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Tom Woods was an entrepreneur and educator who produced software and hardware for Timex/Sinclair computers.

Tom’s entry into the Timex/Sinclair community was via amateur astronomy. He was interested in building telescopes and had an idea for a different telescoppe design. A friend of his, a math teacher in the local high school, said “it sounds like you need a computer for this.” He saw ads for the ZX81 kit, saved his money and purchased one around Christmas.

One of Tom’s programs, ZX Pro/File, was a database written for the ZX81/TS 1000. He wrote a version for the 2068 that improved on the original. The manuals for both programs not only showed how to use the programs but how the programs were coded and how users could improve/customize them.

He was also involved for several years in publishing SyncWare News, one of the more “technical” magazines for the TS computers.

Tom joined our user group meeting in 2022 to talk about some of his projects.

Timex Sinclair Online User Group  meeting 6/6/22


24K program has many built-in features (including tri-base arithmetic) and printer drivers. Available on tape ($9.95) or EPROM ($39.95)
Downloadable TS 2068
Plugs into the TS2068 cartridge slot. On board battery keeps it alive even when you turn the computer off. Switch selectable for use in the DOCK or EXROM banks with no mods to the computer. Write protect switch lets you use memory like an EPROM. Run your own plug-in BASIC programs. Detailed instructions include utilities
TS 2068
16 utilities that are relocatable to wherever you can execute machine code, on EPROM. Tape version available from Tom Woods.
TS 1000
Lets your 2068 speak to your TS1000. Use your TS1000 (must have 64K RAM) to store data for your 2068. Send commands which transfer data back and forth, or cause the TS1000 to execute your own special Basic commands. Software includes operating system for both computers. Requires two Universal I/O Port boards, one for each
TS 1000 TS 2068
22 new commands for your TS1000. Advanced screen utilities make your ZX81 look more like a monochrome 2068. Includes READ, DATA, RESTORE, FILL MOVE, LEFT$, MID$, RIGHT$. IN and OUT commands give you Basic control of I/O mapped peripherals which were previously accessed only in machine code. Extended Basic does not require the use of
TS 1000
In-depth treatise on machine language technique for searching data. Construct a fast and highly personalized data base program. 16K.
TS 1000
Play vs computer controlled tank. Move your man, plant mines and avoid the tank. Tank shoots or can run you over. Manual explains moving men, bullets and explosions. Learn to map your display of complex interactive graphics. 16K.
TS 1000
Accepts tone decoder input, outputs English on the TV screen or printer. Full screen display, auto scrolling. 5K buffer. Unique built-in signal reader aids in detecting/reducing noise from the system. This program is a great tool for learning Morse code. Requires Universal I/O Port.
TS 2068
Machine language information storage and retrieval database for the 2068. Later available as a DOCK cartridge with more memory for data. Update July 1991: Using Tom Woods’ 117-byte printer driver from his ProFile 2068 as an example, first load in the program, then make a save of just this block of code by using SAVE
Downloadable TS 2068
Additions to Pro/File 2068, including updates of Pro/File +3. This version allows file merge and dating files.
TS 2068
A serial bit stream analyzer which mimics the action of an oscilloscope. Use to graphically portray low frequency digital signals in a horizontal scrolling graph. Program lets you store and compare samples. Print them out on a 2040 printer. Adjustable sample rate, 60hz timing dots are plotted with your input sample. Pseudoscope lets you see
TS 2068
Data collating/sorting tool. Count and file thousands of items in up to 29 categories with just 1K RAM. Listing and text provide in depth review of Basic programming techniques. An instructional aid to beginning programmers.
ZX81 TS 1000
Control and sense external devices using any TS computer. 8 bits parallel input, 8 bits latched output plus 2 handshaking lines. Easy to set up or reconfigure many times. This board forms the foundation of a series of software applications that teach concepts of port programming.
TS 1000 TS 2068
Ecology simulation program which first appeared in Oct ’84 issue of Scientific American. WA-TOR recreates the ecology of 3 independent species. You can experiment by changing populations, feed cycles, reproduction, etc. Watch generations pass on the TV screen. Generate HI-RES population curves on the 2040 printer. Uses Nissim Elmaleh‘s “SHR” for the cover screen and
Downloadable TS 1000
High capacity file manager; versatile catalog/index/reference tool; edit, search, and display routines explained in text; a course on file and data storage techniques. 16K.
TS 1000
Machine language database with multi-word search, ordered displays, definable printer functions. Flexible file size, instant file access. 59 page manual and updates via newsletter. Available on ROM from ROMPAK. 16-64K.
Downloadable TS 1000
Directory holds 720 names; complete add, edit, delete functions, auto-save and more. Documentation gives a thorough, easy to understand introduction to data base programming techniques. Listing. 16K.
TS 1000


Quarterly published by Tom Woods. Provided updates and more to owners of ZX Pro/File databases


  • "MemoNotes" Debuts
    Syncware Group announces a newsletter for Memotext and Memcalc users.
  • 2068 Screen Copy
    Printer driver based on 117-byte routine derived from Tom Wood’s Pro/File 2068.
  • 2068 Word Images
    One particularly strong fascination the computer holds over me is its almost magical ability to conjure up powerful images in my mind. You can use the computer to illustrate this phenomenon by programming it to choose and print words on the TV screen. By consciously thinking about the images your mind creates in response you’ll
  • A Message from Thomas B. Woods
    Open letter promising continued support; announcing Pro/File 2068.
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Computerized Filing Cabinet
    Review of ZX-Data Finder by Thomas B. Woods.
  • Converting Pro/File to Disk
  • Database Showdown
  • Dear Editor
    Comments on Timex leaving market; question about 64 column mode; thermal paper for the 2040; questions about various programs.
  • Dear Editor
    Complaints over proposed magazine price increase; altering Westridge modem software; retain memory contents after crash; bugs in JRC assembler/compiler.
  • Decimal to Hex and Back
    Converting from hexadecimal to decimal number systems has been the bane of many an aspiring machine code programmer. This listing does the converting for you. When you RUN the program, a prompt asks you for a hex number. You can either type one in to get the decimal equivalent, or press ENTER to flip to
  • Enter
    Excitement for First Annual Timex/Sinclair Computer Fest. Speakers include Mark Fendrick, Jerry Chamkis, Jack Roberts, Thomas Woods.
  • Extended BASIC
  • Extended BASIC for the TS 1000
    Review of Thomas Woods’ Extended Basic. Reprinted from The Plotter, vol 2, no. 7 & 8.
  • Extended Basic For The TS1000/ZX81
    Review of Thomas Woods’ Extended Basic. It is an extension/BASIC interpreter which lives in a 3.5K long 0 REM statement. All commands are entered after an initial REM statement on a line; multiple statements can be entered with a colon.
  • Extended Basic for Your TS 1000
  • Extensions to Pro/File Review
    There are four issues of Extensions that total 31 pages of well documented changes, additions, and instructions. These modifications can either be keyed into your computer or you can purchase the programs on tape.
  • Filing and Inventory Systems
    Review of database programs The Organizer (Timex), Home Inventory (Orbyte), Data Storage and Display System (ZX-Panding), Business Inventory Control (Mindware), Inver Inventory Accounting (D. Lipinski) and ZX Pro/File (Thomas B. Woods).
  • For Your Support
    Column announcing hardware, software for Timex/Sinclair owners. Products from Bruce Taylor, Fred Nachbaur, Tom Woods, John Oliger, Jack Donahy, 21st Century Electronics, Zebra Systems, Steve Wyatt, G. Russell Electronics and Tad Painter listed.
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from Chia-Chi Chao, NovelSoft, Willcocks Research Consultants, Grey & Clifford Computer Products, Knighted Computers, Fred Nachbaur/Silicon Mountain Computers, Robert Fischer, Larken Electronics, Bill Bell, Thomas Woods, Jim Houston Enterprises, WIDJUP Co., David Hill.
  • For Your Support
    Hardware and software announcements from many vendors.
  • For Your Support
    Products from Allan Wolach, C. W. Associates, Chia-Chi Chao, Don Dailey, Ed Grey, Fred Nachbaur, G. Russell Electronics, Newpower Inc., Paul Bingham, Robert Fischer, SAF User Group, Samson Okoloko, Steve Wyatt, Time Designs and Tom Woods.
  • For Your Support
    Hardware and software offerings from Chia-Chi Chao, Mike Trivisonno, Jack Donahy, Fred Nachbaur, Tim Worcester, Games to Learn By, Kraig Pritts, John Oliger, Tom Woods and Knighted Computers.
  • Goodies
    Descriptions of catalogs from Beaver Computer, WMJ, Thomas Woods, Knighted Computers and E-Z Key.
  • Key Support Operations Will Stay
    Announcements of support from SoftSync, Byte-Back, Microsync Services, Thomas B. Woods, Banta Software, Kopak. Timex will honor warranties.
  • Mid-West TS Computerfest
  • New and Upcoming in 1987
    Details about upcoming 2nd Annual Mid-West Timex Sinclair Computerfest; Larken developing RAMdisk for 2068; Thomas B. Woods will be offering RAM board in kit form that operates in the cartridge slot of the 2068. User-expandable from 8K to 120K; TS telecommunications, Sinclair QL; Zebra/Timex Disk support group; new programs and hardware.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v3 n10)
    New products from Tom Woods, Hunter, Miller-Zamis, International Publishing and Software, King Software, Hamrich International, P. Pollak, E-Z Key.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n12)
    New products from TAG Software, Gesang Associates, Intercomputer, ACE Software, Thomas B. Woods, Delphic Enterprises, Sinware, E. Arthur Brown, Softsync, Macshak Software.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n7)
    New products from Tom Woods, Kopak, L. Harmon, f/22 Press, 2-Bit Software, Barlog Software, Celestial Software, SyncMaster, CRC Software, Timeworks, K.D.V.H.E. Publishers, Starburst Software, Intercomputer, Hawg Wild, D. Lipinski Software, Polymath, Russell Brewer, Bob Fingerle.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v5 n11)
    Tom Woods sells enhanced Mscript; Byte-Back offers new A/D converter; Tom Bent’s 8K ROM; Powerful Projects with Your Timex/Sinclair; D. Lipinski’s buyer’s guide; Spec-Tax; control your computer with brain waves; green screen monitors.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v5 n3)
    Updates and new products from Thomas B. Woods, ROMPAK, JRC Software, Games to Learn By.
  • New Updates
    Computer Updates appears from the shadow of Pro/File Updates. 12 page quarterly includes updates to all software from Tom Woods.
  • Not Out of the Woods Yet
    Tom Woods promises you will get PRO/File’s manual, but he is not yet finished. Work on the 100-page book proceeds regularly despite Tom’s new SyncWare News responsiblities.
  • Pictures from the 1986 Midwest TS Computer Fest
    Pictures taken by Charles Dickson of Lanham, MD.
  • Pro/File 2068
    Review of Tom Wood’s database program.
  • Pro/File 2068 + OS-64
  • Pro/File 2068 Filing System: An Outstanding Value
    In-depth review of substantive data base program for the 2068.
  • Pro/File Cartridge
    Review of the database program. Cartridge-based version has greater data capacity (37k) and boolean operators.
  • Pro/File for the A & J Micro-Drive
  • PRO/FILE on the QL
    With a Gold Card and PC Conqueror, one can run PC Findex on the QL.
  • Pro/File2068 Utility and the Inelegant Slug
  • Profile +5 for the 2068
  • Profile 2068
    Contrary to popular belief, there is a Profile manual under construction. (I have seen the proofs with my own eyes.) There is however, one chapter to go before it is ready for the printer. The manual is comprised of not only instructions, but several modifications, program improvements and upgrades and will be a good tutorial
  • Profile Again!
  • QL Super Basic
    In the last issue I gave you a brief overview of the hardware angle to Sinclair’s latest computer, the QL. This time, I’ll tell you about some of the features available in this computer’s built-in Super Basic language.
  • Resources (Sync v2 n5)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Resources (Sync v3 n1)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Resources (Sync v3 n2)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Syncware News Reorganizes to Continue
    Thomas B. Woods will take over publication of SyncWare News as volume 2 begins. The final arrangements call for the newsletter to go to a full-size, 16-page format with spinwriter type and remain bi-monthly. Fred Nachbaur will provide technical input, and Tom Bent will take over editorial chores.
  • T-S News
    Zebra Systems announced that the price of the Zebra-Talker has been reduced and the software is compatible with their disk drive. Thomas Woods has developed a 32K Bank-Switched programmable memory cartridge for the 2068.
  • T/S Resources
  • The ZX Data-Finder
    The ZX Data-Finder is one of quite a variety of data handling programs now available. Typical uses for such programs include: names & addresses; inventory catalogues; customer/client records; graphic charts; product descriptions; statistics; appointment calendar; personnel files; hobby collection/with cross referencing. ZX Data-Finder does these and more because the flexibility of the program lends itself
  • The ZX Pro/File
    Review of Thomas Woods’ data base program.
  • Three Software Reviews
    Reviews ZX PRO/FILE, Critical Path Analysis and The Fantastic Music Machine.
  • Timex-Sinclair Resources
  • Tom Woods NVRAM Board
  • Transfer Files/ProFile
  • Vendor Report and Notes
    Updates from Barlog Software, Tom Woods, Biocal, Quicksilva, Memotech.
    ZX PRO/FILE uses one of the most sophisticated and efficient data storage and retrieval systems I ever expect to see for the ZX/TS.
    Review of the database program.


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