RAMEX International

Changed their name to Foundation Systems in 1985 and discontinued support for the TS 2068.


Available with or without a case.
TS 1000
Gives 448 extra pre-programmed graphics symbols. The ROM contains lower-case letters, bombs, bullets, rockets, tanks, a complete set of invaders graphics and more. The board also has a spare socket that will accept another 4K of ROM, like the 4K TOOLKIT ROM or 1K/2K RAM, for user-defined graphics. dk’Tronics and Kayde published several games that
TS 1000
Available with or without a case. 8-16K area available.
TS 1000
Cased keyboard with 52 keys, 12 of which are on the number pad. Case measures 15 x 9 x 2 1/2″. Computer fits inside (removed from original case). Comes with motherboard to attach RAM and extend expansion bus to rear edge of case.
TS 1000
TS 2068
Split-screen graphic and text adventure. Adaptation of the original by Richard Shepherd Software for the ZX Spectrum.
TS 2068
Contains Larken DOS with 8K ROM and 8K RAM on the cartridge. Used to control Larken DSK-400 or other disk interfaces. All LKDOS or extended BASIC commands use the PRINT #4: syntax. Support for all Timex DOS commands. Extended basic commands include CIRCLE, windows, box clear and fill, channel support for devices, variations of POKE,
TS 2068
Disk drive system for the TS 2068 with SP-DOS. Features: Stores 800k on one disk Loads 32K in one second Mini-DOS uses 4K RAM, full DOS uses 7.6K Supports Tasword, Tasmerge, Masterfile, Omnicalc II, Disc Pascal, C compiler
TS 2068
Disk operating system provided with the Millenia K interface. RAMEX was the American distributor of SPDOS.
TS 2068
TS 2068
TS 2068
Full size 43 key keyboard with single key selection of Function, Shift Lock and Graphic modes. 2 LED mode indicators. Simple plug-in installation. Fully enclosed. Made by Maplin Electronics.
TS 1000


  • 2068 Word-Processor Software Evaluation, Part II
    Short reviews of Tasword Two, the Textwriter series, VIEWord and Letteriter/Bufferiter.
  • Artworx
    Review of drawing program for the 2068.
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Bits and Pieces
    AERCO FD-68 disk drive interface; A & J Model 2000 stringy floppy; RAMEX offers Millenia K disk interface/package; T/S Smart Terminal Telecommunications guide; ZX81 software; Knighted Computers obtains Quicksilva software rights; new buyer’s guide from D. Lipinksi; other updates.
  • Checker: A short Lesson on SPDOS
    The SPDOS system call is one that checks for a filename’s existence on a disk. If you try to load a file that is not on your disk, SPDOS will create an error that cannot be trapped by the usual ON ERR GOTO.
  • For You... Dealer Catalogs
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from Robert Fischer, UAS, Tom Laffin, Knighted Computers, RAMEX, Ben Johnson, Fred Nachbaur, Tom Bent, Jim Houston Enterprises, Paul Bingham, Sum-Ware and Ray Kingsley.
  • Hardware: Millennia K Disc Drive Interface
    Review of the interface from RAMEX for the TS 2068.
  • Larken Lines
  • Letter re Ramex Bankruptcy
  • Mass Storage for the TS-2068
    List of mass storage options, including: ZX-Microdrive, A&J Microdrive, DAMCO/Rotronics Wafadrive, AERCO 2068 disk system and RAMEX Millenia K interface.
  • Masterfile
    MASTERFILE is a cute and powerful file program originally written for the Spectrum. This review covers Version 09, converted to run on the T/S 2068 without any type of “Spectrum emulator”.
  • New Product Announcement
  • New Product News
    Spectrum emulators available; disk systems for 2068; terminal software for modem; cartridge version (HOT Z-AROS) of Hot Z-2068 available.
  • New, News, Views and Reviews
  • Ordering Problems from RAMEX/Millenia K
    Jurries describes difficulties he experienced in trying to purchase a RAMEX disk drive system.
  • Product News
    Catalogs from Silicon Mountain Computers, Byte-Back, JRC Software. Service manuals from Sams Computerfact. RAMEX discontinues support for 2068 and Millenia K disk systems.
  • Review: Ramex disk drive and interface
  • Shell
    The listing in this article allows you to COPY or ERASE any or all of the files on a disk. The first part asks you what you want to do in a series of questions. The second part of the program creates a sequential file using the screen channel. This redirects the screen output to
  • Sinclair News Network
    Sir Clive’s Confessions; NOVELSOFT Emerges as Premier TS Software House; What’s In A Name?; Product/Dealer News; User Group Update.
  • Sinclair News Network
    U.S. QL – $299; 128k Spectrum, Pocket TV Performs Well, Product News; User Group Update.
    Condensed and edited version of article that appeared in the January and February (1985) issues of Sinclair User.
  • The History of the RAMEX Millenia K
    There once was a little orphan computer named TS 2068. Like all orphans, it was not responsible for being an orphan. Along came the carpet baggers. Ramex was just one of many of this species. They sought to exploit the poor orphan by making grandeous additions. When the orphan was unable to support their standard
  • The Hungry Orphans
    There are two TS-2068 Disk Drive Systems that are still in use despite the fact the their manufacturers have discontinued support of the systems. These are The RAMEX MILLENIA and the TIMEX of PORTUGUAL Disk drive systems. UP-DATE will publish every bit of information about these “orphan” disk drive systems that we can lay our
  • The Ramex/Amdek Disk System
  • The TS-2068 Disk Drive Systems: Combinations to Achieve Increased Capability




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