Stratagem Cybernetics Inc.

286 Corbin Place, Brooklyn, NY 11234


Simulation of four military-industrial economies locked in a deadly struggle for survival. One to four players compete with each other and/or the computer. Balance of power depends on skill in developing resources, use of espionage, exploitation of alliances and utilization of military potential.
TS 1000


  • Complex galactic conflict
    YOU WILL need at least one opponent, writing materials and plenty of time for Cyborg Wars, produced by Stratagem Cybernetics for the Timex Sinclair or the 16K ZX-81.
  • Cyborgwars
    Cyborgwars is a strategic game in which four warring cybernetic empires each call upon a human leader to take control and become the supreme leader. This game is the managing an economy, resource allocated type. The resources, in this case, are the robots themselves.



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