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Kempston compatible features “freeze” and slow motion control. Requires a twister board.
TS 2068
Combines improved Spectrum ROM emulation plus a Spectrum compatible expansion connector all in one.
TS 2068
Manufactured by BSR, the Wafadrive used an improved version of the Exatron stringy floppy drive. The Wafadrive included two continuous loop “stringy floppy” tape drives, an RS-232 interface and Centronics parallel port. Designed for the ZX Spectrum, this device requires twister board to work with the TS 2068.
TS 2068
16K, 64K and 128K endless loop cassettes (“stringy floppy”) for the Rotronics Wafadrive, sold by DAMCO.
TS 2068
Includes text to speech converter. Requires twister board.
TS 2068
AY-3-8910-based sound synthesizer. Requires twister board.
TS 2068


  • "TRANS-EXPRESS" Tape to Wafadrive Utility
    Utility which is supposed to help transfer programs from cassette to wafer.
  • 2068 Product Guide
    Wafadrive, Beaver Computer Product’s software, stereo audio jack for 2068, Zebra software.
  • Across the Pond
    Spectrum ROM options and Z-link, a twister board, are discussed. DAMCO Enterprises’ Rainbow Plus Interface, which is both twister and ROM that keeps the cartridge slot free. Several vendors are importing products from UK sources. Mass storage options for the 2068 are available from AERCO, Ramex International, A & J Microdrive and Zebra Systems. Zebra
  • Across the Pond
    Describes Spectrum emulator ROM options from Doug Dewey (EMU-1 and EMU-2), Bill Russell (Romswitch), need for a twister board (like the Z-Link) to use Spectrum bus devices like microdrives or Wafadrive, and the A & J Microdrive that plugs directly into the 2068.
  • Bits & Pieces
  • DAMCO Rainbow Manual Excerpt
  • DAMCO Rainbow Plus Interface; DK'Tronics Speech Synthesizer
    The Rainbow Plus is an elegant and somple alternative to other Spectrum emulators. Its both Spectrum ROM and Spectrum compatible expansion port. A switch toggles between the Timex and Spectrum ROMs. The DK’Tronics Speech Synthesizer is basically the same as used in most inexpensive speech synthesizers for home computers.
  • Editors Notes
    Update on products from DAMCO, T.E.J. Computers; new books and guides.
  • Enter
    Excitement for First Annual Timex/Sinclair Computer Fest. Speakers include Mark Fendrick, Jerry Chamkis, Jack Roberts, Thomas Woods.
  • Followup Review on Rotronics Wafadrive
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from C. W. Associates, Gulf Micro Electronics, Aerco, G. Russell Electronics, Melvin MacKaron, Ace Software, Rheesware, EZ-KEy, Falmouth Computer Service, Damco Enterprises, A.F.R. Software, John Oliger, Van Vangor, T-Ware, Integrated Data Systems.
  • For Your Support
    Product announcement from Bill Bell, G. Russell Electronics, Dunbar Aitkens, I. B. A. Computer Users Network, Brice Road Pharmacy, Damco Enterprises, Sharp’s, C. W. Associates.
  • In Spec: Rotronics Toolkit
    This series of programs, available all on one wafer, offers a variety of useful tools. To quote the manual, “The routines are a compilation of the most popular programs available via the ROTRONICS Information Service.” All of these programs self-initialize upon loading and most are Then called with one simple command.
  • Lookout A & J Here Comes Wafadrive
    DAMCO Enterprises announced its Wafadrive system.
  • Mass Storage for the TS-2068
    List of mass storage options, including: ZX-Microdrive, A&J Microdrive, DAMCO/Rotronics Wafadrive, AERCO 2068 disk system and RAMEX Millenia K interface.
  • Mid-West TS Computerfest
  • News From Our Roving Reporter
    Updates on bulletin board systems, announcement of Z-LINK, Damco purchased Rotronics Wafadrive, bug in 2068 ROM re cursor positioning, TS user’s group in Toronto.
  • Rainbow Plus Spectrum Interface
    Review of the Spectrum emulator/twister board from DAMCO.
  • Sinclair News Network
    U.S. QL – $299; 128k Spectrum, Pocket TV Performs Well, Product News; User Group Update.
  • Special Report: Mass Storage Devices For The TS 2068
    Brief overview of A&J Microdrive, DAMCO/Rotronics Wafadrive, Millenia K Disk Interface, Aerco FD-68 Interface.
  • Supplier News
  • T-S News
    Softaid (tape with popular Spectrum games); proceeds went to BandAid. Programs for ham radio operators (1000 and 2068). “Memonotes”, a publication for users of Memotext and Memocalc. Wafadrive Engineering Bulletin, put out by Damco Enterprises, contains updates for a number of programs for Wafadrive users.
  • The DAMCO/Rotronics Wafadrive Reviewed
    Review of the streaming cassette storage system.
  • The Rotronics Wafadrive: An inexpensive alternative to cassettes
    This system has been a big hit in England, where it was born, and is now available to 2068 owners with the aid of a Spectrum emulator.
  • TS 2068/Spectrum-Wares
    Updates on the Clifford and Associates Z-LINK 2068/Spectrum interface card, new products from DAMCO and English Micro Connection.
  • Vendor Report
    Updates on Sinclair, English Micro Connection, Zebra, Amstrad and DAMCO.




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