • Cassette to Larken Disk
    Converting cassette-based programs to work with the Larken disk system.
  • Catch A Dragon!
    Program to plot “dragon curves.” A dragon curve is a regular fractal which forms from an infinitely repeated construction process.
  • Cavern: A Space Arcade Game
  • Character Analysis
    Utility to define the binary and decimal value of a byte; useful with user defined graphics.
  • CK Type
    A new “standard” for “fool-proof” typing of TS2068 program listings in magazines.
  • CK Type 1000
    Checksum program for the 1000.
  • CKTYPE 1000 (Machine Code Version)
    Machine code version of Stan Lemke’s program.
  • Classy Front End, Part I
    Program demonstrates printing with variable-width fonts using PLOT/DRAW.
  • Classy Front End, Part II
    In designing a machine code utility one faces the inevitable quandry of too many desires and not enough space. I wrote a wish list of features and then settled from that on a “short list” of must-haves. These fell into three categories (being BASIC compatible, being flexible and easy to use).
  • Classy Front End, Part III
  • Classy Front End, Update
    Patching a bug from the fourth article in the series.
  • Classy Front End: Windows
    Continues article from prior issue with window and porthole code.
  • Classy Front End: Windows
    Two kinds of windows options are described. The first are rectangular with shadows down two sides and the second are round windows for quick footnotes, status reports et cetera. Bingham calls the later “portholes”.
  • Cleveland
    Midwest Sinclair Computer Conference is scheduled for August 27 and 28, in Lakewood, Ohio.
  • Colossus
    Like it’s namesake, the Colossus of Rhodes, Lemke Software Development’s graphic banner designer utility “Colossus” stands head and shoulders above similar software. Colossus contains features that heavyweight software developer Broderbund Software has just recently added to its popular program “The Print Shop”.
  • Come to the Fair
    Plans for Midwest Timex/Sinclair Computerfest, held May 3 and 4, 1986, are finalized.
  • Comments by the Editor
  • Comments by the Editor
    Commodore… soon to join our ranks?
  • Comments on CK Type
    Improved and condensed (to one line) version of Stan Lemke’s program.
  • Comparing the Data Base Services
    Article discusses using a Timex/Sinclair computer with Compuserve, The Source, Delphi and NewsNet.
  • Compass Compiler Assembler Package
    Review of the BASIC language compiler from JRC Software. Reviewer notes shortcomings of the compiler.
  • Contsentration
  • Correction for JOS
    Corrections to bugs in previously published program.
  • Cosmos: QL Software Review
  • Coupon Magic, The Dealer's Den: 2 Programs
    Review of the two programs. Bill’s Coupon Magic is written by Bill Erickson. Dealer’s Den is by Timothy Kessler.
  • Creating a Four Port Expansion Decoder
    Memory-mapped IO for the 1000 computer.
    Game based loosely on Boggle.
  • Data/Read on TS 1000
    Simulating Data/Read.
  • Datagen
    Updates, bug report and version report.
  • Dear MSCRIPTers
    Updates and features new in version 6.
  • Designing Windows
    Program for determining window sizes.
  • Desktop Publishing on the TS2068
  • Deux Ex Machina
    Short review of game for the ZX Spectrum.
  • DK'Tronics Sound Synthesizer
  • Editor's Corner
    Early in September of 1984, we decided to call our new T/S computer magazine “TIME DESIGNS” for several reasons. One of those reasons was not because of TIMEX (as the “X” has obviously been dropped). At this same time, many users groups had changed their name to SINCLAIR/TIMEX (instead of the reverse), due to their
  • Editor's Corner
  • Editor's Corner
    QL news,
  • Editor's Corner
  • Editor's Corner
  • Editor's Corner
    Describes trip to California, where he met with John Warburton (Sunset Electronics), Jim Howell (A & J Micro), Bob Orrfelt and Dave Clifford.
  • Editor's Corner
  • Editor's Corner
  • Editor's Forum
    It’s very hard to think about doing anything constructive with your computer during the summer when so many other things confront you that are much more appealing. But never-the-less, I usually use this time of the year to work on one particular project. Something to keep the fingers limber–the brain from going stale, anything to
  • Embellishing MTERM II
  • Entering and Recalling Text in Machine Code
    Tutorial and code for storing text in machine code.
  • Errata
    Articles planned for this issue are still in the works.
  • Erratum
    There were a few typos in the article “Adventures In The Ram Jungle (Part One)”.
  • Ever Hear of the T/S 3068? (And Other Matters)
    At a recent meeting of the LIST (Long Island Sinclair Timex) user group, the former head of Research and Development department of the Timex Computer Corporation, Billy Skyrme, attended a gave a talk. Mr. Skyrme is currently the president of Psion, Inc., the manufacturer of the Organizer pocket computer. While Mr. Skyrme admitted that he
  • Exclusive Interview: Nigel Searle, "Sinclair Insider"
  • Exploring the Mysterious QL: JOS - Adding Your Own Commands to Super BASIC
    Using procedures to add your own commands to Super BASIC
  • Extensions
    Three newsletters with type-in improvements to Pro/File 2068, published by Robert C. Fischer.
  • Factory Service Still Available
    “Factory service will continue more or less indefinitely…at this time, there are no immediate plans to discontinue this service,” reported a Timex spokesperson.
  • Finally - Full color screen dumps for the 2068
    Full color prints available with John McMichael’s interface and an Okimate 20.
  • First Class Fonts II
    1st Class Fonts II’s main program has three basic parts: a library of “fonts” (or type styles), a simple word process and a “definer” that allows the user to modify or change any character within one of the font sets.
  • For Your QL: Archive Secrets
    Tips for using Archive.
  • For Your Sinclair
    Desktop publishing software from Lemke Software Development and Charles Stelding. Z88, Spectrum +3 announcement. Notes about Second Annual Midwest Timex Sinclair Computer Fest. PC8300, products from John Mathewson, Specterm 64, Larken disk interface, Sharp’s, more.
  • For Your Sinclair
    TS Machines Thrive in South America When the Timex Computer Corporation here in the States closed their doors for good, a rumor was going around that thousands of TS2068’s had been “dumped” upon the South American consumer electronics market. But the rumor couldn’t be substantiated and was soon forgotten. Later on, an “unauthorized” Spectrum clone
  • For Your Sinclair: New Releases
  • For Your Sinclair: New Releases
    External keyboard for TS2068, sound booster, RGB interface and cartridge adaptor from John Mathewson. Utility tape for TS1000/ZX81/TS1500 from LST Software. PC-DRAW from MDM Enterprises. Compuserve announces GIF format. Desktop publishing program from Charles Stelding. Hardware/software to print to Commodore 1520 plotter. Archive utilties for QL.
  • From Outer Space?
    Is it a power pack from one of the George Lucas space fantasies, or is it a miniature magnetic tape drive from an IBM main frame? No to both. It is a new data cassette from Recoton Corporation. The first thing you will notice is the clear plastic housing which allows complete inspection and viewing
  • From the Editor
  • From the Editor
    About the cover: Tim Woods’ son in a Sinclair C5; Sinclair contracted with Hoover to manufacture the vehicle in the US. Paul Bingham designed the new logo.
  • From The Editor's Cluttered Desk
    Comments on an earlier, tongue-in-cheek editorial about IBM clones.
  • From The Editor's Cluttered Desk
    Themed issues; where to get your computer fixed; computer in business; Maryland doctor uses ZX81; Brazil’s TK 90X; Fred Nachbaur, QL’s price hits rock bottom; more QL news from the UK; Sir Clive’s Z88 update; dates to remember.
  • From The Editor's Cluttered Desk
    Telecommunications II; computer graphics; send in the clones.
  • From the Rumor Mill
    Fred Nachbaur is reportedly developing a Timex/Sinclair clone that will incorporate many improvements.
  • Games for the Sinclair QL: A Potpourri
    Fix to fully decode the GAMESMATE Kempston compatible joystick interface so it doesn’t conflict with other peripherals.
  • Get Lucky
    Lottery number picker.
  • Good News (For TS 2068 Owners)
    It appears that the software famine for TS 2068 computer owners may soon be over. A device called the Spectrum Emulator has been introduced here in the U.S. It will allow software produced for the English Sinclair Spectrum to run on the 2068.
  • Graphex-Pander
    BASIC screen dump program for the Gorilla Banana printer with Aerco or Oliger print interface.
  • Great TS User Groups
  • Guidelines for Ordering from Over-Seas
  • Ham Radio
    Timex/Sinclair Amateur Radio Users Group (TSARUG) organized a FIDO network node.
  • Happy Letters: A Teaching Tool for Young Children Using Sound and Graphics
    This program generates a random character, either a letter or a number, and displays it on the screen, enlarged to eight lines. The Player presses the matching key on the ZX81 keyboard and is rewarded with a “Happy Face” and a song.
  • Hatch Your Own... Mickey-Mouse Graphics
    Suggestions for taking photos of TV screens with an SLR.
  • Herb's BASIC One-Liners
    One line tips/tricks.
  • Hi-Res/64 Col. Graphics Utility
    Utility to convert a standard 32 column screen to a 64 column screen.
  • High-Res Blackjack for the ZX81/TS1000/TS1500
    High resolution graphics version of Blackjack using Silicon Mountain’s SCRAM Hi*Res Extended Basic and non-volatile RAM board.
  • House Payments
    Program to amortize a home loan.
  • How to Connect With (and Use) a BBS
    Instructions on how to connect.
  • How to Convert a Surplus WC2050 Modem into an RS232 Serial Interface for your TS1000/1500/2068
  • How to Make Music with the TS 2068, Part 1
    Digital computers like the TS 2068 deal with two voltages. These are 0v and +5v, or rather something is true (+5) or something is false (0). We could also call this switched on or off. A popular process today, is to control external equipment with analogous properties and multiple control voltages, with digital computers
  • I Built a QL Kit
    Review of user-assembled QL available from dealers.
  • I.S.T.U.G. TS2068 BBS
    Review of the simple BBS program written by the Indiana Sinclair Timex User Group.
  • Improving the Zebra Graphics Tablet
  • In Our Mailbag
    More on the TS-PC controversy; don’t let ’em burn; drop down menus; TS2068 graphics; prime factors; a faster joystick.
  • In The Mailbag
    An open letter to the readers; guest editorial: the “Sleeper Has Awaken”; newer Sinclair user; puzzle of the month fan; last of the simple computer?; Timex/Sinclair — “The Real Thing”; ZEUS Utility revisited;
  • Inside the PC 8300
    Overview of the TS1000 “clone”.
  • Interest
    This program computes interest over a certain period of time, at a selected interest rate.
  • Internal 64K RAM for the TS/ZX
    Upgrade to 64K with a 43256 static RAM chip and some memory decoding.
  • Introduction to Computer Control
    Introduction to using the TS 1000 as the basis for a robot.
  • It Came in the Mail
    Letters from readers. Solution to Puzzle of the Month from a prior issue; using serial printers with the TS2068; articles on disk; QL machine code; a program to keep young children occupied on the TS2068.
  • It Really Is a "Quantum Leap"!
    Sinclair Research has done it again! Their new personal computer with 128k RAM, two micro-drives, and four software packages, sells for the almost unheard of price of $499.
  • Joystick Wrap Around
    BASIC program that uses boolean logic to demonstrate horizontal and vertical wrap around.
  • Just Released
    Comprehensive public domain software library maintained by VISTA (Vashon Island Sinclair Timex) is available. Software available to perform color screen dumps to the Okimate 20, when connected via parallel interface. New business software from Bottle Cap Software, Byte Power. Zunk Custom Electronics is offering CADZ and games from Magicksoft. For QL users, EMSoft and Meta
  • Kaleidoscope
    Many “Kaleidoscope” programs have appeared over the years. These simple, but fascinating graphics displays have been adapted to virtually every computer ever built. The ZX81/TS family is no exception. Unfortunately, since the Z80 CPU in these machines is {effectively} clocked at only -5 mHZ in SLOW mode, the result is rather slow and BO-RING.
  • Labelmaker
    Program to print cassette labels.
  • Languages
    In many fields of learning and occupations, unique and customized languages have evolved, due to the need for efficiency and standardization. Take the medical field for instance. When a doctor writes out a prescription, to you it looks like no more than sloppy scribbling, but to the pharmacist, it is a clear order written in
  • Larken Disk-Operating System
    When I was looking for a disk operating system, the first thing I wanted was a system that would work on ALL of the ROM configurations available for the TS2068. At that time, I was running MSCRIPT, TASWORD II witha Spectrum Emulator, and ZTERM modem software with the Zebra OS-64 cartridge. Secondly, I was looking
  • LARKEN TS1000 Disk Drive Interface
    Disk interface with built-in DOS for ZX81/TS 1000 computers. User supplied power supply and compatible disk drive.
  • Letters
    User attempting to build a printer interface; user views on QL; disassembly of the BEEP routine from ROM.
  • Letters
  • Letters
  • Letters
    BBS software for 2068; redirect screen output to printer; circuit to map one key to two key closures; number of days between dates.
  • Letters
    Gorilla printer offered by DAK; how to use VU-FILE and VU-CALC with 64k; bubble sort for 1000; column reviewing Adventure programs suggested; short machine code routine for sound; joystick program.
  • Letters
    Micro-Prolog for Spectrum; A&J help request; 2068 music; MSCRIPT; Sinclair joysticks; 80 column VU-CALC printing; Spinning Wheel.
  • Letters
    Update to Gazer’s Guide form Nov/Dec 85 issue; more about Astronomer reviewed by Bingham in v2n2; Radio Shack thermal paper for the 2040; updates to Dunnington’s articles about RAM; math errors in 2068 ROM; printers; travelling with the 2068.
  • Letters
    Redirecting output from the screen to the printer on the 2068; Ski and Cavern games a hit; mathematic equalities; help with Larken disk drive; football prediction program.
  • Letters
    TS2068 disk drive systems; QL news from the UK; LOAD loader; QL users plea; hurrah for Novelsoft; April fooler; new car shopper.
  • Letters
    Tasword Two, Okimate color printer, joystick routines.
  • Letters
    Answers to question from Vince Stimmel in previous issue from Branson Wilcox and William Andrews. Richard Hurd on machine language articles; Bob Orrfelt on debugging the 2068 ROM; Doug McRoy on printing a screen from the QL.
  • Letters to the Editor
    Letters about the QL, praising the newsletter.
  • Light Show 2000
    Light Show 2000 will allow your cassette deck (or any other musical source) control your computer. LS 200 will poll the ear port of the TS2068 and decipher any pulse detected into one of four tonal groups. Depending on the note detected, a corresponding color pattern will be displayed on the screen.
  • Loan Analyzer
    Calculate the monthly payments based on loan amount, term and interest rate.
  • Lollipops
    Program for children.
  • Low Cost High Tech 2068 Burglar Alarm
    How to use your 2068 as an alarm system, connected to the joystick ports.
  • Machine Code Joystick Routine
    Short program to accurately read the joystick.
  • Machine Code Track Reader
    Program to read disk tracks on the Zebra/Timex FDD system.
  • Machine Code Tutor
    Review of The Complete Machine Code Tutor by Malcom Evans, available from Knighted Computers.
  • Machine Language Program to Read T/S 2068 Tape Headers
  • MacIntosh-type Menu for the 2068
  • Mandelbrot - A Fractal World, Part Four
    Machine source code.
  • Mandelbrot - A Fractal World, Part Three
    Machine code portion of the program.
  • Mandelbrot - A Fractal World, Part Two
    Program to generate Mandelbrot diagrams.
  • Mandelbrot - A Fractal World, Update
    Update to program.
  • MAX 1000: Make the Most Popular "Mods" Compatible On Your TS1000
    Collection of upgrades/modifications to the 1000.
  • Memory/Trace Using Interrupt Mode 2
    Challenges using interrupt mode 2 on the 2068 and how to use them.
  • Micro Muse
    Fore and Next, a poem about Sinclair computers.
  • Mid-West TS Computerfest
  • Mid-West TS Computerfest Opens May 3rd
    Preview of the event.
  • MIDI for the 2068
    Richard Hurd writes about using RAM Electronic’s MUSIC MACHINE with a twister board and Spectrum software.
  • Midwest Regional TS Conference
    Announcement for a conference scheduled for August 26 and 27, 1988.
  • Midwest TS Computer Fest A Huge Success - Again!
    More than 45 dealers and user groups displayed their wares in over 6000 square feet of space; more than 700 attended.
  • More "Colors" in QL's Mode 4
    Stippling colors to create the illusion of other colors.
  • More About ... the Mystery of the Missing 253
    Part 2 of a series of articles about the extended bank switching feature of the TS2068.
  • More on the Oliger Disc Interface
  • MoTSart: Super Music for the ZX81/TS1000/TS1500
    Machine code program to play music over the MIC output or on an AM radio
  • Moving an AROS Cartridge Onto Your AERCO Disk System
  • Musician Royal
    MUSICIAN ROYAL is one of the most recent programs released for the 2068. Written by Dr. Oleg D. Jefimenko and sold by Electret Scientific Company, it proves to be one of the more comprehensive music programs available.
  • National TS Users Group Directory
  • New and Upcoming in 1987
    Details about upcoming 2nd Annual Mid-West Timex Sinclair Computerfest; Larken developing RAMdisk for 2068; Thomas B. Woods will be offering RAM board in kit form that operates in the cartridge slot of the 2068. User-expandable from 8K to 120K; TS telecommunications, Sinclair QL; Zebra/Timex Disk support group; new programs and hardware.
  • New Items
    256K RAM from Larken; PC-DRAW from MDM Enterprises; tax software from ABBA Soft; Beta Basic 3; BBSes; West coast fair planned; Pixel Print Plus.
  • New Releases
    New software from Ron Ruegg; “Touring the TS2068 ROM Operating System” book from William J. Pedersen; Arnold Ramaker is developing an expansion box for ZX81, TS1000, TS1500, TS2068 and QL computers; Matthew Zenkar offers utility for QL owners who use DTP software; Sinclair Artificial Intelligence Network special intereste group forming.
  • New Spectrum Off to Giant; Start American Travelers Abroad Report on PC Show
    American Timex Sinclair distributors Rob and Debbie Curry of Curry Computer and John Warburton of Sunset Electronics attended the annual Personal Computer Show in Olympia, Great Britain, the first weekend of September.
  • News From the Dealers
    Curry Computing; Budget Robotics & Computing; American Design Components; WMJ Data Systems; Novelsoft; Chia-chi Chao; T & C Services; Lemke Software Development; Logic Sales Ltd.; A&J Assembly; Larken Electronics.
  • Night Gunner
    Review of the game as translated by Digital Integration for the TS 2068.
  • Notice
    Errata for Warren Fricke’s article in the Jan/Feb 1986 issue.
  • Nova 1000
    Nova 1000 claims to provide the humble TS1000 with the ability to perform multi-tasking. In case you are unaware, the usual method to achieve multi-tasking is to use one of the newer CPUs. The reason is that they have the additional registers and have been specifically designed for multi-tasking. Obviously then, this is no small
  • Number Base Converter
    Program to convert between number bases.
  • Number Madness
    Type-in game.
  • Obstacle Run
    OBSTACLE RUN is a game for one player, or several players by comparing scores. The object is to move your piece, a heavy circle (that initially appears in the upper left corner of the screen), around the serpentine track, to the finish line, as quickly as possible.
  • Of String$ and Things
    String usage on the TS1000/1500.
  • Oliger 2.1 Disk System Update
    Review of the 2.1 SAFE DOS ROM.
  • Oliger SAFE Disk System v2.2
    Updates and tips.
  • One More Word On "CK TYPE"
    Shorter one-line version.
  • Op-Amp Design
    Short program to assist in designing 741-based opamps.
  • Ordering Problems from RAMEX/Millenia K
    Jurries describes difficulties he experienced in trying to purchase a RAMEX disk drive system.
  • OS-64
    Review of the Zebra Systems’ OS-64 cartridge.
  • Pablo Pixel-O
    Type-in high-resolution drawing program for the ZX81/TS1000. Revised version for TS 2068 included.
  • Pascal Disk Handler for the Larken
    Converting HiSoft Pascal to work with the Larken disk system.
  • Paul Bingham Evaluates the Z88: Is the New Computer Too Much of a Break From Tradition?
    File transfer and BASIC language dialect translator.
  • Pixel Sketch and Graphics Editor Version 2.0
    Pixel Sketch and Graphics Editor lets you create, edit, and label original graphics and modify, merge, and analyze existing screens with electronic tools. Some of the editing functions on PS/GE are found in Apple graphics software like Mouse Paint and Dazzle Draw.
  • Playing With Electricity
    Short program to support switching between screen areas in RAM.
  • Poly-Scroll
  • Practical 2068 Bank-Switching
    Techniques and program code for using the bank-switching feature in the 2068.
  • Printer Tips
    Re-inking Gorilla Banana printer ribbons; GE TXP-1000 with AERCO and Zebra ZPRINT.
  • Pro/File 2068
    Review of Tom Wood’s database program.
  • Pro/File Cartridge
    Review of the database program. Cartridge-based version has greater data capacity (37k) and boolean operators.
  • Product News
    Oliger 2068 floppy disk interface available; Larken drive controller with Spectrum ROM; uncased 2050 modems; Tech Draw Jr, Spectrum Emulator cartridge, Zebra Talker from Zebra; Amdek plotter; Jack Dohany’s shareware announcement.
  • Product News
    Catalogs from Silicon Mountain Computers, Byte-Back, JRC Software. Service manuals from Sams Computerfact. RAMEX discontinues support for 2068 and Millenia K disk systems.
  • Product/Dealer News
    Larry Kenny of LARKEN ELECTRONICS told TDM about the plans for the 256K RAMdisk for the TS2068. It will use static-type RAMs complete with battery back-up. WEYMIL CORPORATION has released the DELTA DEVICE, a non-volatile memory system for the TS1000. A small circuit board contains 32K RAM divided into four 8K blocks which can be
  • Professional's Use TS Computers
    Australian Army uses 2068 as inexpensive simulator to teach soldiers the art of calling fire from an artillery battery or mortar platoon onto targets in the field. TS2068 used to run a retail business. Nursery uses TS2068 in many aspects of its business. Power transformer manufacturer uses 2068 for accounting, cost prediction and more. ZX81
  • Programming Concepts
    An exercise in learning about the actual aspects, functions and limitations of the Sinclair ZX81 microcomputer and it’s version of the BASIC language.
  • Programming Concepts
    ZX Tic Tac Toe
  • Programming Concepts
    Part two of tutorial on programming the ZX81/TS1000.
  • Programming Concepts
    Our example program, ZX TIC TAC TOE (the listing appeared in May/June ’87 on pages 21 & 22), has the LOAD name “TTT”. When storing a program on a cassette, it is better to give it a name, especially when the tape contains other different programs. The procedure is, of course, to use a REM
  • Programming in SuperBASIC for the T/S 2068 Programmer
  • Programming SRAM HI*RES, Part II
    At this point, let’s give credit where credit is due. As you may know, SRAM HI*RES Extended BASIC is a collection of new commands that make use of a high-res core routine developed by Mr. Wilf Rigter. This routine is an invention anywhere as significant as the original “cheap video” system employed in the ZX81.
  • Programs
  • Programs: Pie Chart, Boxes
    Two short type-in programs.
  • QL Abacus/Spreadsheet "Tips", Part I
    Suggestiosn for using the program better.
  • QL Abacus/Spreadsheet Tips, Part II
    One good indicator that QL Abacus (QL SPREADSHEET in the States) is a quality program is the fact that, despite the proliferation of other software for the QL, there is no other QL spreadsheet. It is a first-class professional computer program. The following is intended to go beyond the QL Abacus documentation in the Sinclair
  • QL Crater
    Short program to demonstrate graphics ability by plotting 3D function.
  • QL Easel/Business Graphics "Tips"
  • QL Etcher
    Etch-a-Sketch for the QL.
  • QL Flight Simulator
    Review of the QL game from Microdeal.
  • QL Gas Guide
    Program to determine whether you should spend extra money to purchase premium gasoline instead of regular
  • QL Kill
    Conversion of Russian Roulette from mainframe Pascal.
  • QL Peintre
    Painting program for the QL.
  • QL Quill/Word Processor Tips
  • QL Quill/Word Processor Tips
    Power user tips from Mike de Sosa.
  • QL Quill/Word Processor Tips, Part II
  • QL Sound Explorer
    Program to make sounds.
  • QL Support
    Have you heard the latest? A rumor has been circulating in Great Britain for a couple of months now, that Amstrad is rethinking their position on the QL. Amstrad executives have been keeping an eye on how the QL aftermarket support has been developing. Also, it has been common knowledge that Amstrad would like to
  • QL VAL String Function
    Short program to evaluate functions in strings.
  • Qool QL
    Some of you who have never encountered heating problems with your QL before, might discover that about August 15, or the hottest day of the year, that your QL will suddenly blank out. Actually, it is not quite so “suddenly”. There are usually small warning signals like a ripple on the screen or the colors
  • QSPELL: A Review
  • Quadra-Chart+
    Short program to make pie charts.
  • Quanta, the Library, and Page Designer
    Review of programs and resources for the QL.
  • QUICKEY 2068
    Keyboard overlays for TASWORD II, MSCRIPT and other programs.
  • Rainbow Plus Spectrum Interface
    Review of the Spectrum emulator/twister board from DAMCO.
  • Reader Survey Results Continued
  • Reader Survey Results, Part One
    Results from 280 readers.
  • Remember
    Game based on memory.
  • Resident Procedures
  • Review: GRAPHIQL
    Review of a CAD program for the QL.
  • RGB Interface for the TS2068
    Ever since I purchased my TS2068 I have longed for a REAL RGB interface. Sure, the display is OK on my 19” Sony, but the color is “washed out” and there is that ever-present background hash. I thought that by attaching a composite monitor to the monitor jack would at least clean up the hash….but
  • Run Length Encoded Graphics
    Display RLE graphics on the TS2068 in 32 column video mode.
  • Russell Electronics ROMSWITCH
    Review of the plug-in board that allows for both Timex and ZX Spectrum ROMs inside the computer with a magnet reed switch on the outside.
  • Screen Display Storage and Memory Relocate
    Terminal program for the TS 2068 and TS 2050 modem.
  • Secret Stuff
    Clive Sinclair is working on a transputer-based computer.
  • Serial Port Driver
    Using the 2050 modem board to drive a serial printer.
  • Shoot-out at the QL Desktop Corral!
    Review of several QL desktop publishing programs.
  • Shuttle Designer
    Design a rocket to put the assigned payload into a suborbital trajectory at the correct velocity before it runs out of fuel. If you succeed, then you are given an “access” code. The code is necessary to continue so that you can design a more complicated rocket. A second success gives you a final access
  • Simply Music
    Basic program that uses the three sound channels of the TS 2068 to create music.
  • Sinclair and Timex Directory of Suppliers
  • Sinclair News Network
    U.S. QL – $299; 128k Spectrum, Pocket TV Performs Well, Product News; User Group Update.
  • Sinclair News Network
    Amstrad buys Sinclair; QL gets A+ support; Product/Dealer News; User Group Update; Misc.
  • Sinclair News Network
    Sinclair micro update; Meet the QL Clones, Support for QL Continues; Super ZX81 Support from Scotland; Time Designs Acquires SUM; Letter from the Editor of SUM Magazine; Product/Dealer News.
  • Sinclair News Network
    Sir Clive’s Confessions; NOVELSOFT Emerges as Premier TS Software House; What’s In A Name?; Product/Dealer News; User Group Update.
  • Sketchit-G
    Sketchit-G is an artist type of program that exploits the many capabilities of the TS2068 computer to produce graphics of all sorts on the visual screen. These displays can be copied by the TS2040 printer and/or saved on tape for future recall and merging. The Timex computer has several resident functions that can be utilized
  • Ski
  • Slot Machine
    Simulates Vegas-style slots.
  • Smart Text TS-2068
    “SMART TEXT TS-2068” is Bill Jones’ effort to create an AppleWorks environment for your TS-2068. The package includes a text editor and manager integrated with a small mailing list routine. Other convenient features are printer formatting for a variety of utilitarian purposes and in a variety of type styles.
  • Software in Review: Colonize the Universe
  • Software in Review: Saboteur!
  • Some of the Best Programming Around
    Eric and Kris Boisvert of BYTE POWER have put together ten issues of their electronic magazine on cassette, which adds up to more than 100 programs for the 2068.
  • Son of Ultra-Easy Designer Graphics
    Patches to upgrade Ultra-Easy Designer Graphics to handle 116 UDGs.
  • Speak Out and Be Counted: dKTronics Speech Synthesizer
    Dk’tronics Speech Synthesizer for the Sinclair Spectrum is available in the U.S. from DAMCO. If you have a T/S 2068 and a “twister” allowing Spectrum hardware to be plugged onto your edge connector, Dk’tronics synthesizer can make your computer speak up.
  • Special Report: 2068 Is Returning to US
    Reports on Bob Dyl’s efforts to bring the Portuguese 2068 to the United States. When Bob Dyl of the English Micro Connection contacted Timex of Portugal to see if he could obtain supplies of their new floppy disk system and 2068 “silver avenger” computer (as so nick-named by the British computer press), both of which
  • Spectrum 128K Basic
    Overview of the new BASIC.
  • Spectrum Product News
    Twister boards and Spectrum ROMs available. Datel Robotarm, Romantic Robot Videoface, Rotronics Wafadrive, and Tascalc mentioned.
  • Spectrum Software: White Lightning
    Review of graphics development program for the Spectrum.
  • Spectrum-Notes
    Sources for Spectrum hardware and software.
  • Sprites 2068
    SPRITES 2068 is a sprite development and handler package. Those of you that have the Technical Manual will note that there is an appendix, number C-5, devoted to this subject. This program is none other than this same code. SPRITES 2068 co-authors Tidwell and Ruegg have “debugged” the Timex sprite package code.
  • Starfleet 2068
    STARFLEET 2068 is an all BASIC, low-resolution graphics, shoot ’em up space wars game for the Timex Sinclair 2068. Scenerio: In the late 1990s, NASA finally perfected the first WARP DRIVE engine. Earth Federation, a joint US-Canada-European space agency quickly arose to control deep space exploration. Over the first several decades, 9 major STAR BASES
  • Stud Poker: A Casino-Style Game Listing for the TS2068
    Program to play five card stud power against the computer.
  • Summer Westcoast TS Fair Features an "All-Star" Cast
    Announcement for the fair, to be held August 6 and 7, 1988, in Portland, Ore.
  • Sunstate Timex Sinclair Winterfest '88
    A lighter attendance than expected and heavy rain didn’t dampen the spirits of those T/S users who gathered in Orlando, Florida on March 5 and 6 for the Sunstate T/S Winterfest. A good time was enjoyed by all those who could make it. The area is one of the nation’s most popular tourist spots, with
  • Super Detailed Disk Directory
    32 and 64-column disk directories for the AERCO FD-68.
  • SuperBASIC Editor for the QL
    Using Quill to edit SuperBASIC programs.
  • Supertape
    Review of the tape from JRC Software.
  • Synx
    Machine code routine for AERCO disk users to turn off syntax checking when writing or editing programs.
  • T/S 1000 Digital clock
    Excerpt from Highfalutin’ Computin’.
  • T/S 1000/ZX81 External Keyboard Buffer
  • T/S 2068 Grade Book
    Short review of teacher assistance program.
  • T/S BBS
    Brief into to bulletin-board systems and a list of four that support TS users.
  • T/S Computer Fest News: Sunstate Winterfest 88 just weeks away
    Short article about modems available to TS users.
  • T/S V.I.P.
    Timex/Sinclair Video Identification Program
  • Tape Transfer Utility
    Utility to transfer software from tape to the Rotronics Wafadrive.
  • TASPRINT and AERCO Printer Interface
    Pokes necessary to adjust TASPRINT.
  • Tasword Two Tips
    POKEs for 2040 printing; large print.
  • Tasword Two+
    Patches to add new features to Tasword.
  • TASWORD Word Count Utility Modification
  • TDM Columnist Makes "Big Time"
    Duncan Teague is a regular contributor to COMPUTE! Magazine.
  • Technical Applications for T/S Computers
    Linear Programming, is the minimization or maximization of a linear form, subject to linear constraints, containing non-negative variables. Program uses the “simplex” method to do this.
  • Terrific Tips
  • Text87: An Advanced QL Wordprocessor
  • The Bookshelf
    Review of Minute Manual for the Dot Matrix Printer.
  • The DAMCO/Rotronics Wafadrive Reviewed
    Review of the streaming cassette storage system.
  • The Disciple Disk-Operating System
    The Disciple Interface is primarily a disk interface, but it also offers several other features which probably make it the best value in disk interfaces for the Sinclair Spectrum currently available. The Disciple is intended for use on a 48K Spectrum. To use it on a TS2068, it requires the addition of a “twister” board
  • The Editor's Forum
    Letter from Jim Preston comments on Timex Sinclair Computer Fest in Indianapolis, repair options for TS owners. Tim Woods notes Jim passed away at 66.
  • The Editor's Forum
    Description of Tim Stoddard’s “souped-up” ZX81: 64K RAM, improved heatsink, digital aquisition module (A/D, D/A, realtime clock) as encountered at the 1987 Midwest TS Computer Fest.
  • The Folks Who Bring You Time Designs
  • The Future of the QL in America and Some QL Graphics Systems
    Status of the QL and how to potentially improve the commercial viability of the product; discussion of QL drawing/graphics programs.
  • The Great Game and Graphics Show
    Review of the cassette (with 17 programs) from JRC Software.
  • The Lords of Midnight
    Review of the game.
  • The Mystery of the Missing 253
    When Timex released its Technical Manual for the TS2068, we learned how to add memory to and switch between its three internal memory banks.  This was wonderful stuff, and it’s given us many excellent TS2068 products long after the “profane world” thought that the Timex computer was dead.  Still, if we think back, we may
  • The Mystery of the Missing 253, Part Four
  • The Mystery of the Missing 253, Part Three
  • The Mystery of the Missing 253: Conclusion
    Part 5 of series of articles about bank switching as originally designed in the TS 2068.
  • The Newsroom
    A Sinclair IBM “Clone” (the Amstrad PC-1640 rebadged as a “Sinclair”). Summer T/S shows: Third Annual Northwest/International Timex Sinclair Mini-Fair; 1988 Midwest Timex Sinclair Conference.
  • The Old Shell Game
    Simulation of shell guessing game.
  • The Oliger 2068 Floppy Disk Interface
    Review of the disk drive system.
  • The Omni-Emu
    Review of the Spectrum emultor from Doug Dewey.
  • The Portuguese Connection
    Tips on using the Zebra disk drive system.
  • The Portuguese Connection
    Converting VU-3D, VU-CALC, VI-FILE and Timex Chess to the Zebra disk system.
  • The Programming Corner
    Questions about Larken disk system; programming in machine code; recovering from data loss.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Timex Computer Corporation, Part 1: What Happened?
    I don’t know exactly what came to your mind when you heard the news, but as for myself, I experienced the five classic reactions to a death. First denial, then anger, and so on. It crept suddenly up on us all like a trap catches a mouse. We should have seen it coming. We should
  • The Rise and Fall of the Timex Computer Corporation, Part 2: On the Drawing Board
    Throughout the month of January and even into the early part of February, before the bad news had hit, the product planning department at Timex was bustling. Led by director Billy Skyrme, a long time company employee, this division was creating a bit of excitement among TS user groups and in the computer press. Speculation
  • The Super-QL: Using the Sinclair QL with 640K RAM
  • The TS 2068 Software Directory
    Listing of vendors and their products.
  • The TS2068 and the Commodore 1520 Plotter
    Review of John McMichael’s interface and driver software to allow for printing to the 1520.
  • The Z-Link Interface ... a synopsis
    Description of twister board and other accessories for the TS 2068.
  • Through the Magnifying Glass
    Short review of Sherlock, a game for the ZX Spectrum.
  • TIMACHINE - A BASIC Compiler
    Timachine will compile virtually all of the Sinclair BASIC commands into a much speedier program.
    Hint for moving Novelsoft’s TIMACHINE to disk.
  • Time Designs Tests
  • Time Designs Tests: QRAM, Archivist MP, Text87 & Mailbag
  • Time Designs Tests: Speedscreen, Flashback, Type 22 and Refield
  • Time Designs Tests: Tax-I-QL/87, PACIOLI and THE SPY
    Reviews of the programs.
  • Time Zones
    Determines time differences in global location.
  • Timex Meets Dave Higginbottom
    Update on Higgenbottom’s effort to take over the 2068.
  • Timex/Sinclair Lives!
    Editorial announcing magazine.
  • Tips on ZX81/TS1000 Computer Repair
    Tips for resolving common problems.
  • Tomahawk
    Review of the flight simulator program.
  • Tone/Phone 2068?
    Program to simulate the tones produced by a touch-tone phone.
  • Top Ten Newsletters
  • Top Ten of 1985
    Top Spectrum games and programs for the year.
  • Trouble-shooting the QL
    Hints on overcoming issues with faulty QL computers.
  • TS 1000/1500 Program Chaining, Part One
  • TS 1000/1500 Program Chaining, Part Three
  • TS 1000/1500 Program Chaining, Part Two
  • TS 1000/TS 1500 Program Chaining, Conclusion
    Last article in series on loading programs in sequence.
  • TS 2068 Products for Experimenters from the John Oliger Company
    Cartridge boards, expansion boar, EPROM programmer.
  • TS 2068/Spectrum-Wares
    Update on Spectrum emulation options, accessories for TS 2068 users with an emulator ROM.
  • TS 2068/Spectrum-Wares
    Spectrum ROM/adapter options from Doug Dewey, Pheonix Enterprises, Foote Software and Long Island Sinclair Timex Group.
  • TS 2068/Spectrum-Wares
    Updates on the Clifford and Associates Z-LINK 2068/Spectrum interface card, new products from DAMCO and English Micro Connection.
  • TS Communique
    Change R67 on TS2068 to adjust output impedance of composite video out. Saving Tomahawk to disk. Joystick and printing problems.
  • TS Communique
    Questions about MSCRIPT, monitors, interfaces for the Okimate 10/20, glitches printing to Smith-Corona TP-II.
  • TS Communique
  • TS Communique
    Programming ROMs to contain multiple operating systems; problem with Amdisk III; problem with converted TI keyboard; saving certain programs to disk with NMI SAVE button.
  • TS Communique
    A forum for people having problems with their 1000, 1500 and 2068.
  • TS Communique: Your Hardware Problems Explored
    Mindware MW-100 printer with TS2068; composite/RGB monitor blanking when used with 1000; interfacing to TTL monitors; Hacksel interface with Radio Shack DMP-105; DMP-105 with Memotech I/F and 1000; non-linearity of 2040 printout.
  • TS Computerfest II Plans Aired
    Groundwork for the Second Annual Mid West TS Computerfest underway.
  • TS1000/1500 Program Chaining, Part Five
  • TS1000/TS1500 Program Chaining, Part Four
    For a practical demonstration of a chained program, using the Above RAMTOP method of passing data from one module to another, I have chosen one consisting of three modules. A module to set RAMTOP (“RT”), a text entry module (“TE”), and a text LPRINT module (“PRT”). The program will allow you to enter, store above
  • TS2068 Drop Down Menus
    Utility program to support Macintosh-style dropdown menus.
  • Turbo Esprit
    Review of the ZX Spectrum game.
  • Turbos
    “TURBOS” is a computer program for engine building enthusiasts. By taking an engine that has no turbo, blower, ect., and using its rated horsepower, the rpms it was rated at, and the engine’s cubic inch displacement, one can figure the cubic feet of air flow through the engine and thus calculate new horsepower.
  • Two Names Change - Service Remains the Same
    Ed Grey Enterprises (formerly Grey & Clifford Computer Products) continues to support Timex/Sinclair market. Variety Sales changes its name to Variety Computers & Electronics.
  • Two Programs from Executive Workshop
    Review of the Straits of Hormuz and Executive Clue, both for the TS 2068.
  • Ultra-Easy Designer Graphics
    A colorful little utility which leaves you all the fun of designing user defined graphics and little of the drudgery. It allows the user to design four UDG characters on screen at once and by the use of on-screen menus to alter, move or save them.
  • Understanding and Upgrading the TS1016 RAM Pack
    This is the first of a two-part article on how dynamic rams operate, how the TS1016 works, and how to upgrade the ram pack to use the newer 5 volt 64k dynamic rams.
  • Understanding and Upgrading The TS1016 RAM Pack
    This is the second part on upgrading your TS 1016 RAM pack to 64k. Last issue we discussed the ins and outs of dynamic memory and how the Sinclair RAM pack works.
  • Upgrading Your QL
    Recommended hardware upgrades.
  • User Group Update
  • Using Oliger SAFE DOS Version 2.52
    What’s new and updated in the Oliger DOS.
  • VAMP: TV to Monitor Kit
    Conversion kit for TVs to allow for direct composite input.
  • Vieword Mailist Formail
    VIEWord, MAIList, and FORMail are utility programs that would be most suited for the small business environment or personal home computing. VIEWord is an interesting (but easy-to-use) word processor. MAIList, as the name implies, is an address manager, and FORMail is a utility that uses files from both VIEWord and MAIList, to print formal type
  • Warren's 2068 Basics: Horizontal Bar Chart
    Routine to plot and print bar charts.
  • What's New
    Update on the Spectrum 128K, TASWORD Three, computer astronomy newletter.
  • Where Are We Going?
    An interview with the editor/publisher of Time Designs Magazine.
  • Where Goest Fred?
    Fred Nachbaur accepted a position with a firm in Ottawa.
  • Which System Do You Use? Reader Tips and Hints for Mass-Storage
  • Who Was There? What Was There? Another look at the 1987 Sinclair Extravaganza...
    Report from the 1987 Midwest Timex/Sinclair Computer Fest, held May 2nd and 3rd, 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Why the QL?
    Reasons not to give up on the QL.
  • Why the QL? Reasons Why You Should Take The Quantum Leap
    The Sinclair QL, with its compact and efficient keyboard console, its 32-bit CPU, its twin Microdrives, its excellent operating system and highly regarded SuperBASIC, its exceptional “bundled” software, its comprehensive user guide, and finally, its available hardware and software support, is a “best buy” by a considerable margin at $299.
  • Wind Chill Chart
    Type-in program inspired by similar program in Computer Shopper.
  • You Too can be an Artist
    Review of The Artist by Bon Jangeborg, published SofTechnics. Requires Spectrum ROM.
  • Z Column
  • Z-Column
    Column about the Z88.
  • Z88 ... more on Sir Clive's microchip wonder
    Overview of the laptop computer.
  • Zebra Disk Drive System for the 2068
    Unless you have been out of the country for the past year, I am sure that you have heard about the Timex Portugal Disk Drive System that was made in Europe and might be sold here in the United States. For a time, it seemed that this system would not be sold here. But thanks
  • Zebra Graphics Tablet for 2068
    Review of the Koala Pad and adapter, plus software.
  • Zebra-Talker Speech Synthesizer
    Review of the Votrax SC-01-based speech synthesis unit.
  • Zebra/Timex FDD Disk System
    Disk handler (program) and tips for using the Zebra disk drives.
  • Zeus Utility
    Converts Zeus source code files into ASCII files for either Mscript or Tasword Two.
  • ZIP Basic Compiler
    Review of the program, notes issues.
  • ZX ... Phone Home
    Program to determine words based on the last four digits of a phone number.
  • ZX Color? Chroma-Soft
    Review of Russell Electronics’ “experimental software color graphics” that used software tricks to create the illusion of color.
  • ZX-CALC + R.F.R.G.
    ZX-CALC + R.F.R.G. is a complex and comprehensive spreadsheet/accounting package. R.F.R.G. is a supplement to ZX-CALC called an “accounting model” (R.F.R.G. stands for Rodriguez Financial Report Generator). The author states that it is used primarily for sole proprieterships who do not have the company’s assets tied up in land.
  • ZX-Term*80
    Review of the terminal program for the TS1000.
  • ZX81 Data Acquisition Module
    A/D converter for the TS/ZX using the TLC548.
  • ZX81 Data Acquisition Module
    Part two of series on building a digital-to-analog converter.


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