Simplex Software

220 N Centre St., Merchantville, NJ 08109
Owner(s): Terrel Kareem


Comp-U-Sketch: computerized version of popular ETCH-A-SKETCH toy. Micro Organ: 4 octave organ music through your TV. Kaleidoscreen: TV screen becomes a computerized kaleidoscope.
TS 1000
Computerized variation on popular BOGGLE hidden word game, with 4×5 game board. Two to eight players.
TS 1000
Math Drills: four programs with 4 to 5 levels and scoreboard. Computer Aided Instruction: general purpose educational program.
TS 1000
Checkbook Balancer: reconciles check register with bank statement. Net Present Values: computes net present value of a series of cash flows. Auto Loan Analysis: computes amount of loan and monthly payments.
TS 1000
20 programs including: Biorhythms, Comp-U-Sketch, Invader, Micro-Organ (music), Statistics, Regression, Checkbook Balancer, NPV, CAI, Kaleidoscreen, Animals, Renumber, Machine Language Monitor, Arithmetic Drills and more. 21 page manual.
TS 1000 TS 2068
Four programs. Statistics: computes mean, variance and standard deviation. Linear Regression: computes regression coefficients and displays equation. Vector Math: adds two vectors and provides resultant vector. Simultaneous Equation Solver: solves system of simultaneous equations.
TS 1000
Biorhythms: computes and plots 4 weeks of your biorhythms. Animals: Popular artificial intelligence learning game.
TS 1000


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