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Contact: Gwen Marsh


Game module with cartridge interface, sound and Atari-compatible joystick ports. Cartridges would support up to 8K ROM via 2716, 2732 or 2764 EPROMs. Black anodised aluminum case, 6 1/2″ long x 1″ deep. Joystick ports are two 8-bit parallel ports. Built-in speaker. No evidence it was ever produced. All ads claimed it was soon to
TS 1000
Texas Instruments TMS9918 video display processor (VDP) adaptor for the TS 1000. All of the features of the TMS9918, including: 32 sprites 256 x 192 pixel graphics User defined characters Extension of Basic commands include PAPER, INK, BORDER, BIN, SPRITE, OUT, INP 16K RAM dedicated to the VDP James Hastings-Trew, a Kolorworks owner, wrote a
TS 1000


  • Vendor Reports and Notes
    Frog Software appears to have disappeared; Brainchild backordered on Kolorworks; Memotech RS232 not in stock; first issue of Ramblings out.
  • Vendor Reports and Notes
    Updates from Brainchild, Kopak, Paul Hunter.
  • ZX 81 News and Resources
    Bug alert for Aerco CP-ZX ver 2.2 centronics interface. Review of JLO Video Upgrade Project (TMS9918A). Hardware User Report: JLO Video Upgrade Project Just what sort of peripheral is this video project? Let me begin with a sweeping analogy: the Video Upgrade Project is just like a video monitor, a disk interface, or a full-size
  • ZX81 Hardware and Software News
    Short notes on ZX81/TS1000. This issue includes brief info on Larken, COMPUSA, Aerco and Oliger 1000/2068 disk systems. Also, why Aerco CP/M was never released. Short reviews of Sinc-Artist for the 2068 and ZX HI-Res. And one user, a Kolorworks owner, mentions writing a TMS9918 toolkit for the ZX81.



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