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Connect to parallel (Centronics) printers. Print in either the printer’s native font or the TS 2068 display font.
TS 2068
This floppy disk system for the TS2068 can control one to four 3″ to 8″ drives. Loads programs at 250k bit/sec. 64K of on-board RAM (mapped to the DOCK bank) can be used as system memory or to run CP/M. RGB output for monitor connection.
TS 2068
Database that stores names, addresses, zip, telephone number, and 2 lines of comment per entry. Alphabetical sort, change any part of an entry. 16K.
TS 1000
Machine language word processor developed exclusively for the Timex 2068 by Micro Systems Software, Inc., the authors of MTERM II (Smart Terminal II). It is the only popular word processor that takes advantage of the Timex 2068 64 column extended screen mode for a 64×22 text display. Other features include full control of text width
Downloadable TS 2068
Compose music or create sound effects and use your creations in your own programs. 
TS 2068
Complete payroll program for 25 people. Includes hard copy mode for pay stubs, and accountant information, automatic overtime calculation and all federal tax deductions. 16K.
TS 1000
Convert the TS 2068 into a real time instrument with 3 totally independent sound channels.
TS 2068
Compatible with most modems and printers. Two RS-232 interfaces; connect two devices at once. 300-19,200 baud.
TS 2068
Complete sales storage and analysis report for up to 30 customers for a quarter year. In book form with master tape, 2 blanks, and documentation.
TS 1000
Interface 2 small stepper motors (1 Amp max.) to a standard Centronics printer interface and make fully coordinated 2-axis moves. Provides 4 limit-switch inputs and all the software you need to completely and accurately control a 2-axis machine. This is available for the 1000/1500 and the 2068 machines, but the 2068 is the recommended choice
TS 1000 TS 2068
TS1000 to TS2068 program converters. Works only for programs written in BASIC.
Downloadable TS 2068


  • 2068 Word-Processor Software Evaluation (Part III)
    Mscript, Text Editor 2000, Word 1.5, Word-Most, Textman, T50WS84B reviewed.
  • Across the Pond
    Comparison of market in UK to that in US, especially after the departure of Timex Computer Corp. Despite official support, Timex users persist and an “underground” support scene exists. Discusses MSCRIPT, commissioned by Timex from Micro-Systems for the 2068, available from 21st Century Products, and Zebra Systems’ drawing package for use with their adapted Koala
  • Editor Ramblings
    2068 peripherals available from 21st Century Electronics. Partial Pascal available for TS 1000. Tax prep software from K-Soft. EPROM burner system available from RAM.
  • EXP/3000 Disk System
    Review of the AERCO FD-68, packaged and sold by 21st Century Electronics.
  • For Your Support
    Column announcing hardware, software for Timex/Sinclair owners. Products from Bruce Taylor, Fred Nachbaur, Tom Woods, John Oliger, Jack Donahy, 21st Century Electronics, Zebra Systems, Steve Wyatt, G. Russell Electronics and Tad Painter listed.
    Review of the word processor.
  • REM
    Review of MSCRIPT.



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