T-S Horizons n15

Issue: 15


  • The QL Report from Curry Computer
    Review of QL software.
  • Software Review: British TS1000/ZX81 Software
    Reviews of Rocketman, Forty Niner and ZXtricator.
  • Reviews for the Non-Programmer: Word* from Siriusware
    Word processor for the 1000.
  • More Educational Games [Review]
    Reviews of Logic Levels, Number Tumblers, Up & Add ‘Em, Alphabet Zoo and Aegean Voyage. Ports of educational games by Fisher Price/Spinnaker.
  • YS Megabasic
    YS Megabasic adds 35 commands to Spectrum basic, several fonts, window capability, sprites, multi-tasking, enhanced sound, named procedures, a Z80 monitor, trace function and more.
  • Products from Russell Electronics [Review]
    Reviews of ROMFIX, GAMESMATE JOYSTICK INTERFACE. ROMFIX upgrades the Russell Electronics ROMSWITCH to run all Spectrum programs. The joystick interface is a cartridge dock board that gives your 2068 a Kempston style joystick port.
  • TS Help and Information: Modifications to Add-on Keyboard
    Add one-key shift-lock, delete and function keys to a TI keyboard converted for the 1000.
  • Enter
    This issue contains the first of a series of machine code articles for the TS1000.
  • ZX81 Hardware and Software News
    Short notes on ZX81/TS1000. This issue includes brief info on Larken, COMPUSA, Aerco and Oliger 1000/2068 disk systems. Also, why Aerco CP/M was never released. Short reviews of Sinc-Artist for the 2068 and ZX HI-Res. And one user, a Kolorworks owner, mentions writing a TMS9918 toolkit for the ZX81.
  • Try These
    Short programs for the 1000 and 2068.
  • Spectrum Conversion Notes: The Spectrum Expansion Connector
    Convert the 2068 expansion connector to a Spectrum connector; add pull-up resistors to the EXROM socket; Spectrum Hardware Manual by Adrian Dickens; Easy Add On Projects for Your Spectrum, ZX81 & ACE by Owen Bishop.
  • The Wiz
    Review of small business accounting system.
  • Artworx
    Review of drawing program for the 2068.
  • Notes on Vucalc and the 80-Column Printer
    Modify the original VU-Calc program to print on an 80 column printer via Memotech Centronics interface.
  • In Sync: Effective Graphics on the TS 2068
    Program to create a scrolling message ticker.
  • Comment on Graphic Programs
    Notes about managing expectations for skill vs tools when it comes to graphics/drawing programs.
  • Byte-Mapped Scroll
    Most printing to the screen involves just 22 lines and 32 columns. One line scrolling is quickly done with RANDOMIZE USR 2361. This program takes scrolling a bit further. It will scroll each scan-line row of any defined block of graphics or text on the screen. The block will wrap around or scroll off the
  • Machine Code for the Masses
    Intro to writing machine code on the 1000.


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