Time Designs Magazine v2 n1

Date: November/December 1985
Volume: 2
Issue: 1


  • 2068 Gazer's Guide
    The program spits out values by time of day for which compass direction (azimuth) to look and how high off the horizon (altitude) to look, to find just what we are searching for. By using any set of RA and Dec values in an astronomy book or from magazines like ASTRONOMY or SKY AND TELESCOPE,
  • A Touch of Grey: ZPRINT-80
    If you own a full-size dot matrix printer and a Centronics interface, you can now produce full-page graphic screen dumps. You will also be able to faithfully reproduce your color artwork in shades of gray, thanks to Zebra Systems Inc. “ZPRINT-80”.
  • Adventures in the RAM Jungle and Other Mysteries (Part Two)
    At the end of Part One of this article, published in the SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER issue, we emerged, unscathed by any “BUGS” from the upper RAM jungle onto the plateau of the safe area. We now descend into the lower RAM jungle where a giant bug lives, ready to devour the unwary.
  • AERCO FD-68 Disc Drive System for the 2068 Part 2
    So far, Aerco has upgraded their EPROM to version .87. Only two features are not included at this date. They are the .CHR (Character Array) and the .DAT (Numeric Array). This means that you can’t save and load string type data.
  • Erratum
    There were a few typos in the article “Adventures In The Ram Jungle (Part One)”.
  • Interest
    This program computes interest over a certain period of time, at a selected interest rate.
  • Obstacle Run
    OBSTACLE RUN is a game for one player, or several players by comparing scores. The object is to move your piece, a heavy circle (that initially appears in the upper left corner of the screen), around the serpentine track, to the finish line, as quickly as possible.
  • Shuttle Designer
    Design a rocket to put the assigned payload into a suborbital trajectory at the correct velocity before it runs out of fuel. If you succeed, then you are given an “access” code. The code is necessary to continue so that you can design a more complicated rocket. A second success gives you a final access
  • Speak Out and Be Counted: dKTronics Speech Synthesizer
    Dk’tronics Speech Synthesizer for the Sinclair Spectrum is available in the U.S. from DAMCO. If you have a T/S 2068 and a “twister” allowing Spectrum hardware to be plugged onto your edge connector, Dk’tronics synthesizer can make your computer speak up.
  • Vieword Mailist Formail
    VIEWord, MAIList, and FORMail are utility programs that would be most suited for the small business environment or personal home computing. VIEWord is an interesting (but easy-to-use) word processor. MAIList, as the name implies, is an address manager, and FORMail is a utility that uses files from both VIEWord and MAIList, to print formal type
  • Zebra Disk Drive System for the 2068
    Unless you have been out of the country for the past year, I am sure that you have heard about the Timex Portugal Disk Drive System that was made in Europe and might be sold here in the United States. For a time, it seemed that this system would not be sold here. But thanks
  • Sinclair News Network
    U.S. QL – $299; 128k Spectrum, Pocket TV Performs Well, Product News; User Group Update.
  • Editor's Corner
    Early in September of 1984, we decided to call our new T/S computer magazine “TIME DESIGNS” for several reasons. One of those reasons was not because of TIMEX (as the “X” has obviously been dropped). At this same time, many users groups had changed their name to SINCLAIR/TIMEX (instead of the reverse), due to their
  • Letters
    User attempting to build a printer interface; user views on QL; disassembly of the BEEP routine from ROM.


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