Compusa Corporation

1101 Bristol Rd, Mountainside, NJ 07092

Compusa was a subsidiary of Centronic, Inc. Compusa produced floppy disk systems for the ZX-81/TS-1000.

Frank Kaplan was a sales manager at Centronic and spokesperson for Compusa.


Gives feedback for keyboard by causing each key press (except shift alone) to produce a distinctive beep. Inserts between the keyboard and computer.
TS 1000
Video upgrade based on the Texas Instruments TMS9918A video display processor (VDP) designed by Daniel Roy. An article about the design, So You Wished You Had Bought a TS2000, by Roy was published in Sync v3 n4. Compusa announced it as “coming soon” in their ad in Sync v3 n6, two issues before the magazine
TS 1000
Utilities for the COMPUSA floppy disk system for the TS 1000. Read/write to/from any memory address Read/write multiple track data files Read fractional tracks Automatic disk-to-disk copy Recover deleted tracks List directory of physical tracks
TS 1000
Floppy disk controller with disk operating system in EPROM. The controller plugs into the edge connector of the computer, drawing power from the computer and has cables for interface with two floppy disk units. The controller works with standard Shugart disk drives—single and double density, single and double sided. User interface with the control is
TS 1000
Actually the Macronics F.I.Z. DOS is in EPROM. Compatible with RAM packs. DOS commands include: INITIALIZE, DSAVE, DLOAD, NEWD, DIRECTORY, STAT, READ, WRITE, KILL, CREATE. Loads 8K program in 10 secs; saves 8K file in 20 secs, with verify.
TS 1000
Eliminate the frustration of tape loading. LED indicators show high volume or low/noisy tape. Earphone plug lets you monitor tape while loading. Reset switch. Save/Load switch allows both to be connected.
TS 1000


  • Highlights of the September Meeting
    Frank Kaplan from Compusa Corporation demonstrated a prototype of the FDC-101 floppy disk system. Jeff Parker demonstrated the Byte-Back MD1 and MD2 modems.
  • M/C Group Highlights
    Presentation of Zeus Assembler for the 2068; demo of Compusa disk system.
  • New Product News, Old Product Offers
    Updates on products from Budget Robotics and Computing, ROMPAK, Hunter, Oliger, Compusa, Softmark, W. T. Associates, Markel Software, D. Lipinski, Siriusware and Ace Software.
  • Resources (Sync v4 n1)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • ZX81 Floppies and Interfaces
    Letter to Steve Ciarcia asking about floppy disk. Ciarcia mentions the FDC-100 ($199) from Compusa.



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