Sinclair Timex User Group Newsletter v2 n8

Date: August 1983
Volume: 2
Issue: 8


  • 2000 Is A Leap Year
    Correction to Julian date program for any date since 1592.
  • Highlights of the July Meeting
    Sue Mahoney distributed second issue of Ramblings and catalog of software. Irv Frankel and Arman Toorian of Intercomputer demonstrated the Intercontroller. The spring issue of TEC News was distributed.
  • Time-Out
    Dave Miller provides correction to Julian date program.
  • What's Become of the Sinclair-Timex Retail Network
    The canary in the coal mine of Timex’s exit from the marketplace. Price wars and poor retailer experience resulted in less-than-full market penetration.
  • Follow-up to Computer in a Drawer
    Answers to questions other users had about the system. Adhesive key tops for Werner’s keyboard were purchased from Mule Electronics.
  • Decimal to Fractions
    Program to convert decimals to fractions, to the nearest 1/64th.


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