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Owner(s): Ray Kingsley

Kingsley was prolific in documenting how to program in machine language and produced several tools for programmers.


Ray Kingsley’s fixes to the Timex EXROM, available as a 2764 EPROM.
TS 2068
Adds interactive assembler to the disassembler and debugger in Hot Z. Line-by-line assembler checks syntax as you enter Z80 mnemonics and assembles directly to memory. Multiple commands to support program development. 16-64K.
TS 1000
Disassembler/assembler with data displays, ROM floating-point code display, four letter names for commonly used addresses (built-in and user-defined) and more. Features hex code input, two breakpoints, single-step with register, flag, and stack display, LOAD ZX/TS tapes,and a powerful on-the-fly assembler with delete and insert code commands. Saves and loads byte files, prints to the TS2040,
Downloadable TS 2068
Debugging tool that quickly pinpoints BASIC programming errors. Provides line-at-a-time execution of programs and allows for checking the display and the values of program variables for unexpected results. Other modes allow breakpoints to be set by line number for quick testing of long programs, by the number of passes for testing loops, or by limits
TS 1000
Display manager and data filing program in machine code. Provides a full screen editor for a direct keyboard-to- screen link with full editing and plotting features. Filing and display facilities permit page-flip animation or horizontal or vertical scrolling through windows. Stores up to 99 screens in 64K.
TS 1000
BASIC utilities that enhance programming power. MERGE programs from your own library of tested subroutines to build new programs quickly. RENUM provides neat listings, includes numbered GOTOs and GOSUBs, and flags those with expressions. COPY and DELETE blocks of lines for quick restructuring. VERIFY the contents of your tape against memory and eliminate losses to
TS 1000


  • Dear Editor
    Using Firstloader; response to review of HOT Z-2068; information about Timex Sinclair User.
  • For Your Support
    Product availability announcements from Imre Auersbaucher (educational software), Hawg Wild Software (2068 fig-Forth, CP Spectrum Forth, EMU-1 Spectrum emulator, User Design Graphics toolkit), Dale Lipinski Software (5 new programs for the 2068, and 8 new ones for the 1000 and 1500, dealing with accounting and file management), Sinware (updated HotZ 2068), Games to Learn By
  • Hot Stuff
    Review of SinWare’s HOT Z.
  • Hot Z-2068
    Review of the disassembler from Sinware.
  • HOT Z/Zeus Comparison
    Comparison between the two machine-language utility programs.
  • Hot-Z
    HOT Z is a valuable tool for the machine language pro or novice.
  • Machine Code Topics: 2068 BASIC ROM Calls
    This is the first of an occasional and indefinite series on machine-code programming for the 2068. I do not intend to take you through the rudiments of Z80 instructions, nor even the discovery and invention of the poked REM statement, but if you know how to do it even a little bit, then maybe I
  • Machine Language and Hardware Design Sub-Group
    Major presentation was a demonstration of Hot Z.
  • More Software: Hot Z
    Review of the disassembler/monitor from Sinware.
  • New Product News
    Spectrum emulators available; disk systems for 2068; terminal software for modem; cartridge version (HOT Z-AROS) of Hot Z-2068 available.
  • New Products (Syntax v3 n11)
    New products from R.S. Panwar, Wisconsinc Electronics, Sinware, P. Pollack, Nanos.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n12)
    New products from TAG Software, Gesang Associates, Intercomputer, ACE Software, Thomas B. Woods, Delphic Enterprises, Sinware, E. Arthur Brown, Softsync, Macshak Software.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n3)
    New products from Compuwiz, R.I.S.T., Banta, Software Unlimited, Z-West, Synergistic, Sinware, Spectra Computer Products.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n4)
    New products from Artisan Electronics, Spectra Computer Products, Jim Giddings, L. Harmon, Cosmonics, Memotech, Hawg Wild, Electronic Specialists, Sinware, Cottage Technology, Advanced Interface Designs, Software Unlimited.
  • Resources (Sync v3 n6)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Software: Z Extra by Sinware
    Product review.
  • To Buy or Not to Buy? Software
    Review of Z-Tools and Step by Sinware.
  • Vendor Report
    Byte-Back has nearly cleared up its backlog of 2068 modem orders; Ray Kingsley of Sinware believes that some of you may have purchased bootleg copies of an early version of HOT-Z with a bug in it; allegation of Gladstone copying software.


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