Beaver Computer Products

999 Munroe Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R2K 1J4


Utility for 2068’s dual screen, extended color and 64 column modes.
TS 2068
80-column word processor, compatible with AERCO printer interface and EPSON printers.
TS 2068
Aids in designing custom character sets (UDGs). Once created, characters can be rotated, reflected, inverse printed or saved to tape.
TS 2068


  • 2068 Product Guide
    Wafadrive, Beaver Computer Product’s software, stereo audio jack for 2068, Zebra software.
  • Goodies
    Descriptions of catalogs from Beaver Computer, WMJ, Thomas Woods, Knighted Computers and E-Z Key.
  • Sinclair News Network
    U.S. QL – $299; 128k Spectrum, Pocket TV Performs Well, Product News; User Group Update.



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