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ROMPAK produced circuit boards that could hold a 24-pin (1K-4K)or 28-pin (8K-16K) EPROM and offered several programs on EPROM for use with its board.


Time Blasters and Mazeball on ROM.
TS 1000
Up to four players. Split, double-down, insurance, 5-card Charlie on ROM.
TS 1000
Cartridge for ROMPAK ROMs.
TS 1000
“Money Matters”: wise counsel on interest rates, loans, mortgages, net worth, more.
TS 1000
TS 1000
Utility routines.
TS 1000
Machine code monitor/editor. 16K.
TS 1000
“Ski-Bum” and “Galaxon” arcade games.
TS 1000
“Haiku” composes poetry.
TS 1000
Wordmaster has baffling vocabulary; Insight reveals secrets by asking innocent questions.
TS 1000
Saves/loads programs fifteen times faster. Stores megabyte on one cassette.
TS 1000 TS 1500
A full range of math functions. Graphing, curve fitting, simultaneous equations, polar coordinates, more.
TS 1000
Word processor. Capabilities include insert/delete, text compression/realignment and buffer memory for saving portions of text to use elsewhere. Also includes tabulation, logically formatted display, text save, and printer control. Also available on ROM from ROMPAK. 16K.
TS 1000
Music synthesis program. 10 octave range, whole to 32nd and dotted notes and rests. Self performs songs at any tempo; SAVE for later use. Hear through TV, amplifier, AM radio, or record. Instructions include coding from written music for non-musicians. Length expanded to 1 50 notes.Songs may be saved for future use. Also available on
TS 1000
Machine language database with multi-word search, ordered displays, definable printer functions. Flexible file size, instant file access. 59 page manual and updates via newsletter. Available on ROM from ROMPAK. 16-64K.
Downloadable TS 1000


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  • ROMPack
  • ROMPack
    The Rompak cartridge can instantly load programs, such as games or utilities, into memory. The cartridge is memory mapped in the unused 8 to 16k block of memory, and it has an expansion connector out the back, so it can be used with the T/S printer or ram pack.
    ROMPAK permits you to use many programs instantly—cartridges in the rough. An adaptor plugs onto your ZX/TS and provides a socket to contain the program ROM. A simple machine code routine in the ROM moves the program into RAM in under a second, and you’re ready to go.
  • Support
    A & J Microdrive offers microdrives; Heath Computer Services has business programs; ROMPAK has Pro/File, Textwriter and others on ROM.
  • The ROMPAK System
    Review of a expansion board that supports EPROMs in the 8-16K block; board uses a ZIF socket. The company had several programs on EPROM.




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