6 Turning Mill Road, Lexington, MA 02173
Owner(s): David Wood


Permits the full use of 64K RAM. Overlay/copy BASIC program segments.
TS 1000
Utilities for the COMPUSA floppy disk system for the TS 1000. Read/write to/from any memory address Read/write multiple track data files Read fractional tracks Automatic disk-to-disk copy Recover deleted tracks List directory of physical tracks
TS 1000
Copy standard and protected tapes.
TS 1000
Includes FILE*SYS functions. Save, merge, erase BASIC programs.
TS 1000
Read and write cassette data files.
TS 1000
Save, restore strings and arrays. Requires FILE*SYS or FILE*BASIC.
TS 1000
Symbolic hex assembler written in BASIC. Generates relocatable code.
TS 1000
Provides true logic functions: and, or, xor, nor, nand, not.
TS 1000
Extremely fast, full-screen word processor that uses less than 4K of RAM. Full featured, including copy, move, replace, global string search/replace. Prints to full-size printers, in upper/lower case and up to 255 characters per line.
TS 1000



  • Highlights from the December Meeting
    Mike Levy demonstrated Mindware’s “Quickload” feature. Tim Hartnell, head of the National ZX User Club in the UK, attended. Henry April displayed the production version of the keyboard he designed and is marketing through his company E-Z Key. Dave Wood described the software products he has developed and is selling through his company SiriusWare. Dan
  • New Product News, Old Product Offers
    Updates on products from Budget Robotics and Computing, ROMPAK, Hunter, Oliger, Compusa, Softmark, W. T. Associates, Markel Software, D. Lipinski, Siriusware and Ace Software.
  • Reviews for the Non-Programmer: Word* from Siriusware
    Word processor for the 1000.
  • Star Performer
    Review of WORD*, a word processor for the TS 1000/ZX81.



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