SYNC v2 n3

Date: May/June 1982
Volume: 2
Issue: 3


  • Software Review: ZX Galaxians
    Review of the Artic Computing program.
  • Two Switch Human Interface for the Communicative Impaired
    The program will usually display three rows of characters on the screen at any lime: the upper alphabet (UA) row, the lower alphabet (LA) row, and the message row. which will be empty at first. The program allows the user to select letters from the alphabet rows for display in the message row.
  • Sync Notes
    Timex Sinclair 1000; Questions about Sync.
  • Letters
    Help Wanted, Program Problems, ZX80 Slow Mode, The Hidden Chessmen
  • Just for Fun
    Renumbering by a USR Routine; Sweeper; Ed, the Head.
  • Developing a Memory Map Consensus
    Nick Lambert of Quicksilva proposed that suppliers for the Sinclair computers reach a consensus on some kind of memory map to avoid “a whole heap of problems” to everyone’s benefit. He proposed a ZX Computer Memory Map on a provisional basis for discussion.
  • Perceptions
    The ZX81 Parser and User-Defined Commands; More on the 16K RAM Pack Schematic; Addenda to “The ZX80/81 Video Display System.”
  • Try This
    This column will feature short programs to show off your computer, impress your family and friends, and tickle your imagination when SYNC arrives at your place.
  • An Introduction to Expression Evaluation
    In the Sinclair 8K ROM program of the ZX80/81 the “expression evaluator” is to be found at 0F55-111Bh (improved 8K ROM) and forms an essential part of the program. A study of the fundamental parts of the “expression evaluator” can be very useful as it enables Basic programmers to understand many of the limitations and
  • Glitchoidz Report
  • Keyboard/System Conversion: The First 40/1 Keys
    The fundamental conversion described here can be made with almost any KB switch array. 40 keys, new or used, so long as the switches are normally open and are closed with a key stroke.
  • Character Reverse
    Have you ever wanted to put a reverse character in a string but you had no way of doing it? Here is a simple answer, a small machine language program that will reverse a character for you.
  • Storing 3-Letter Words in an Array
    I wanted to develop a method of storing as many three-letter words as possible in my 1K ZX80). using as little memory as possible. The solution is based on the fact that charaeter numbers of the letters can be compounded into a single number, which can be stored in an array element. Thus three letters
  • Space Warp - A Graphics Space Game
    The objective of Space Warp is to reach your base before running out of fuel. In order to do this, you must think ahead and consider how your speed will affect your fuel consumption.
  • Resources (Sync v2 n3)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • An Alternative Display Method - Tank Battle
    This game itself inspired by Lloyd Johnson’s article “Paint Duel” in Creative Computing (July 1981). The player attempts to destroy the computer’s tank by hitting it with a well-placed shot.
  • Least Squares Data Analysis with the ZX80/81
    One of the most common tasks of a computer is to perform statistical analysis and data manipulative type computations. Many of the computations involved are very tedious to perform by hand since they sometimes require a large number of reiterative calculations. Statistical analysis problems that take hours for a human (equipped only with pencil and


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