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TS 1000
TS 1000
Play against the computer to destroy its battleships, cruisers and destroyers. 16K.
Your starship is in an unknown galaxy consisting entirely of black holes which threaten to swallow you. Your skill at the controls and your ability to look and think many moves ahead is the only thing that stands between you and destruction. 16K.
Budget model 16K RAM supplied without case, gold-plated contacts. Designed to prevent wobble.
TS 1000
3-D Battle, City Bomb, Warp Wars, Snake, Sweet Tooth, Slalom, Black Holes. 1K and 16K.
ZX81 TS 1000
22 machine code routines: draw/undraw, foreground on/off, border/unborder, fill, reverse, etc. 16K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Program offers ability to write true moving and flicker-free displays with no machine-code experience. Cassette with 1k, 2k versions and 3 example programs.
Machine code routines write better, faster, and more elaborate programs. Renumber program lines, search and replace any character, insert a wait condition to stop the program until a signal is input, hyper graphics mode, and more. Compatible with the graphics kit and can be loaded with it, making a powerful programmer’s aid.
TS 1000
Slalom events always draw great crowds to the ski resorts and the T.V. cameras are never far behind. Skier is under your control and his success in negotiating the slalom posts and achieving a fast time relies entirely on your skill with the ZX81 keys. 16K.


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