Sinclair Timex User Group Newsletter v2 n6

Date: June 1983
Volume: 2
Issue: 6


  • ROM Bug #4
    There is no effective way to clear the stack without executing a NEW or pulling the plug.
  • Highlights of the May Meeting
    Sue Mahoney brought a prototype of the TS-1500. Dan Roy presented a prototype of COLORSIN81 and the CAI/Exatron stringy floppy. An article about the COLORSIN81 will appear in the July/August 1983 issue of Sync. Discussion about the incompatibility of Memotech RAM units and TS 2040 printer.
  • Why Use Machine Language
  • A Quick Way to Dispatch the Edit Line
    Did you ever notice that in department stores which showcase the TS-1000, the edit line is always filled with umpteen lines of garbage? You don’t have to do scores of DELETES to get rid of it. Just press EDIT (shift-1) followed by ENTER.
  • Random Pokes
    If you don’t want the “side-effect” of changing the random number seed in USR calls, try: IF USR address THEN.
  • ROM Bug #3 Revisited
    ROM Bug #3, which causes numbers with leading zeros (i.e., 0.01 thru 0.00001) to be LPRINTed incorrectly, was independently discovered by Robert L. Carter.
  • Organizer Application
    One user built a database of 3500 45 records.
  • Knowing Left From Right
    Hints for understanding order of math operations on the TS 1000.
  • The TS-1500
    Timex announced that the TS-1500 will also feature solid-state cartridge software and 8-bit bank switching to give 64 megabytes of addressability—like the TS-2000 series.
  • Listing and LLISTing without LIST and LLIST
    Basic program to print listings to non-2040 printers.


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