William Don Maples

688 Moore St., Lakewood, CO 80215
Owner(s): William Don Maples


Alphabetizes lists of names, titles, terms, etc. 20 characters long. Length of list: 65 for 2K RAM, add 50 for each additional K. 700 maximum. 2K.
TS 1000
Kaleidoscopic simulation in a 22×22 pixel display composed of randomly selected graphic pixels with 2 axes and a center of symmetry.
TS 1000
Player ZX80 will play up to 127 notes across two octaves at any tempo. Space MUSE-AK plays random sounds. 1K.
2 octaves, 127 note length, any tempo. Songs repeat. Random sounds also. Also sold as “MUSIC!” 1K.
ZX81 TS 1000
Kaleidoscopic simulations for the ZX81.
ZX81 TS 1000
Times events to 9 1/2 minutes in length; accurate to 1/10 sec. 1K.
ZX81 TS 1000
Music synthesis program. 10 octave range, whole to 32nd and dotted notes and rests. Self performs songs at any tempo; SAVE for later use. Hear through TV, amplifier, AM radio, or record. Instructions include coding from written music for non-musicians. Length expanded to 1 50 notes.Songs may be saved for future use. Also available on
TS 1000


  • Editor Ramblings
    Digitalizer from Eulyn Electronics, Super Winky from G. Russell Electronics. TS 1000 down to $39.95 with rebate. Virtuoso music synthesis program from W. D. Maples. The People’s Computer Supply company.
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    New products from Timex, J.V. Kane, Silicon Valley North, ZX-Panding, Computer Engineering Services, M-Ware, W.D. Maples, Kaltek Calculator Technology, J.J. Castillos, Florida Creations, Stuart Software, Laserscan Electronics, International Publishing & Software, 2-Bit Software, LINC.
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    New products from Pheonix Enterprises, D. Lipinski Software, Robert Fingerle, A&J Microdrive, Maples Enterprises, Cottage Technology, JK Audio, Interface Design, Apropos Technology.
  • Player ZX81: A Tune-Playing Program For The Sinclair/Timex
    Review of Player ZX81 from Wm. Maples.
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