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Amaze your friends as your computer appears to read minds. Two games MATRIX and CLOCK. 16K.
TS 1000
Deadly duel between you and an unpredictable enemy scout ship that has intruded into Earth Council space. 16K.
TS 1000
In Starship Crisis, knowing the facts about the solar system is all that can save you. Planet Quiz is an educational quiz game on our solar system. 16K.
TS 1000
10-panel, 20-page accordion reference card to ZX81/TS 1000. Covers graphics, BASIC commands and functions, special commands and operators, screen layout, all codes from 0 to 255, selected ROM calls, tips on using FOR-NEXT and IF-THEN statements, ZX80 and ZX81 memory maps, Z80 timing charts, condition code chart, hex/decimal conversion, and Z80 op codes including decimal
TS 1000



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