Time Designs Magazine v3 n1

Date: November/December 1986
Volume: 3
Issue: 1


  • The Folks Who Bring You Time Designs
  • "Remember Back When.."
    Fred reminisces about the Timex/Sinclair computers.
  • Letters
    Redirecting output from the screen to the printer on the 2068; Ski and Cavern games a hit; mathematic equalities; help with Larken disk drive; football prediction program.
  • TS Computerfest II Plans Aired
    Groundwork for the Second Annual Mid West TS Computerfest underway.
  • New Spectrum Off to Giant; Start American Travelers Abroad Report on PC Show
    American Timex Sinclair distributors Rob and Debbie Curry of Curry Computer and John Warburton of Sunset Electronics attended the annual Personal Computer Show in Olympia, Great Britain, the first weekend of September.
  • "All The News Fit to Print"
    Arctan Computer Ventures offers programs for ZX81/TS1000 users; E. Arthur Brown has exclusive publishing rights to The Hacker’s Handbook; Dungeon of Ymir version three available; Money Machine II available; Soundesign and Tracer available from RMG; replacement SCLDs from Capitol Area Timex/Sinclair Users Group; Tomahawk from Knighted Computers; ROMON for Sinclair QL; Zebra Systems purchased the
  • Smart Text TS-2068
    “SMART TEXT TS-2068” is Bill Jones’ effort to create an AppleWorks environment for your TS-2068. The package includes a text editor and manager integrated with a small mailing list routine. Other convenient features are printer formatting for a variety of utilitarian purposes and in a variety of type styles.
  • Musician Royal
    MUSICIAN ROYAL is one of the most recent programs released for the 2068. Written by Dr. Oleg D. Jefimenko and sold by Electret Scientific Company, it proves to be one of the more comprehensive music programs available.
  • Sprites 2068
    SPRITES 2068 is a sprite development and handler package. Those of you that have the Technical Manual will note that there is an appendix, number C-5, devoted to this subject. This program is none other than this same code. SPRITES 2068 co-authors Tidwell and Ruegg have “debuggedโ€ the Timex sprite package code.
  • Kaleidoscope
    Many “Kaleidoscope” programs have appeared over the years. These simple, but fascinating graphics displays have been adapted to virtually every computer ever built. The ZX81/TS family is no exception. Unfortunately, since the Z80 CPU in these machines is {effectively} clocked at only -5 mHZ in SLOW mode, the result is rather slow and BO-RING.
  • TS1000/TS1500 Program Chaining, Part Four
    For a practical demonstration of a chained program, using the Above RAMTOP method of passing data from one module to another, I have chosen one consisting of three modules. A module to set RAMTOP (“RT”), a text entry module (“TE”), and a text LPRINT module (“PRT”). The program will allow you to enter, store above
  • Understanding and Upgrading The TS1016 RAM Pack
    This is the second part on upgrading your TS 1016 RAM pack to 64k. Last issue we discussed the ins and outs of dynamic memory and how the Sinclair RAM pack works.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 5
  • The Mystery of the Missing 253, Part Three
  • Tone/Phone 2068?
    Program to simulate the tones produced by a touch-tone phone.
  • Simply Music
    Basic program that uses the three sound channels of the TS 2068 to create music.
  • Son of Ultra-Easy Designer Graphics
    Patches to upgrade Ultra-Easy Designer Graphics to handle 116 UDGs.
  • BASIC2text .... Extending the use of MTERM II
    Program to remove non-ASCII control codes and expand tokens to full ASCII equivalents so that programs may be uploaded to BBSes and shared with other users.
  • QL Etcher
    Etch-a-Sketch for the QL.
  • I Built a QL Kit
    Review of user-assembled QL available from dealers.
  • QL Quill/Word Processor Tips


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