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Add 4K or 6K RAM internally.
TS 1000
Create your own unique character set. Up to 32 characters for creating game pieces, musical notation, foreign alphabet.
TS 1000
Plug-on module with three modes: DRAW, ERASE, and CLEAR. Allows entering complex graphics by just touching the screen. Upper 90% of screen is free for graphics; lower portion divided into three zones for changing modes. Images stored in strings, can be saved to cassette.
TS 1000
Input/output board with 8 latched outputs (capable of driving an LED, transistor switch or relay) and 8 inputs (switched or TTL level). Can be used alone or with the Computer Continuum buffered expansion bus board for up to 32 simultaneous I/O lines. The RX81 was used in Bruce Taylor’s H.E.N.R.Y. robot, described in Robotics on
TS 1000 TS 2068




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