Edward W. Loxterkamp

249 W. Dayton-Yellow Springs, Fairborn, OH 45324


RS-232 interface and parallel input/output device.
TS 1000


  • Add an RS-232 Port to Your ZX81
    Shows how to add a standard communications interface to the ZX81 – an RS-232 serial communications port that will let you access standard printers, modems, and other computers.
  • Bits and Pieces
    News about Sinclair Research Ltd., two Timex-based BBSes join FidoNet, SOFTAID fundraising cassette, update on Timex Portugal. Shorter updates on MSCRIPT, RMG Enterprises, an RS-232 interface from Edward Loxterkamp, speech software from Tad Painter, software from Frank Lockhart, Jim Clatfelter and Peter McMullin.
  • Letters


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