Time Designs Magazine v3 n2

Date: January/February 1987
Volume: 3
Issue: 2


  • The Mystery of the Missing 253, Part Four
  • Happy Letters: A Teaching Tool for Young Children Using Sound and Graphics
    This program generates a random character, either a letter or a number, and displays it on the screen, enlarged to eight lines. The Player presses the matching key on the ZX81 keyboard and is rewarded with a “Happy Face” and a song.
  • Letters
    Micro-Prolog for Spectrum; A&J help request; 2068 music; MSCRIPT; Sinclair joysticks; 80 column VU-CALC printing; Spinning Wheel.
  • New and Upcoming in 1987
    Details about upcoming 2nd Annual Mid-West Timex Sinclair Computerfest; Larken developing RAMdisk for 2068; Thomas B. Woods will be offering RAM board in kit form that operates in the cartridge slot of the 2068. User-expandable from 8K to 120K; TS telecommunications, Sinclair QL; Zebra/Timex Disk support group; new programs and hardware.
  • More "Colors" in QL's Mode 4
    Stippling colors to create the illusion of other colors.
  • QL Gas Guide
    Program to determine whether you should spend extra money to purchase premium gasoline instead of regular
  • Exploring the Mysterious QL: JOS - Adding Your Own Commands to Super BASIC
    Using procedures to add your own commands to Super BASIC
  • QL Quill/Word Processor Tips, Part II
  • 2068 Tax Calculator
    Program to calculate taxes for 1986.
  • Graphex-Pander
    BASIC screen dump program for the Gorilla Banana printer with Aerco or Oliger print interface.
  • Run Length Encoded Graphics
    Display RLE graphics on the TS2068 in 32 column video mode.
  • Character Analysis
    Utility to define the binary and decimal value of a byte; useful with user defined graphics.
  • Tasword Two+
    Patches to add new features to Tasword.
  • Oliger 2.1 Disk System Update
    Review of the 2.1 SAFE DOS ROM.
  • I.S.T.U.G. TS2068 BBS
    Review of the simple BBS program written by the Indiana Sinclair Timex User Group.
  • Colossus
    Like it’s namesake, the Colossus of Rhodes, Lemke Software Development’s graphic banner designer utility “Colossus” stands head and shoulders above similar software. Colossus contains features that heavyweight software developer Broderbund Software has just recently added to its popular program “The Print Shop”.
  • ACZ General Ledger
    ACZ GENERAL LEDGER 2.000 is a small business accounting system for the TS 2068 computer. This program will provide the small business with the following financial reports: Monthly and Year To Date Income Statements, Ledger Detail, Balance Sheets, Chart of Accounts, Trail Balance, and Journal Entries.
  • Brickworker
    BRICKWORKER is a utility-type of program for those who require help, or are interested in the “art” of brickworking. BRICKWORKER will operate on either the Spectrum or the un-aided TS 2068 computer.
  • Pro/File Cartridge
    Review of the database program. Cartridge-based version has greater data capacity (37k) and boolean operators.
  • Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Lesson 6
    Lesson focuses on the stack and instructions that use the stack.
  • Programming Concepts
    An exercise in learning about the actual aspects, functions and limitations of the Sinclair ZX81 microcomputer and it’s version of the BASIC language.
  • ZX81 Data Acquisition Module
    A/D converter for the TS/ZX using the TLC548.
  • TS1000/1500 Program Chaining, Part Five


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