Timex Sinclair User

Cover of the first issue.

Published by ECC Publications, who also published Sinclair User, the UK version, Timex Sinclair User was headquartered in Buffalo, NY. The print run on the first issue of the magazine was 100,000 copies.

The American magazine has a separate editorial and advertising staff but members of the British Sinclair User team came to the U.S. to coordinate the launch. They included John Sterlicchi, who acted as editor-in-chief, and John Ross, advertisement manager of Sinclair User.

Only seven issues of Timex Sinclair User were published before Timex left the market. In December 1983, Syntax magazine reported that:

”Organization of ECC’s North American magazine will be restructured, according to observers close to the scene, but no decision has been taken to stop printing. Changes will delay issue 8, for which ECC apologizes.“

In just seven issues, they published a nearly 250 articles, reviews, programs and projects for Timex/Sinclair 1000 and 2068 owners.

The magazine shared some staff with Gladstone Electronics, whose American office was just a few miles away on Kenmore Avenue. They also shared an address with Prism Microproducts.


After the American office of Timex Sinclair User ceased publishing the magazine, it was sold to James Povec in Camden, Maine, who intended to bring it back. In an open letter to subscribers, reprinted in the April 1984 issue of The Plotter, Mr. Povec promised that the ”April issue will be on press shortly.“

Timex Sinclair Shopper, published by the same group, was ”created to serve the needs of the Timex Sinclair computer owner and the vendors committed to that market. With the departure of Timex Corp. from the computer market, there is a greater need for information and support than ever before.“

Timex Sinclair Shopper contained an advertisement for Timex Sinclair News. It promised to keep readers ”informed of events at Timex here in the U.S., and bring .. news of Sinclair in the U.K.“

Behind the scenes, there was some confusion about Timex Sinclair User and TS User. The new owner of Timex Sinclair User changed the name to Timex Sinclair News and TS User ceased publication immediately after.

A month later, Povec threw in the towel and announced that subscribers to Timex Sinclair News would receive issues of K-Power.

Syntax magazine announced its purchase of Timex Sinclair News in its July 1984 issue.


Timex Sinclair User shared a number of staff with its parent publication, including Richard Hease (chairman), Terry Cartwright (president), John Sterlicchi (editorial director) and more.

Though headquartered in Buffalo, NY, much of the local staff were Canadian, including:

  • Joseph Gladstone, managing editor
  • Vladyana Krykorka, art director
  • Bill Gladstone, production editor
  • Andres Hannach, Don Kletke and Gwen Egan, art assistants
  • Robert Fraser, Igor Nowikow and Tom Perrone, technical advisors


  • ... and snags award
    Guardian named Clive Sinclair the Young Businessman of the Year.
  • ... and software does too
    National software library set up as a research and reference facility for the microcomputer industry.
  • 'Rithmetic
    Review of Supermath by Timex.
  • 16 Pin Bowling
    1K program simulates bowling.
  • 2K games will please
    Starblaster is one of six 2k games sold by Softsync.
  • 3 in 1: Mixed Game Bag 1
    Review of the game from Timex.
  • 3-D Xs and Os
    3D Tic Tac Toe.
  • 3-D Xs and Os
    Three dimensional tic tac toe.
  • 3D Xs and Os
    Program was only partially printed in prior issue. Full listing in this issue.
  • 6 Keyboards Compared: Which is the one for you?
    Add-on keyboards are available for your T/S — but which one should you buy?
  • A personal computer with many office applications
    Biers describes using the TS1000 for business applications. He also authored several programs for business, incuding Business Pack I, Business Pack II and Personal Financial Planning Pack, all published by Gladstone Electronics.
  • A-maze-ing 3-D overview
    Review of Labyrinth, from Mindware.
  • Alien Lure
    Game which links bug-baiting with a battle against alien invaders.
  • Aliens Attack
    Review of Galactic Invaders from Sams.
  • Aliens Attack Again
    In Invasion Force, you control a laser base and must shoot through a moving force field and destroy an alien ship. If you hit a black blob in the moving force field, all your damage to the ship is repaired. Smaller ships fly by and drop bombs on you. The game ends when you run
  • Aliens earn top marks (3D-Orbiter)
    Review of the game from Melbourne House.
  • All about ROMs
    Review of Understanding your ZX-81 ROM by Ian Logan.
  • Also from Timex: a new printer
  • Amusement for Brainy Types
    Reviews of The Nowotnik Puzzle, Mega Mind and The Cube Game.
  • An Illuminating Idea
    Hardware and software to switch up to four 5-amp loads at up to 110v.
  • And Now the Comics
    Parent company of Timex Sinclair User has announced Load Runner, the “galaxy’s first computer comic.”
  • Angry Ape
    Review of Krazy Kong by Intercomputer.
  • Arcade Corrections
    Corrections to part 1 of Programming Arcade Games.
  • Assembler offers aid
    Review of ZX Assembler, from International Publishing and Software.
  • Back-up system for data
    Short overview of the ZX-99 RS232C and tape control system.
  • Beginner's BASIC book a beauty
    Review of David Lien’s Learning Timex Sinclair BASIC.
  • Binomial Distribution
    Display shows a ball falling through a triangular matrix of pegs. When the ball hits one of the pegs, it rebounds to the left or right, entirely at random.
  • Blabberman
    Animation of a Timex/Sinclair lover. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Blue No More
    Use a giant rubber band to prevent RAM pack wobble.
  • Book-cassette package teaches programming
    Review of Programming for Real Applications by Dilithium Software.
  • Britain's Software Pioneer Days are Over
    The market has become more sophisticated and selling a good cassette can be just as difficult as writing it.
  • British prices fall again
    Sinclair Research in Britain maintained its reputation when, with no more than a brief press statement, announced a massive cut in the prices of the two versions of Spectrum.
  • Build your own EPROM blower without blowing a fortune
    Build an 8255-based EPROM programmer, for 2516 and 2532 devices.
  • Bulletins
    Updates from Hawg Wild, Silicon Valley North, Daydesign, T-S Systems, Intercomputer, Mindware, Micro Developments, DK’tronics, MicroSync, Florida Creations, Len Harmon, Filesixty, Data-assette.
  • Bulletins
    Updates from Sirius Ware, Lipinksi Software, Stuart Software, Barlog Software, C.R.C. Software, 2-Bit Software, Sync Master.
  • Bulletins
    Updates from ATC Software, Kentronics, Computech, SyncMaster, KIS Engineering, Gladstone.
  • Bulletins
    Second anniversary celebration of Sinclair-Timex User Group of the Boston Computer Society; user seeks triangulation software; query about using TS1000 as a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD).
  • Bulletins
    Updates from Intercomputer, Timextown, John Glazer, Warren Imports Group, KSOFT.
  • Bulletins: Software satirizes suburbanites
    Games from 2-Bit Software, keyboard from Pegasus Micro Systems, motherboard from Syntech, programs from Orbyte Software, E-Z Key 60 recommended, programs from ZX-Panding Ltd and announcement of the Timex-Sinclair 1983 Directory from E. Arthur Brown Company.
  • Can Timex maintain its image of clocklike efficiency?
    Editorial about issues Timex has had marketing its computers and touching on articles in the issue.
  • Capital Ideas
    Review of Home Computer Can Make You Rich by Joe Weisbecker.
  • Check our handy chess guide
    Survey of chess programs including Timeware Chess, Chessmaster, Superchess, 1K Chess, 2K Chess, Timex Sinclair Chess.
  • Christmas Program
  • Circuit training helps to build good characters
    Expansion to allow user-defined characters.
  • Clearing system bugs
    Final article in series on programming in Bsci.
  • Clive runs up $200 million
    Sinclair Research valued at $204 million with the launch of the Spectrum.
  • Clive sells 1.6 million computers...
    130,000 ZX80s, 750,000 ZX81s and 200,000 Spectrums. Does not include at least 600,000 T/S 1000s.
  • Clive Sinclair is Knighted
  • Color Me Gorgeous!
    Description and demonstration of the 2068’s color abilities.
  • Comdex '83
  • Companies Battling For Survival
    Reports of troubles with the microcomputer market in the UK.
  • Compoetry
    Input a list of nouns, verbs and adjectives and computer produces a poem.
  • Computer Combat!
    1K mini Space Invaders program in BASIC.
  • Computerized Dee-Jay
    Explains how one user created a database for 3,500+ records in The Organizer and some techniques he used to compress data.
  • Computerized Filing Cabinet
    Review of ZX-Data Finder by Thomas B. Woods.
  • Computers and Confusion
    Two new computers from Timex! That’s good news. The 2000 series is described on page 12. We looked at the 1500 in our previous issue. We’re glad these new machines are with us. Rut having said that, let’s look at the way Timex brought them to us. No sooner had we all bought our T/S
  • Computers as teachers: do they work?
    Overview of how the Sinclair and Timex computers could bring affordable computer literacy to schools.
  • Contest Winners
    Winners of the 2K program contest. Winning programs are: Diffusion, Carom-2, Munch, Crazy Farmer, Where, Highway, Monster from Mars, Walls of Eryx, Battleship, Strike Force.
  • Convert your T/S,ZX to Color
    Build an add-on to connect a 6847 video display generator (same as in Radio Shack Color Computer) to your TS1000.
  • Converting Your Computer Into An Octopus
    How Cliff Danielson expanded his MicroAce to a powerful home computer. Initially purchased to be the front-end to his home-built Z80 computer, he expanded the MicroAce with an 8K ROM, circuit to add FAST mode, 32K RAM, full-size keyboard, interfacing to a second computer.
  • Copying More or Less than the Standard 22 Lines
    Define the number of lines printed via the COPY command to reduce paper waste.
  • Counting
    Demonstrates how fast machine language can count. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Crazy Words
    Madlibs on the computer. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Dealers
    Program to deal 52 cards at random without repeating a card.
  • Defend your planet
    Review of Galactic Invasion, from International Computers Ltd.
  • Deja-vu (ZX Scramble)
    Review of the game from International Publishing and Software.
  • Devices Delivers
    Review of L-Monitor.
  • Dial-A-Word
    Program to convert phone numbers into words/phrases.
  • Dice
    Simple program to roll six-sided dice.
  • DISA-Z: A Z80 Disassembler
    Disassembler for the TS2000, written and debugged on the 1000.
  • Disassembly book is complex, invaluable
    Review of The Complete Timex TS1000/Sinclair ZX81 ROM Disassembly by Ian Logan and Frank O’Hara.
  • Download from Radio
    Microperipheral Corporation developed a 4800 baud modem that could download software broadcast over the radio.
  • Eat the dots ... (GULP)
    Review of the Pac-Man clone game from Mindware.
  • Electric car, mini-TV, keep Sinclair's researchers busy
    Update on projects at Sinclair.
  • Exercise and Calories
    Program to show calories used per activity.
  • Fast Action In 2K
    Review of TS Destroyer and Space Raid, both from Softsync.
  • Fast Aliens (Galaxia)
    Review of the game from Artic Computing.
  • Filing and Inventory Systems
    Review of database programs The Organizer (Timex), Home Inventory (Orbyte), Data Storage and Display System (ZX-Panding), Business Inventory Control (Mindware), Inver Inventory Accounting (D. Lipinski) and ZX Pro/File (Thomas B. Woods).
  • Flash and Scroll
    Displays a string: flashes and scrolls it with machine language. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Flash Card
    Program to make flash cards into a game.
  • Flying High: Pilot
    Review of the game from Mindware.
  • Flying Your T/S1000
    Review of Night Gunner.
  • Follow our golden rules for better SAVEs and LOADs
    Tips for saving and loading.
  • For Football Fans
    Review of Pick ‘Em by Stuart Software.
  • Fresh air from Reston
    Review of Making the Most of Your Timex Sinclair by Tim Hartnell.
  • Fringe Benefits
    Review of ZXAK-MAN by Pleasantrees Programming.
  • Fun In The Carrotpatch
    Review of Packrabbit.
  • Glimpse of the Series 2000
    To give you a head start on the Timex Sinclair 2000-series color computer, Fred Blechman explains how to use the keyboard of its prototype, the Spectrum from Sinclair.
  • Go with the flow and no illogical jumps
    Part two of a step-by-step guide to teach readers how to program. Translating a flowchart to a program.
  • Hampson's Plane
  • Happy Simulated Landings
    With the Flight Simulation program you must land your airplane successfully on the runway without crashing. Sitting in the cockpit, your control panel shows your speed, altitude, fuel and power. The top of viewing window for the landing.
  • Here comes the 1500!
    Brief overview of the 1500 and mention of the impending 2000.
  • HexDump
    Displays the contents of any portion of memory in hexadecimal.
  • HEXEDIT: A Simple Hexadecimal Machine Code Editor
    Short BASIC program that allows you to write, enter and debug hexadecimal machine code routines.
  • Hot under the Microchip
    Has your T/S1000 ever crashed? If so, chances are it was due to overheating – probabyl the most common cause.
  • How educational are the "educational" programs
    Brief overview of effective educational software and review of educational programs from International Publishing, Mindware, Reston, Softsync and Timex.
  • How I started a user group
    Sue Mahoney formed the Sinclair Timex User Group, a special interest group under the Boston Computer Society.
  • How to Build an Inexpensive Joystick Interface
    Simple circuit and software to interface Atari joysticks to the 1000.
  • In search of a golden memory
    Reviews Memopak 16K, Sinclair 16K and ZX-Panda. All fall short of perfection.
  • In The Fast Lane
    Review of Timeblasters by Robotec.
  • Input/Output Board lets you add on peripherals
    Micro Developments’ I/O boards.
  • Inside the T/S1000, ZX81
    Description of the hardware that makes up these computers.
  • Instantaneous Keyboard Response
    Part III of Programming Arcade Games.
  • Joysticks to the World
    Review of the Zebra joystick interface and Atto Soft joystick, which solders directly to the motherboard.
  • Kaleidoscope
    Prints thousands of constantly changing patterns. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Kingdom
    Manage a rural realm, attempt to increase personal wealth and protect your people from flood, famine and the depredations of the ruthless local banditry.
  • Kingdom
    Reprint of the program that appeared in issue 3 with missing code.
  • Knight's Move
    Use the movement pattern of the knight in chess to cover every space in a square.
  • Kwikplot: A program for investigating correlations
    Plots the correlation coefficient between two variables.
  • Lander
    Lunar Lander.
  • Laser Cannon
    Space Invaders like game that fits in 1K.
  • Lazy Monster: 3D Monster Maze
    Review of the game from Melbourne House.
  • Learning to Love the Beast
    Review of How to Cope with Computers, published by Hayden.
  • Let the structure flow and you are well on the way
    Part one of a step-by-step guide to teach readers how to program. Article discusses flowcharting programs.
  • Let this software help you run your home
    Reviews and compares four programs specifically designed to help manage money; one to set home files straight (birthdays, recipes, phone numbers, and so on) and one full 16K program just for all those bonus coupons that accumulate.
  • Letters
    On UK imports; overworked ZX81; reader service cards; support from South Carolina; question about RAM pack compatibility; on the 2040; pricing RAM packs; Cosmos revisited.
  • Letters
    Letters from readers about full-size keyboards, disk drives, learning Basic, the Spectrum.
  • Letters
    Letters about balance of articles between 1000 and 2068; 2040 paper; user support; overheating; program improvements; submitting programs; non-games programs; readability; improvement of the magazine.
  • Letters
    Letters about largest integer that can be stored; compatibility of TS1500 cartridges with 1000; saving memory; difficulty saving; differences between ZX81 and TS1000; tape recorders; inverse characters.
  • Letters
    Letters about articles in previous issues, Winky Board 2.
  • Letters: Lending an Ear, Keeping the Faith, Complaint Department
    Kujawa seeks help in learning to program. Brehm pleased with his expanded TS1000. Odan expresses frustration with broken TS1000.
  • Lifetime's obsession can easily be acquired
    Advice for new and prospective TS1000 owners.
  • Limited mail-order availability for new ZX Microdrive
    Sinclair Research used a limited mail order system to launch the Microdrive.
  • Link to the real world
    Review of Down East Computing’s VOTEM, an all-purpose voltage and temperature measuring system designed to interface with the TS1000, ZX81 computer or any Z80 based system.
  • Locking Up
    POKEs to prevent others from loading your programs.
  • Looking Back and Looking Ahead
    Editorial about the state of the magazine.
  • Machine Code Tape Offers Seven Utilities
    Review of Machine Code Test Tool from Oxford Computer Publishing.
  • Machine language simplified
    Review of Machine Language Made Simple For Your Sinclair ZX80 and ZX81.
  • Making A Good Thing Even Better
    Review of dk’Tronics’ replacement keyboard.
  • Meet the man who clogged up Connecticut's phone system
    Interview with Dan Ross.
  • Merging in BASIC
    Technique for merging two data sets.
  • Microdrives for T/S Machines?
    Sinclair Research is close to announcing the launch date for the Microdrive.
  • Minibreakout
    Breakout program in Basic.
  • Minotaurs
    Maze game: avoid the hungry minotaur.
  • Mixed-Use 4-Pack is a Mixed Blessing
    Review of Powerpack 1 from Timex.
  • More Missile Madness
    Review of Missile Launcher, from Intercomputer.
  • More than Electronic Babysitting
    The man behind the camp program at Wesleyan College in Fort Worth, doesn’t Iike to make predictions. But one fact in the future of education Dr. Mark Wasicsko is sure of: computers.
  • More Than One Can Chew
    Review of Byteing Deeper Into Your Timex Sinclair 1000 published by Wiley.
  • National Listing
    Listing of user groups.
  • No Faire for Timex
    Timex was not at 8th West Coast Computer Faire.
  • Note Tester
    Program to print a note at a random spot on the musical scale; user names the note.
  • Now in Canada
    TX Computers Canada (the official name of Timex Computers in Canada) will be launching the TS1000 in Canada this summer.
  • Now your computer talks back
    Brief of the DCP Speech pack.
  • Of Things To Come
    1983 Summer Consumer Electronics Show included representatives from Timex.
  • On the Future of the 1000
    Editorial about the direction of the magazine and continued support for 1000 and 1500 owners.
  • Packrabbit With A Joystick
    POKEs to make Packrabbit, a program Timex Sinclair User sent to new subscribers, work with Righter’s joystick interface.
  • Paradox of the Twins
    Demonstrates the “Twin Paradox” of one person travelling through space at a speed near light versus a person who stays on Earth. The person on Earth ages faster than the one travelling.
  • Pattern
    Draws lines bouncing off the sides of the screen. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Points Lost for Program Flaw
    By skillfully piloting your ship through space and firing at enemy craft, you must protect your convoy from destruction in Cosmos, You must direct your ship near an alien and fire your laser before it gets away. Points are scored by destroying alien ships.
  • Preparing for Machine Language Programming
    Excerpt from Programming Arcade Games, to be published by Reston Publishing.
  • Previously Reviewed
    Short summaries of previously reviewed software.
  • Program Printout: Beethoven
    Program to play tunes via the television speaker.
  • Program Printout: Lemonade
    You are the budding entrepreneur of a lemonade stand, trying to outsell your rivals and lay the foundations of a fast food empire.
  • Program Printout: London Bridge
    London Bridge calls for nerve, thought and luck. The display is a graphic representation of the bridge, seen from above. The roadway is made up of a random mix of numbers 1 to 5, representing five types of flagstone. You must cross to the other bank but as you would expect, the bridge is falling
  • Program Printout: Phasor
    Remarkable graphics effects are the striking feature of Phasor for the 16K TS1000, ZX81. You are an infamous space pirate travelling home through hyperspace after a hard day’s murder and mayhem.
  • Program Printout: Probability
    Poisson’s formula is a method of calculating the possibilities of recurrence of an event, based on a number of occurrences in the past. This program implements the formula.
  • Program Printout: Rear Gunner
    Rear Gunner is a program included specifically for the computer novice, to demonstrate the use of graphics mode and the maneuvering of a display under cursor control.
  • Programming Arcade Games, Part I
    Tools and techniques.
  • Programming Primer a Peach
    Review of Programming Your Timex/Sinclair 1000 in Basic, published by Prentice-Hall.
  • RAMKIT: Build your own 64K RAM
    Build the RAM module with parts from Gladstone Electronics
  • Rebuilding the Pyramids
    Reviews of Gamestape 2, Pyramid, Artist, all from Melbourne House.
  • Regarding PEEK
    Overview and tutorial about using PEEK to reveal information about the TS1000.
  • Reviews
    Short reviews of Mothership, Gamestape 1, Graphic Golf, Mazogs, Wallbusters, Caves of Zulu, Combat Flight, Vault of the Centaurs, 80 Hours Around Europe
  • Roll up for the ZX circus
    Reporting on Sinclair events in the UK.
  • Save
    Program SAVEs itself ad infinitum. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Saving Memory
    Two methods of memory saving coding.
  • Screen monitor improves graphics, saves eyesight
    Review of the Gorilla monitor.
  • Screen Sort
    Fills screen with random characters then performs a bubble sort. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Screener: An 'Instant' Screen Display Routine
    Short utility program that will let you print an entire screen almost instantly.
  • Search and Destroy
    Review of Spacetrek from Beam Software.
  • Searching at routine speed
    Tutorial on programming search routines.
  • Setting Forth
    Overview of the Forth language, comparison to Basic and how Sinclair Basic uses Forth-like methods.
  • Sharp Shooter
    You are the black-hatted villain confronting a posse of lily-livered bounty hunters.
  • Shoot Your Way To Safety
    Review of Combat Flight from Melbourne House.
  • Shooting Range
    Fire at a range of constantly changing letters.
  • Shopper's Guide: About T/S Computers...
    Overview of the three Timex/Sinclair computers.
  • Shopper's Guide: Books
  • Shopper's Guide: Hardware
  • Shopper's Guide: Software
  • Shopper's Guide: Suppliers
    List of hardware/software suppliers.
  • Simple ways of sorting data
    How to program and comparison of sorts: bubble and shell.
  • Sinclair's searching for super software
    Sinclair Software is advertising for software, set up a clearing house for software.
  • Sleeper (Demolisher)
    Review of the game from Intercomputer.
  • Softsync kit enhances graphics
    Review of Graphics Kit from Softsync.
  • Software Blues
    Poor software experiences; discussion of rating system in the magazine.
  • Something for Everyone
    Review of What Can I Do with my TS1000? Lots! published by Wiley and Sons.
  • Squashed
    Variation on Breakout.
  • Star Gates
    Guide each ship through star gates to escape the impending super nova.
  • Stranded on Mars
    Reviews of Aardvark’s Mars, Softsync’s Super Invasion, Melbourne House’s Reversi.
  • Strong and Durable
    Review of Memotech’s keyboard.
  • Surround
    Game where the goal is to surround your opponent before they surround you. Uses PEEK to read the keyboard.
  • T/S Entrepreneurs
    Products that have come from the Central Pennsylvania Timex Sinclair User Group include the Winky Board, ZXLLR8, math packages, inverse video circuit, robot.
  • T/S Goes To Camp
    Computing is fast becoming the latest thing in both day and overnight camps, and many camps across the country already include it among some of their activities.
  • T/S Goes to the Library
    “Fantastic! A great idea! I can think of no better way to show people what a great machine the T/S1000 is.” This excitement was generated when Greg Melko of Timex Computers of Canada discovered that two library systems in the Toronto area were allowing library users to become T/S users by borrowing a machine. The
  • T/S2068 Display Primer
    Explains how to get your computer to put things on the screen where you want them to go.
  • Tape does a variety of tasks
    Review of ZX-Toolbox by Melbourne House.
  • The 2040: Efficient, Fast and Affordable
    Review of the printer.
  • The Anatomy of a Microcomputer
    Review of The Ins and Outs of the TS1000 and ZX81 published by Melbourne House.
  • The basic route to a habit-forming hobby
    Guide for new owners.
  • The Binary Banner
    Article based on material later published in the book by Fred Blechman. Prints a banner on the TS2040.
  • The Great Connecticut Kit-Building Experiment
    New Haven teacher Chris Baldwin enrolled 28 kids in his 10-week ZX81 workshop.
  • The invasion of the U.K. softwarecrats
  • The Microchip Demystified
    Review of Mastering Machine Code On Your Timex/Sinclair.
  • The Music Maker
    Program that plays music on the TS1000.
  • The New Arrivals
    Overview of the Timex Sinclair 2000 and 1500.
  • The Paradoxical World of Clive Sinclair
    Brief overview of Sinclair’s career.
  • These kids' books make learning fun
    Review of Computers for Kids and Katie and the Computer, both from Creative Computing Press.
  • This book is clear, witty, useful
    Review of Timex Sinclair 1000: Programs, Games and Graphics by Ian Stewart.
  • Timex introduces the 1500
  • Timex needs higher profile
    Magazine still seeking entries to programming contest. Timex absent from the West Coast Faire.
  • Timex responds
  • Timex Speeds Up
    Timex has narrowed the TS2000 computers to one model, the TS2068, in an effort to speed up delivery.
  • Timexpectations: What Can You Expect?
    What to expect from the magazine and future Timex products.
  • Tiny invention makes perfect saves & loads
    Review of the Winky Board 2.
  • Tips for Beginners
    Warning: using a T/S1000 can be habit-forming.
  • Totally Awesome
    Prints the name of the magazine as a graphic. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Treasure Hunt
    Maze game.
  • Treasure Hunter
    Find treasure hidden at a random position on the screen.
  • U.K. Aids the Handicapped
    Series of computer fairs to highlight what is being done in microelectronics to help the disabled.
  • U.K. Hoax Exposed
    “Machine Code Converter” published in April Sinclair User turns out to be hoax.
  • Universal Patterner
    Generates patterns at random.
  • Up or Down
    Displays a message upside-down in enlarged characters. One of the Clever Contest winners.
  • Usborne books are delightful & fun
    Review of Understanding the Micro, Computer and Video Games, Computer Spacegames and Computer Battlegames.
  • Use It
    Short program to demonstrate several features of the computer.
  • Useful programming tips
    Review of The ZX81/Timex Pocket Book by Trevor Toms.
  • Vast database soon available to Sinclair users
    Report on microdrives and Micronet 800, an online service offered by British Telecom.
  • Vast support network growing
    List of user groups across the country.
  • Videographity
    Program to draw on the screen.
  • What'll They Think of Next?
    Review of Hand Saver and Octoputs, by Electrocomp; both are accessories for Atari joysticks.
  • When the lights go out ...
    Cramic-81 is a low-power, battery-backup RAM.
  • Where to find everything
    Review of The Timex Sinclair 1983 Directory by E. Arthur Brown.
  • Who says that graphics have to be complicated?
    Tutorial on TS1000 graphics.
  • Word processing potential
    Brief article about the Memotech parallel printer interface.
  • World's First Computer Museum One Year Old
    Brief overview of the Computer Museum in Marlboro, Mass.
  • You Could Be Your Computer's Worst Enemy
    Ways to manage problems using the TS 1000.
  • ZXAD: Assembler is full-featured, easy to use
    Review of the assembler program from Scientific Software.
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