E-Z Key

711 Southern Artery, Quincy, MA 02169
Owner(s): Henry April


Replacement flat keyboard with embossing around each switch and three-color legends and graphics. Plug in replacement for original keyboard.
TS 1000
44 key tactile feel keyboard. Includes all graphics and legends. 4 additional keys for edit, delete, quote, function.
TS 1000
Large 60 key tactile feel keyboard plugs into same connectors as the existing keyboard on your ZX81, TS1000, TS1500 or TS2000. TS1000 legends and graphics in three colors on the base-molded moving key with alphanumeric characters; 8 automatic shifted keys, 2 shift keys, numeric key pad, 5″ space bar. 60 small calculator-style keys, silk-screened legends
ZX80 TS 1000
Hammond 11″ sloped case customized for use with the E-Z Key 60 keyboard. 11″ wide x 9″ deep x 3″ high.
TS 1000
Hammond 14″ sloped case customized for use with the E-Z Key 60 keyboard. 14″ wide x 9″ deep x 3″ high.
TS 1000
Requires no wiring and functions like arrow keys and zero on computer.
TS 1000
Keyboard interface; plugs into the edge connector so that you do not have to open your computer to plug a keyboard in. KBD-1 for TS 1000; KBD-2 for TS 2068. Board component and schematics corrected by Eduardo Fuentes are below in the gallery.
TS 1000 TS 2068
Available in Centronics and RS-232 versions. Supplied with 3′ cable and driver software.
TS 2068
This is utility lets you print in 64 columns, including program listings, by using a 4×8 narrow font. The code loads at location 63222 and is 2146 bytes long. You should use a CLEAR 63221 before loading it. To use it, just make a call once then PRINT CHR$ 3 and clear the screen to
Downloadable TS 2068
Full featured word processor for the TS2068. Features
Downloadable TS 2068
TS1000 to TS2068 program converters. Works only for programs written in BASIC.
Downloadable TS 2068


  • 6 Keyboards Compared: Which is the one for you?
    Add-on keyboards are available for your T/S โ€” but which one should you buy?
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bulletins: Software satirizes suburbanites
    Games from 2-Bit Software, keyboard from Pegasus Micro Systems, motherboard from Syntech, programs from Orbyte Software, E-Z Key 60 recommended, programs from ZX-Panding Ltd and announcement of the Timex-Sinclair 1983 Directory from E. Arthur Brown Company.
  • E-Z Key 60 Keyboard
    The keyboard is well designed, comfortable to use, is completely consistent with the style of ZX/TS computers and improves entry.
  • E-Z Key 60 Keyboard
  • For You... Dealer Catalogs
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from C. W. Associates, Gulf Micro Electronics, Aerco, G. Russell Electronics, Melvin MacKaron, Ace Software, Rheesware, EZ-KEy, Falmouth Computer Service, Damco Enterprises, A.F.R. Software, John Oliger, Van Vangor, T-Ware, Integrated Data Systems.
  • Goodies
    Descriptions of catalogs from Beaver Computer, WMJ, Thomas Woods, Knighted Computers and E-Z Key.
  • Highlights from the December Meeting
    Mike Levy demonstrated Mindware’s “Quickload” feature. Tim Hartnell, head of the National ZX User Club in the UK, attended. Henry April displayed the production version of the keyboard he designed and is marketing through his company E-Z Key. Dave Wood described the software products he has developed and is selling through his company SiriusWare. Dan
  • Keyboards For The Timex/Sinclair
    Product announcement for KOPAK Creations KOPAK Keyboard and E-Z Key 60.
  • Last Meeting Activities
    Dave Wood described the CAI Widget interface. Henry April gave an update on the large keyboard he developed.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v3 n10)
    New products from Tom Woods, Hunter, Miller-Zamis, International Publishing and Software, King Software, Hamrich International, P. Pollak, E-Z Key.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n9)
    New products from Matthew Zenkar, SyncMaster, John Carson, I.M.S. Enterprises, Banta Software, ZX-Panding, Syber Inc., KSOFT, E-Z Key.
  • News and Notes
  • Resources (Sync v2 n5)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Timex Tidbits
  • To Buy or Not to Buy? Hardware
    Reviews of E-Z Keyboard from E-Z Key, Timex 2040 printer, Battery Backup from SyncWare.
  • Upgrading to a "Real" Keyboard: E-Z Key Makes It Easy
    Schematic to add a keyboard that plugs into the expansion port. This is the same interface that is used in the E-Z Key 60.
  • Uploader 2000
    Almost any program you have in BASIC for the ZX81/TS1000 can now be used on the TS2068 with the use of UPLOAD2000. This is a program that allows you to convert most BASIC 1000 programs into working versions for the 2068.
  • Vendor Report
    E-Z Key and Knighted Computers have modems; Timeworks no longer produces software for ZX/TS machines.
  • Vendor Reports
    Updates about Larken Electronics, Weymil Corporation, Pleasantrees Programming, Sunset Electronics, Cascade Games Ltd., E. Arthur Brown, Oliger, BIT/S Software, ZX Broadcast, E-Z Key.



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