Syntax/Syntax ZX80 v3 n5

Volume: 3
Issue: 5


  • Timex Sinclair 1000
    Timex, the watch company that has always built Sinclair computers, will market and distribute Sinclair-based products in North and Central America and the Carribean beginning this year.
  • Syntax Errors
    Correction to Phone Number Generator (Feb 82).
  • Program Improvements
    Improvement to program in Numbers Held Inexactly, Mar and Apr 1982.
  • New Product Announcements (Syntax v3 n5)
    Darkstar from F/22 Press for photographers; products from RKL Systems, Memotech.
  • Users' Groups
  • Need fast ZX80/ZX81 service?
    Service firm repaired partially-assembled ZX81.
  • Numbers Held Inexactly on the ZX81
    The largest is really this 39-digit number: 170141183420855150474555134919112130560.
  • Sinclair UK Unveils New Computer
    Besides the new machine, Sinclair announced a reported 100K Microdrive for the end of 1982.
  • Memory Decoding Above 16K
    Sinclair made the ZX81 RAM easy to decode up to 16K, but you may want to add memory beyond this point. To add more than 16K memory to your ZX80/81, you must do more than just: /A13 AND /A14 AND /A15 = /ROM CS. You’ll also need to account for the behavior of the display
  • Problem-Solving Circuits
    If your power line voltage is 120V or higher and you use a 16K RAM, heat build-up in the ZX81 is a problem.
  • Beginner's Basic -- INKEY$ Function
    The INKEY$ function, though more obscure than commands like SAVE and RUN, is simple to use and adds a nice touch to your programs.
  • Putting Forth on ZX80/81s
    Although BASIC is the most common language for programming microcomputers, it is not the only one. Your ZX80 or 81 can learn FORTH, another high level language.
  • Dear Editor
    Letters about expanding the Sinclair; software available from Banta; 16K RAM pack; reverse video; Sinclair repair department; parts from Radio Shack.
  • 2K Conversion with 6116s
    ZX81 will accept two 2114 RAM chips or one 6116 RAM, for total of 2K.
  • Microsync Speaks
    Interview with Bob Allen, service manager with Microsync.
  • Beginners' ML -- Register to Register
    Examines the loading, adding and subtracting instructions. Number 5 in series.
  • ZX81 Intro
    Subroutine for use at the beginning of user-friendly programs.
  • Bytesavers Hint
    If you are using a PRINT after a line number simply to add an empty line, use two commas instead.
  • IC Inventory
    This program, written for the CD4000 series of ICs and using the 4K ZX80 ROM and at least 2K RAM, can be adapted for any series of things following consecutive numbers.
  • 8K/1K Slot Machine
    Another free sample software review—a program directly from New England Software’s tape.
  • Defective 8K ROMs
    Defective ROMs and notes about power converter in 16K RAM pack.
  • 16K RAM power
  • Removing ICs safely and cheaply
    Instead of buying costly tools for IC removal, get binder clips (with springs).
  • Logic Chip Failure Symptoms
    Reader deduced that his ZX81 logic chip (ICl) had failed from the keyboard line and diode matrix.


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