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Owner(s): Bob Dyl


Brian Bloodaxe has landed on the shores of Britain in his viking longboat. His first quest is to become ruler of the land by finding the crown jewels and sitting on the throne while wearing them.
TS 2068 ZX Spectrum
Fly across the land searching for the keys to the underworld, avoiding bats, evil bouncing pumpkins, carnivorous plants and nasty creatures.
TS 2068 ZX Spectrum
Rescue Morkin the Free, defeat Shareth the Heartstealer in battle and search for the Runes of Finorn. Sequel to Lords of Midnight.
TS 2068 ZX Spectrum
Four piece disk drive system designed for the TC 2068. Base system included disk controller, disk drive, system connector and twister board to convert the TS 2068 to the Spectrum bus. The system uses 3″ single-sided floppy disk drives. Each side holds 160K; the disk must be flipped to read/write the other side. The controller
TS 2068 TC 2068 ZX Spectrum
Power supply, FDD controller and with two disk drives in a black metal case. Same intelligent controller as original FDD 3 but with expanded internal RAM of 64K. Each drive stores 160K per side. Zebra version included CP/M 2.2 and 64 column terminal emulator program for the TS 2068. A recreation of the CP/M is
TS 2068
Defeat the aliens who fire double photon bolts at you.
TS 2068 ZX Spectrum
Otherthrow the evil Witchking Doomdark, who controls the north half of the land of Midnight, and free the land of Doomdark’s evil spell of cold.
TS 2068 ZX Spectrum
Locate and rescue Ambassador Kryxix, apprehend and capture General Zoff and capture or destroy the starship Zoff V.
TS 2068 ZX Spectrum
TS 2068 ZX Spectrum




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